The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 24

Lao Xiucai’s self-recommendation as a teacher for children is something that Qiao Wei had never thought of. One was that she and Lao Xiu did not make it clear; the other was that Lao Xiucai was a lonely person. Can’t he find a few children willing to study?

Of course, what surprised Qiao Wei most was the phrase “I don’t want money.”

Where is this good thing in the world?

Qiao Wei glanced at the old show vigilantly, wouldn’t it be that he wanted to plot against his children?

Looking at Qiao Wei’s expression, Lao Xiu knew that the other party had misunderstood himself. He couldn’t help crying or laughing but didn’t know how to explain it.

At that moment, Ergou 's mother came with caution: “Sir, you just told her that you do n't charge for school. Is it true?”

Old Xiucai: “…”

I am talking about Miss Dolls And did not say your baby!

Ergouzi 's mother said, "If you do n't collect money, I will also send Ergouzi and his brother to you."

Ergouzi is ten years old and his brother is seven.

She had a loud voice and hesitated that everyone in the village had gathered around, and then everyone knew that the old gentleman had to teach for free.

The old Xiu was even more cried and laughed. He didn’t want to teach these bear children at all. If he wanted to, he would have done it so long that he has to wait until now? At that time, the master had a life-saving favor for him. He could not repay the master, but he just wanted to take care of the lady more. How can this group of people misinterpret his meaning?

“Little Qiao …” He looked at Qiao Wei.

Qiao Wei interrupted his words: “Mr. has some good intentions, shouldn’t have quit, but I still don’t want to trouble Mr., I will take them to a private house.”

Lao Xiu was anxious: “Private house does not accept female dolls! It is Jingyun, They are too young to be privately asked. “

Brother Cuiyun nodded, again and again, they only accepted male disciples who had reached the age of seven.

In this way, Qiao Wei was in trouble again. But she really wanted to study for her children. Not only did she find it inconvenient to take children to do business, but also her deep-rooted thoughts.

The old Xiucai said, “You feel free to give me the baby.”

“Then …” Qiao Wei glanced at everyone, “Are you all going?”

“Go!” The crowd nodded in unison.

Old Xiucai: “…”

Isn’t anyone asking me if I can’t accept it?

Qiao Wei hesitated, and said, “That way, if everyone goes, I’ll let Jing Yun and Wang Shu also go.” The

opposite meaning is that everyone won’t go and your baby won’t go?

The old Xiu just wanted to cry without tears and felt that she was going to die by her own lady.

The old Xiucai finally accepted Qiao Wei’s decision (Wei) and decided (threatening), and accepted a dozen students in one breath. This is just the news we have got so far. We will be on the right track and the number will increase.

At this time, Qiao Wei did not know that she had made an unintentional decision. In the near future, Rhino Village will be the first village to be literate in this era.

The village head soon got the news. He quickly sent someone to Lao Xiu to send 20 pounds of rice and 10 pounds of cured bacon. It is great for the old gentleman to not collect money. He, as the village head, must reward this behavior. Well!

Everyone also mentioned something to Lao Xiucai one after another. Qiao Wei gave Lao Xiucai the pheasant hunted yesterday.

The old talents who are surrounded by family members instantly became the richest person in this winter!

After finishing school, Qiao Wei took the children to see the plot in the east village. The area is very huge, and it is nearly ten acres visually. The reason why it is always empty is that according to Auntie Luo, it is bad feng shui, haunted in summer, what kind of death do you plant?

Liu Xunzi had no choice at home, owed debts, and the creditors were so tight that he had to ask the village chief to ask for the land, and he hoped to plant a little harvest next year to supplement his family.

Xiao Qiao took a look at the soil, but it was dark and covered with thick snow, and he couldn’t see anything.

Zuo, however, was still far from spring, not in a hurry.

Qiao Wei and the children returned to the mountain.

It’s too late today, Qiao Wei didn’t go into the woods to watch the prey. She washed directly with the children and fell asleep.

Except for the little ferret being robbed, the children enjoyed themselves all day long, talking non-stop along the way, and when they got to bed, they fell asleep in less than a second.

The little ferret crawled to the head of the bed, with a small tail around Qiao Wei’s neck, like a small fur collar.

The wind was cold outside, and a family of four was as warm as spring.

The next day, there was still heavy snow. In fact, this weather was not suitable for going out, but considering his own business, Qiao Wei still hired a daddy’s carriage and went to town. Before leaving, she sent Jing Yun and Wang Shu to the old talented family.

Aunt Luo was going to follow her, but she declined it politely. What she is doing today may be a bit violent, and she doesn’t want to scare the godmother.

When Qiao Wei arrived in town, the first thing she did was to find the “black man behind the scenes” who hired three bullies last time. She wanted to do business for a long time, so she had to eliminate the threat once, lest she go away today and tomorrow Coming to that makes it seem like she can be bullied by anyone.

It’s not difficult to find out the true murderer. She is doing business in Daxing Street. The offending is naturally the merchants of Daxing Street. However, to her surprise, she walked the entire street and found nothing. A suspicious person, not even the big sister-in-law who had occupied her booth last time.

“Girl! Girl!” The owner of the

tea house ran over. “Are you looking for Daikin and his mother-in- law ?” Qiao Wei looked at him puzzledly. She had set up a stall at the door of his tea house for two days and knew he was a tea house. Boss, surname.

Boss Rong said: “They have been captured by the county grandfather!”

It turned out that the three bullies offered to buy the murderer without any torture. The county grandfather caught the murderer overnight in the yamen. Release it.

Everyone didn’t know what was going on. I don’t know why the Daikins didn’t come to the stall. Boss Rong was well informed and found out that the incident was related to the family of four selling dim sum.

“The county magistrate is a good official.” Qiao Wei said sincerely.

“Girl, don’t be happy too soon.” Boss Rong said earnestly: “The girl doesn’t know, Daikin has a backstage, and the backstage is older than the county grandpa. Don’t look at him being arrested today. It will take a few days, Baozhun Let it go. When he comes out, girl, you will not have a good life. “

” I’m not afraid. “She is now alone, who wants to bully her, despite letting go.

Mr. Rong stared: “You can’t say girls like that, they are earth snakes, and you are overwhelmed. You can’t help it. Girls are businessmen and naturally don’t want to waste energy on these things.”

Qiao Wei soon passed, big She didn’t know if Jin had the backstage, but the boss Rong had something to say: “Why boss Rong might as well speak straight, don’t frighten me with Da Jin, I’m not scared.”

Boss Rong was serious: “Dai Jin’s business I didn’t fool you. He was from Jingli in the backstage. We dare not mess with him here, except me. “

“Oh?” Qiao Wei is housed boss laugh, “Why did you shall stir him?”

Yung Boss boldly said: “!! Because I have the background and I’m backstage thing harder than him,”

Qiao Wei laugh can not own, so It 's the first time she has met the cheap and cute boss, and she is not disgusted by the routine: "Then boss Rong said to me what they want from me again?"

Boss Rong coughed twice: " Do n't say it hurts your feelings so much. I '

m looking at a girl 's house, there are old and young, it 's not easy to support the family, and I want to take care of you. " Qiao Wei looked at him with a smile.

He was embarrassed, as if his curve was completely exposed in front of the little girl: “Okay, okay, I just want you to put the snacks here for me to sell! The money sold, five or five split! you sell three outside a penny, I’m here selling for ten a penny! even if you divide into five, two more than before the text, you say is not worth the draw! ” “

March. ” “

forty-six. ” “

three Seven, if not, I’ll go to another house. You have a good way. I believe there should be many restaurants in town that want to sell my dim sum. “

Qiao Wei said and turned and left.

Boss Rong was anxious: “

Ah, hey ! I’m thirty-seven! I’m three-seven! You girl is going to squeeze me out!” Qiao Wei turned around and smiled: “The deal.”


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