The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 23

The whole yard is silent. The people who waited for seeing Qiao Wei fool herself were shocked.

Just now she vowed that she had not stolen anything, and threatened to expel Qiao Wei who slandered to kick out of the village. And the truth is in front of their eyes and felt she is more and more shameless.

“Hey, Liu Cuihua, Do you still say we slandered you?” Aunt Luo asked dissatisfied, “Anyone can see clearly! This is the little dog of Jingyun and Wangshu! How come it’s with you if you didn’t steal it? “

Everyone nodded, No one can find another cute looking dog like this one.

Qiao Wei no longer needs to explain anything as everyone can see clearly. She doesn’t need to do anything either. Everyone giving their cold glare to Liu Cuihua for deceiving them. From this point alone she can’t live in this village respectfully anymore.

She reached out to untie the rope on Xiaobai.

Xiaobai is still very young. So, even though it is clever, it is lazy and slower than a turtle.

Needless to say, When it started to eat, it won’t have any awareness of surrounding. so it must be caught by Liu Xunzi while it was eating.

Liu Xunzi reached out to stop Qiao Wei: “What are you doing? Just because it looks like your dog, how can you say it’s yours? I caught it while hunting! Can’t you see it’s not wearing any cloth? doesn’t your dog wear cloth? It’s mine”

Qiao Wei smirked: “Where and when did Xunzi catch it? “

“I … I caught it this morning! It’s in my backyard! Old Liu, don’t you?” Liu Zunzi pulled her husband in it.

Old Liu was red in anger, but he was afraid and play along with his wife.

Liu Xunzi proudly looked up: “you heard it! It’s mine!”

Qiao Wei smiled lightly and inquired again: “Are you sure you caught it this morning?”

“Of course!” Liu Xunzi stood straight and answer confidently.

Qiao Wei smiled: “That’s good.”

Liu Xunzi laughed in her heart but it froze when she saw Qiao Wei undying the dog’s rope, “What are you doing?”

Qiao Wei pulled out the dagger and cut the rope on Xiao Bai’s body indifferent to Liu Xunzi. Xiao Bai was free. Little ferret flashed toward Liu Xunzi, wanting to tear away the kidnapper!

Qiao Wei said, “Little white, come back!”

Little White paused for a moment and came back to Qiao Wei’s arms obediently.

“Do you remember where she threw your clothes? Go and get them back.” Qiao Wei was doing this not to prove anything. She was just distressed with the money she spent on the cloth and didn’t want to buy another set.

Little White walked around the wall of the backyard and took out his pink cotton jacket.

After seeing this, Liu Xunzi was completely speechless.

The most terrible thing is not that she is exposed to steeling but was exposed to fooling the whole village.

The village chief’s face became very ugly because of embarrassment and anger. Liu Cuihua usually loves to make trouble. Seeing that she is his cousins, he behaved indifferently, but this time, she went overboard. It’s too much!

In front of the next villager, his village head’s face was thrown into the ancestor’s grave!

“Quick apologize to Xiao Qiao!” He sipped.

Liu Xunzi froze, and she was about to cry: “Third brother … why are you favoring an outsider too? I’m your sister.”

The village chief said angrily: “Only now you know you’re my sister! Why don’t you think you’re my sister when you steal something? Do you want your brother to lose face along with you? What if I was a village head? Won’t everyone say that I can't even manage my own sister, how will I manage such a big village? Do you still don’t want to admit you are wrong? Okay, I understand. I won’t give you the land on the eastern side of the village. This is your punishment. I 'm no longer your brother. Now apologize to Xiao Qiao! “

He turned to look at Qiao Wei. “You can take that land”

“What?” Liu Xunzi felt like stuck by thunder. “Third brother, you said you will give it to me! You can’t take it back. Third brother!”

The village chief glanced at the old Liu impatiently: “Take care of your wife!”

Old Liu dragged his wife away in a hurry. Everyone could hear Liu Xunzi screaming like a pig until they went far and disappear out of their site.

After both mother and father left, and Tiu Nie became very gloomy.

He didn’t understand he just wanted a dog, how come it come this far.

Cuiyun Niang handled the awkward situation, and asked everyone to sit down: “Please sit down? Please have a few more dishes!”

Qiao Wei glanced at the village head who was still a little angry and said politely, “Village chief, thank you for presiding justice and not discriminating me for being a foreigner. I already have two lands in the mountains. So I don’t need the land you promised. “

The head of the village promised the land out anger and regretted it later. Of course, even if Qiao Wei accepted the land, he could still get back them in various ways. But when Qiao Wei offered to give him back, he felt embarrassed instead.

He found that Qiao Wei was an interesting person. She is not too greedy even when given such land.

“The place on your mountain is not good, you don’t have enough sunshine, and you can’t grow good crops.” The village chief thought for a while, “East village land is also not very good for cultivation, so you don’t need to pay rent. you can have it “

This time he really wanted to give the land to Qiao Wei.

Qiao Wei’s original intention to come to the dinner was to help Auntie Luo. She did not expect to gain a piece of land. Even barren land is better than no land.

Of course, this is all thanks to Liu Xunzi.

Liu Xunzi didn't gain anything from her trap but she let Qiao Wei benefit from it. If she knows she will vomit blood over and over again.

After Qiao Wei thanked the village chief, she found the Lao Xoucai in the temporary tent and thanked him too. She could see that Lao Xiucai’s dislike of her because of the incident with Liu Xunzi.

Lao Xiucai didn’t talk anything, just to listen to her thanks. He looked at the door and made sure that no one was there. He looked at Qiao Wei with excitement: “You … What’s your father’s name?”

“My father?” Qiao Wei looked at the Lao Xiucai strangely. Why did he suddenly ask this? She hesitated, and said truthfully, “I have no father.”

“Where’s your mother?” Lao Xiucai asked.

Qiao Wei paused: “I don’t have a mother, I’m an orphan.”

When the master and wife died, the young lady was only five years old, and it was not wrong to say that she was an orphan. Lao Xiucai was even more excited: “How old are you when your father and mother died?”

Why did he asking this many questions?

Qiao Wei shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I was abandoned when I was born. I grew up alone.”

No, the lady was obviously born to Qiao’s parents.

Could it be that he had mistaken? No! how could Xiao Qiao look a lot like his madam, and happened to be about the same age as the young lady, and also happened to be named Qiao?

No, it is impossible, one or two coincidence is Ok, but so many coincidences stacked together is really won’t be a coincidence!

Since the lady is unwilling to acknowledge her identity, he can’t force her for the time being.

Everyone became tired after enjoying the whole day. Mother Luo remembered that Qiao Wei wanted to ask the private tutor and called her brother Cuiyun: “Your sister Qiao asked you a few things, what is the minimum age requirement to join private tuition? How much a year? “

Brother Cuiyun said, “It should be seven years old, two hundred taels per month.”

“Two hundred taels per month?” Aunt Luo was stunned, her husband was working in the county, and his monthly money was not two hundred! No wonder the Zhao family was still poor ever with the earning of four men, and they were still poor. They all spend their all earning in this child’s studies.

Qiao Wei also thinks that two hundred is very expensive. Her two children should have four hundred a month and nearly five thousand a year. For her, who just started a business, it is an astronomical figure.

“I heard that there is another private tuition in town,” she said.

Brother Cuiyun interrupted her: “That house is even more expensive, it’s three hundred taels a month!”

“Three hundred …” Qiao Wei was dumbstruck.

“Do you want a private tutor for the baby? I will teach them free!”

Lao Xiucai’s head appeared outside the window, scaring Qiao Wei!

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