The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 26

The group of people chased up and surrounded the carriage. The carriage did not look a little eye-catching from the outside, so they didn’t look at the people in the car at all. The head of the scar man scolded: “Inside Listen well, hand over that bitch! Otherwise, do n't blame your grandpa! "The

driver was angry:" What are you doing? How did you talk to my son? Call my son grandpa! I see you I’m impatient! "The

driver heard the accent of Jingcheng. People in the town were still a little bit jealous of Jingcheng people, but it didn’t include the situation now. As the first general of Zhu Dajin, he was stabbed by a little girl and passed it on. He could laugh off the big teeth of his brothers!

Today, he has to find it back in any case. Whoever dares to protect that woman, whoever can’t live with their brothers!

Scar Man’s eyes were as red as the blood on his shoulders: “Grandpa asked you again last time, pay or not?”

Qiao Wei was inconvenient to stay here. She meant to hop on the carriage, hoping to borrow it. Escaping here is by no means trying to drag the other side into the water.

She bowed, hit the curtain, and was about to go out. The man next to her suddenly said, “If you have the ability, you can take it by yourself.” When

Scar Man heard this, he knew that the other party was provoking. His anger reached the apex, he pulled out his dagger and rushed towards the carriage.

The brethren saw that he had attacked, and swarmed up, clamoring, crashing, and screaming of pedestrians, staggered, and the whole street was instantly chaotic.

However, it was unexpected to all of them that before they even encountered the carriage, they were shaken by a strange force, a black figure, like a ghost, at an incredible speed. Noor fell to the ground, and could no longer climb.

Qiao Wei kept the man behind, grabbed a stool, and was ready for “tenacious resistance”, but suddenly heard a large scream, she freed up a hand, opened the curtain, and saw The men who “hunted” her were all lying on the ground.

Who did this? Is n't it great?

Qiao Wei looked at the boy who knocked them down. The boy turned around and exposed the clear face. Qiao Wei Tongren shrank: “Seventeen?”

If that person is seventeen, then the man in the carriage –

Qiao Wei suddenly turned away!

No wonder she felt familiar and unrecognizable. When he saw him last time, he was driving in an ox cart and dressed like a villager. This time, he changed to a low-key and luxurious silk shirt, but the only thing remained unchanged. The thing is that he is still wearing a bucket.

At first glance, he knew that he couldn’t be a real mountain villager, so now he saw him like this, and was not surprised. What really surprised Qiao Wei was that he met him again, and he was still in himself. Extremely embarrassing.

Qiao Wei was a little hesitant, scratched the small earlobe, and said softly, “Thank you son, for helping me again.” The

man didn’t speak.

Qiao Wei has said: “I know my son was not to help them clean up, but dissatisfied with their son disrespect, no matter how can I benefit, or to be more Xie Gongzi.”

Yanba, bowed.

The man nodded slightly, a rare response.

Qiao Wei jumped out of the carriage, and the people around looked back awkwardly, as if Qiao Wei was also a viper and beast, don’t blame them for being so scared. The scene that just happened was too scary. They lived in the town till now I haven’t seen any child who can knock down a dozen big guys in one move.

This girl is clearly a group with that child, don’t be a master.

“Seventeen.” Qiao Wei greeted with a smile.

Seventeen saw Qiao Wei, and for a moment hesitated, but unexpectedly she would meet her here.

Qiao Wei smiled, walked in front of the Scar Man, crouched down, and sneered and said, “Dare you find my stubble?”

“You …” Scar Man grinned his teeth, “Don’t be too proud, Wait for Big Jin to come out and see how he

packs you! ” ” Oh, so many of you can’t win … “Qiao Wei glanced at Qixi not far away and whispered:” My brother, do you think Zhu Dajin won? “

Scar Man remembered the skill of seventeen, and shuddered,” He is your younger brother? “

This woman is obviously a village woman, how could there be such a powerful younger brother?

Qiao Wei knew he didn’t believe it, and said, “Of course he is not my dear brother, but I have a little friendship with his master, so you understand?”

“Master?” Scar Man wondered.

Qiao Wei changed her face and said, “Well, just the person in the carriage, otherwise why do you think I want to get on this carriage? If it is a stranger’s car, do I dare to get in? I will be driven off if I get in ? “The

Scar Man thought for a moment, it seemed to be such a reason, looking at Qiao Wei’s eyes could not help but gave birth to a hint of fear, the young man was so powerful, his master, must have come a long way.

However, they are not vegetarian.

He whispered: “So what? Do you know who is behind Da Jinge? The big man in Beijing, speak it out and scare you!”

Qiao Wei’s eyelids didn’t blink: “Then do you know who is sitting in the carriage? I can scare you out if I say it! The emperor has jeopardized him by three points all over the world, The name is so big that I dare not call it. I said that, you should understand? “

Even the emperor is afraid of three-pointers, isn’t it … Is that the youngest and most promising prime minister in the world, contemplating?

The Scar Man showed great fear.

Qiao Wei knew that Scar Man had used his incomparable (stupid) hard (stupid) IQ brain to make up a suitable character to take the seat, smirked, and raised his eyebrows: “Guess who it is? Trouble me? "

Scar Man thought for a while:" No, why would an adult take such a shabby carriage? "

Qiao Wei took it for granted:" Naturally, I do n't want people to recognize my identity. "

Scar Man looked to seventeen: “What’s his name?”

Qiao Wei truthfully said: “Seventeen.”

There are seven masters under Master Cultivation. One of them is called seventeen. Rumors that seventeen-year-old defeated the champion of the time, and eleven He sneaked into the enemy camp alone and rescued the hostage nine princesses. At the age of twelve, he carried the tumor Heifengzhai in the southwest, and then left the capital with the meditator for one year.

Could this boy be seventeen?

Scar Male Fox doubted: “Adults have been missing for a year, how did you climb up with adults?”

Missing? This is a good editor!

Qiao Wei thought of the hermit who always buys prey in her cage, and this material is good! Mysteriously said: “The grown-ups are not missing, they live in secluded mountains. The forest where the adults live happens to be on my hill. Every day, I go hunting in the mountains. The adults often buy prey from my hands. I’ll get to know you. But then, you better not go out and say that the adult doesn’t want to let people know his whereabouts this year. “

When Scar Man heard this, he couldn’t believe it: “You can rest assured that I will not reveal the whereabouts of the adult, nor will I tell Dajin brother.

Over there …” Qiao Wei indifferently said: “The adult is very Angry. “

Scar Man panicked:” I beg the girl to plead for the little ones, girl! Living Buddha! Please! “

Qiao Wei held out her hand.

Scar Man

stunned : “Why?” Qiao Wei said: “Silver! How can I let the adults breathe without silver? I have to treat the adults deliciously and deliciously, and I will eat and drink for you before I can do it for you Plead! “

Scar Man hurriedly took out the silver from his body, and let others pay the money, leaving nothing left.

Qiao Wei looked at Baihuahua’s silver, and drool almost came out. Just to escape, she lost nearly one or two items of silver, but the search from these people was thirty-two!

Earn … turned over!

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