The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort

Chapter 27

The villains rushed to the ground, and Qiao Wei took the heavy silver to the carriage.

Seventeen stood in front of the carriage and saw Qiao Wei coming, her eyes rolling around her, and after a while, she looked left and right behind her, as if looking for something.

“What happened seventeen?” Qiao Wei asked dumbly.

Seventeen frowned and kept looking beside her.

Qiao Wei thought about it and asked tentatively, “Are you looking for the child you rescued that day, my daughter, Wang Shu?”

Seventeen nodded.

Qiao Wei smiled slightly: “Do you still remember her? She went to school today and didn’t follow me.”

Seventeen frowned in disappointment, but for a moment, took out a little green thing from her arms and handed it To Qiao Wei.

Qiao Wei took a look. It was a grasshopper made of bamboo leaves, which was very delicate, and said, “Is it for Wang Shu?”

Seventeen nodded again, his eyes were a little bright.

I can’t tell. Seventeen fights so fiercely, but she is so gentle when she is gentle. She likes all those who are good to her children. Qiao Wei patted Seventeen’s shoulder happily: “I thank you for Wang Shu.”

Hey? Have muscles.

Qiao Wei pinched, pinched, and pinched again.

The driver on the side completely looked dumbfounded. Do you know how many people’s hands have been chopped by Seventeen, even the princess dare not eat such seventeen tofu? Have you eaten enough? !!

It feels so good and looks so cute, I really want to turn back and be a little brother.

However, they helped themselves so much, and it was a bit unkind to have this kind of thought again. Qiao Wei reluctantly withdrew her hand, looked at the seventeen, and looked at the man in the carriage. “My son, it is almost noon. If not, I would invite the two to the restaurant for a meal! “The


Yun Danfeng said lightly :” We are in a hurry to return to Beijing, the girl does not have to spend money. ” The money bag was handed in the window: “Then you take it down. I brought the silver from them. You can buy some wine to drink.” In the

final analysis, it is thanks to the 17 cool handsome man The bully stunned them for a meal, otherwise, she would blow her mouth blindly, and no one would believe it.

I wanted to ask the other party to eat some and keep some of it, but since the other party was in a hurry to rush, they would all give the other party a good deal.

The man glanced at the purse lightly, but didn’t collect it, Qiao Wei held it like that, his arms were sour.

The man’s gaze fell on the jade

urn in her hair. “Will you pick jewelry?” A quarter of an hour later, Qiao Wei walked into Dafangzhai, the only jewelry shop on Daxing Street.

The boss sat at the counter fooling around with the abacus and raised his eyes. When he saw that it was the pretty village aunt who had just come here, he bought only fifty fake jade dumplings and left.

“My son, please.” Qiao Wei led the man in after crossing the threshold.

The boss read countless people. When he saw the man’s clothing, he knew that he was a noble guest. He exuded an elegant and noble temperament, but unfortunately he could not see clearly.

The boss put down the abacus and greeted him with a smile: “Excuse me, what jewelry do you want to buy?”

Qiao Wei gave him a scornful glance. If it wasn’t for the young man’s sake, he wouldn’t be too lazy to introduce a business to such a low-profile boss: “The one who just sold me a mule, call him, You are old, why should you go, huh? “The

boss twitched, and Pi smiled at him with a smile.

My buddy is very happy to see repeat customers. I’m also glad that I didn’t look down on people like the boss. This is not the case, although the girl didn’t buy any precious jewelry herself, she introduced a big master!

The man took out the topaz plum blossoms that Qiao Wei first saw: “Is the girl here to buy this? I know the girl likes it, and specially

reserved it for the girl.” The man looked at Qiao Wei and Qiao Wei hurriedly waved his hand. Laughed: “It wasn’t for me, it was for the grandmother of the son. The color of this cormorant was too thin, and the old man didn’t look expensive enough.”

“The girl said yes.” The man cleverly put the plum blossom back, “That Please go to the second floor with my son and girl. “

There is actually a second floor!

The second floor is not as big as the first floor, but each set of jewelry is more expensive than the high-end on the first floor. Of course, the price is several times that of the first floor. No wonder no one took her to the second floor. The thing here is that she does n't eat it. Can’t afford to drink.

Thanks to the son’s blessing, she also opened her eyes.

“The son, the old lady is like gold, or like Jade?” “Can.”

“That little old lady like publicity, or subtle point?”

“All right.”

Said equals nothing.

Qiao Wei can only come in accordance with her own aesthetic. She chose a set of gold-encrusted hairpins, a total of five, all based on Hetian white jade. The flowers and butterflies engraved with golden silk are clearly on the top. The flowers are meticulous to the visible veins, the butterflies are lifelike, and the slender body is also made of pure gold. Coincidentally, this kind of gold is matte, and it is calm, restrained, simple, and atmospheric, and it will not give people the feeling of an upstart.

The man asked the man to wrap the bitch.

Qiao Wei said: “Wait, how much is this?”

Buddy laughed: “Eighty-two.”

Qiao Wei was stunned: “Why, what? Eighty-two? Why don’t you grab it?” The

man was kind: “Girl You do n't know, this set of dumplings is an antique from the former dynasty. The original set was twelve, but we only found five in our shop, and it was sold cheaply. The price of the whole set went up to five thousand. “

Qiao Wei gave him a suspicious look. Although I was very impressed with you, it does not mean that you can kill me: “Do you still sell antiques? Who are you?” The

man smiled: “Girl, I really haven’t covered you, this It’s an antique bitch. If you don’t believe it, get an appreciation of antiques. If it’s fake, ten times the silver will be returned to you. “

Qiao Wei hummed:” That eighty two is too expensive, five hundred! “

Man laughed helplessly Road: “Girl, this price, you can’t get the goods.”

Qiao Wei frowned: “I also do business, I know the curved roads inside, you don’t lose four hundred and two, I see You have such a big shop, you have to pay someone to hire someone, so you earn a hundred more. . The “

man dumbfounding:” girl, five hundred and twenty really can not, you really want to, seven hundred fifty-two it. ” “

Five hundred and fifty. ” “

You are old customers, so, seven hundred sincerity price. “

Qiao Wei’s expression didn’t change at all: “Five hundred and fifty, I don’t buy one more point! I didn’t have to go to you to buy it, and I will return to Beijing immediately. There are many shops in Jingli, but I am afraid to pick Not a few suitable pieces of jewelry? "

Buddy could n't, he asked the boss downstairs, and Qiao Wei returned to her:" Girl, our boss said, six hundred and two is the lowest price, only to make a friend with you, no, he did n't The way. “

Qiao Wei came to the man and whispered:” Son, can you tell whether it is a real antique or a fake antique? “The

man looked down at the arms that the two accidentally stuck together, his eyes lightened slightly. Meal: “Well, really.”

Really antique? That’s a good price.

Qiao Wei took a big loss: “Forget it, this is it.” The man led the two to checkout. When passing the counter, the man pointed at the topaz plum blossom: “This is also wrapped.”

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