The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 25

Qiao Wei felt that her luck was really good. As soon as she went out, she encountered a cheerful person like Boss Rong, which not only solved her stall problem, but also raised her income.

She didn’t care if she could stop the ground snake, as long as she had money to make it.

Rongji Tea House originally wanted to pay Qiao Wei by monthly invoicing, but Qiao Wei didn’t have much spare money, and she still had to buy so many New Year’s items, and she had to pay a month’s worth of ingredients. It was really difficult.

After discussing with Mr. Rong, it will be settled on the first day of the month, and sold today, tomorrow.

Qiao Wei remembered that the girl in Ember House had ordered forty snacks, and waited until she came and handed things to her before leaving.

The year is approaching, and things at home also need to be added. Qiao Wei decides to go around the bazaar.

I bought two sets of cotton trousers for the children before and found that they were not enough to wear. The mountain was cold and I washed my clothes. I could n't get through in seven or eight days. I had to buy two more.

“Girl, the new cotton used by my sister-in-law in this store is light and warm, and the price is cheap. You can get two more.” The boss said with a smile.

Qiao Wei bought the clothes in this cloth shop last time. When she went back, she opened the mule and checked the cotton wool. It was really good cotton, but it was not cheap to say it was cheap. At least as far as she knows, the price here is a few dozen dollars more expensive than the cloth next door.

“You are more expensive than others.” Qiao Wei said.

The owner said, “That 's my family 's good thing! Girl, just look at this fabric, and my cotton and workmanship. I ca n't find a second one in town. If the girl wants a better one, she must go to Beijing. “

Beijing, for so long, I still don’t know what Beijing looks like.

Qiao Wei’s eyes flashed a longing, then smiled slightly: “You give me a little cheaper, I’ll get four sets.”

The proprietress hesitated for a while: “Let’s go, it’s not easy to see your two children at home, so go for nothing, a total of one or two

coins .” Qiao Wei pointed to the opposite shelf: “Send me two more shoes.” The

boss’s eyes Glancing: “Oh! Two pairs of shoes? Girl, are you here to rob? How expensive are these shoes! If you really want to buy them, I will send you two pairs of insoles.”

Qiao Wei stroked her chin: ” I can make the insoles myself, so you give me a pair of shoes, and I buy them. “

” Ah, you … “The boss has never seen anyone so bargaining, obviously a special Peugeot girl, with a skinny face She’s thick.

Qiao Wei eyebrow: “Well do not you serve me to sell another home?.”

Madame skimming off the face:. “Then you go,” I do not believe you really willing to go!

She couldn’t play psychological tactics, but Qiao Wei didn’t lift her eyelids. She immediately lowered her things and walked away. At that speed, she didn’t have the step and look back like a poisonous snake and beast.

The boss lady was dumbfounded, and hurried to drag someone back outside: “Oh, ancestor, my little ancestor, sell, sell, sell to you!”

Qiao Wei, cotton pants, four sets each, one set of cyan , A set of tender green, two sets of positive red; cotton vests are ochre, not pick, do nothing but wear inside, any color is OK.

Qiao Wei looked at the boss who was packing and said, “There are insoles, you just said to send me two pairs.”

Boss: “Did you not say that you would do the insoles yourself?”

Qiao Wei smiled: ” But if you give me away in vain, I don’t want to. “

I, I, I don’t seem to say so … The

boss put the insole in pain, and Qiao Wei happily carried her baggage away.

The children loved the lamb fan soup, and Qiao Wei cut another ten pounds of fresh lamb. I also bought some bacon. Due to the expensive salt in ancient times, the price of bacon was too high. She bought ten pounds and she almost went bankrupt.

Carrying his bag and carrying two heavy baskets, Qiao Wei left the bazaar and was going to hire a carriage to return to the village.

When passing by a jewelry store, I couldn’t help but glance inward.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. For so long since ancient times, she didn’t even have a decent piece of jewelry. She put on a headscarf all day long, which really cost her long hair.

Qiao Wei hesitated again and again, and finally walked into the shop.

The boss was a bit snobbish. When he saw a village aunt, he was not entertained.

But the guy greeted with a smile: “Does the girl want to buy jewelry? What kind of one? Should I wear it on my head or on my hand?”

This guy is more polite than the boss.

Qiao Wei strolled around the counter, pointing at a yellow jade plum blossom and chanting: “How much is this?” The

guy laughed: “The girl has good eyesight. This is the treasure of our town shop. Master Mei made the dumplings by herself. Only This one, one hundred and two. “

One, two hundred? !!

A broken bitch can sell such a high price!

Qiao Wei was stunned.

The man looked at her and knew that she probably could not afford it, and did not laugh at her. She said patiently, “If a girl wants to be cheaper, she can buy jade.” The

so-called jade is actually stone, but it looks like jade, not jade.

With Qiao Wei’s current economic ability, this can only be afforded.

Qiao Wei picked a jade orchid, because it was the last one and sold it to her cheaply.

Qiao Wei put on her new sister-in-law, walked out of the shop with satisfaction, and walked towards the car.

As she passed by an alley, she faintly felt that someone was catching up. She glanced up, tightened the basket in her hand, accelerated her pace, and walked towards the main street with many people.

I didn’t know that she was fast, and the people behind her quickly followed.

She simply ran, but before she ran out of the alley, she was blocked by a few flashing men.

There are wolves in front and tigers in the back. A total of dozens of people, all flexing their muscles, have fierce eyes, which is by no means comparable to the three bullies that are virtual.

She can cope with one or two, and five or six are not a problem, but there are nearly twenty people in each other, and the number is a bit large.

Qiao Wei forced herself to calm down, looking at the man with a scar on his left face, and said, “The young girl has just arrived, and I don’t know how to offend a few grandfathers.”

Scar Man said: “You did not offend us, you offend us Big brother. “

Qiao Wei obliquely said to him:” Your big brother is … “

” Wu Dajin ! “

Oh, that behind-the-scenes man who got her into jail, she is really wrong, she does n't even look like Wu Dajin know!

Qiao Wei smiled angrily: “I said that you would say something good, okay? It was your big brother who bought me first and bullied me. Don’t I want to do anything, let people bully in vain?” The

Scar Man yelled: “My big brother If you want to bully you, you can only bully! Those who know you, walk around the building with our brother, and wait for some brothers, and the brothers will go around you. “Oh


Waiting for your pigs, you might as well hit yourself!

Qiao Wei glanced down and smiled sweetly: “It’s not impossible for me to serve you, but who will come first? Are you?”

Then, Qiao Wei took off the mule above her head, and the three thousand green silk fell down like a waterfall. Down, soft and bright, all the men were dumbfounded.

Qiao Wei slowly walked towards Scar Man, smiling, and suddenly a stab in the past!

Scar Man couldn’t avoid it, was pierced into the shoulder and made a scream.

The crowd was busy helping him, Qiao Wei took the opportunity to throw away the basket and rushed out of the alley.

The group caught up.

Many people in the street saw the excitement, but none dared to step forward to help Qiao Wei make a siege.

Qiao Wei desperately ran Rongji Chalou, her feet were fast, but the group of people took a short approach and blocked her.

She ran her legs back, and a horse-drawn carriage passed by, and she jumped up without a word!

The driver was startled!

Qiao Wei got into the compartment. There was a man in the compartment, a man, wearing a blue bucket hat, a white crescent robe, soft texture, faint pearly.

Although the man was sitting quietly, the aura was very powerful. Rao Qiao Wei rushed in so recklessly, but she did not see the slightest panic from the other side, calm as an emperor.

Qiao Wei looked at him up and down, and the more familiar he became, it was only a while that he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

The carriage stopped.

Qiao Wei froze, wouldn’t she just drive her down? !!

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