The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 22

Will this person be the young lady? How did she become a village girl? Even have two children?

What happed in these past years after she left Ember family?

“Sir, sir?” Qiao Wei called him gently.

Lao Xiu returned to his senses. There were too many people around him. He suppressed the urge to verify with the other party and wrote her name: “Okay.”

Qiao Wei felt he acts weird

Qiao Wei put her money away and continued to stand next to Lao Xiucai.

The old man said to her to sit down. She felt that the old man had a better attitude towards her after knowing her name and dismissed as it should be her own imagination.

Qiao Wei thought secretly: Did he ignore me before just because I didn’t pay money then?

In the backyard, the children were playing happily. The brothers and sisters of the Qiao family suddenly became the target of all children because they had a cute little adorable pet. There are a lot of dogs in the village, but none are as beautiful as Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai also wears pink and tender clothes and so cute!

The children scrambled to be friends with the siblings just to get to touch and pet Xiao Bai.

As Jingyun’s best buddy, Ergouzi also had a chance to hug Xiaobai.

Tie Niu also wanted to hug, but Jing Yun didn’t like him and so didn’t let him hug.

The Tie Niu was directly ignored.

Liu Xunzi was chatting with a few women in front of her, and saw her son crying out of the backyard. Shee quickly excused herself, walked over him and asked, “Hey? Why are you crying?”

Tie Niu told her that Qiao Jingyun is not letting him hold Xiao Bai.

Liu Xunzi slapped his forehead and said: “Are you insane! Do you forgot that this beast has scratched you? Do you still want to hold it? If it was me I would have killed it!”

Tie Niu stomped his feet and cried, “I don’t care! I also want a dog! I want a dog just like that! The same thing! I don’t care what you do! I want it! You give it to me!”

Liu Xunzi scolded him: ” Why are you crying for such a thing? Don’t cry! Isn’t it just a dog? I will get it for you.”

Not long after, the first round of guests began to come outside. Several small tables were set up in the backyard especially for children and they were starting to eat there.

While the children were immersed in eating, Liu Xunzi took a sack and quietly walked towards little ferret, who was sitting on the open field and gnawing chicken legs …

Qiao Wei is busy there. She plans to go to the kitchen to see if there is anything she can help. Just she took two steps and two babies hurried over: “Mother! Xiaobai is gone!”

Qiao Wei said: “Don’t worry, explain what happened to your mother.”

“I … I ate with my brother. I gave Xiaobai a chicken claw and let it gnaw over there. When I finished eating… I found it missing! I called it and it didn’t come out!”

In the end, Qiao Wangshu almost cried.

“Don’t cry, mother will help you find it.” Qiao Wei calmed her daughter and asked his son what he saw, his son shook his head.

Over there, Auntie Luo heard the movement and came out to ask what happened. After learning that Xiaobai was gone, she hurried to accompany the children to find him.

Others didn’t know that it was very precious, but she knew it. It was almost robbed by Embe 's mother last time in the town. You can't lose such expensive things.

Several people searched for the places they could find and found nothing. There was nothing they could do, and they had to ask them one by one if they saw Qiao’s “dog”.

“Just wearing a pink color cloth, this color!” Aunt Luo pointed to the cotton-padded jacket that Wangshu wearing.

Qiao Wei was also asking. When asked about Liu Xunzi, he found that Liu Xunzi’s eyes were a little dodging. Qiao Wei’s pupils moved and looked at Liu Xunzi. “Did Xunzi not see my pet?”

Liu Xunzi said unpleasantly: “Of course not! You ask all the people only once but you ask me twice, what do you mean? Do you suspect me? My Liu Cuihua is not lacking money, do I need to steal you a dog? If I want me can’t I buy it myself? “

“Xunzi, please don’t take it to heart, I have no doubt about Xunzi, but my dog ​​is naughty and likes to mess around.” Qiao Wei said, smiling slightly to his side, his eyes fell on Liu Xunzi hiding under the table with his feet clamped On the tight sack, “Sister’s sack is quite big, my little white loves to drill this kind of sack.”

A flash of confusion flashed in Liu Xunzi’s eyes: “It was me who tied the sack, your dog can’t get in!”

Qiao Wei smiled slightly: “The sister didn’t know it, it would untie the rope.”

If Liu Xunzi was smarter, she should know that Qiao Wei was helping her to save her face. But she didn’t understand Qiao Wei’s effort, and sarcastically said, “Whose dog will still untie the rope? You said it was stolen by me! Just check it if you want to see it! But I can warn you that last time your pet hurt my son, and I haven’t settled with you yet! If you wronged me again this time … just pack your things up and get out of our Village! Think about it, do you have to search? “

Different from the grievances in private, this time it is to openly question Liu Cuihua in front of the villagers and outsiders. After all, Liu Cuihua is a relative of the village head. If Xiaobai is found out, it 's fine. If not, life in the village is not going to be easy.

Right now, even Auntie Luo and Lao Xiu think that Xiao Qiao should not continue to take risks.

“What if I find it?” Qiao Wei’s response was unexpected to everyone.

“What do you mean?”

Qiao Wei said unhurriedly: “Literally, dare you let me search?”

Liu Xunzi said wildly: “If You can’t find it?”

Qiao Wei said positively: “I can’t find my pet, I’ll just leave the village.”

Aunt Luo changed her face: “Xiao Qiao!”

Qiao Wei stared straight at Liu Xunzi: “Anyway, you haven’t known me much. So why are you taking this opportunity to drive me out of the rhino village? Is Xiaobai really in your sack, So you are guilty? “

Everyone gazed at Liu Xunzi!

Liu Xunzi was so chaotic, he pretended to calm down and said, “Who is guilty? I just can’t get you , a foreigner slandering me!”

Qiao Wei calmly said, “If I can’t find anything, I’ll let you call me a slander.”

Liu Xunzi froze: “You …”

Lao Xiu said, “Okay, don’t bother about it. My old man is the master, open a sack!”

Liu Xunzi’s heart froze: “Xiucai! Do you doubt me?”

Lao Xiu solemnly said: “Nonsense, I told you to open a sack! I saw that she was not pleasing to the eye, She put no one in her eyes, so arrogant. I want to show her there is nothing in the sack so that she could get lost!”

Everyone felt that Lao Xiucai was very justified, and they persuaded Liu Xunzi to open the sacks and give a lesson to the unknown foreigners.

That bitterness in Liu Xunzi 's heart, I really want to slap them

Now that the old man had spoken, Qiao Wei had nothing to worry about. He pulled a sack from the table, opened the rope, and poured out a small ferret tied with rope.

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