The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 822 - Vermillion Bird Abyss

Chapter 822: Vermillion Bird Abyss

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“What’s the meaning of this?” Ouyang Feng looked at the rock Chu Feng gifted to him. He was in doubt where he was as he looked at it over and over again while he pondered the meaning behind it.

After that, he put the rock away and arrived before Ying Wudi as he took swan strides. “I shall take care of thy wife and children. Thou need not worry,” he said with a serious expression on his face.

Ying Wudi stared at him blankly first before he abruptly got angry. He grasped Ouyang Feng’s swan neck in one hand and was prepared to have a determinant battle to the death with him.

Chickens flew and dogs lept immediately as the duo started fighting one another.

“F**k! You have an older sister complex and a jealous nature! Stop! This is what the Little Daoist wrote! I only want to consult you about this. Stop!” shouted Ouyang Feng.

The two were fighting to no end.

On the other end, Chu Feng was talking to Qin Luoyin in a low voice as he gifted the rock to her. He had a very gentle look on his face as he solicitously enquired about her well-being with a smile across his face.

Qin Luoyin had her head lowered as she looked at the words engraved on the rock. She was first stunned before a chilly intent appeared on her face. After that, she slightly blushed before she finally bit her silver tooth firmly. Without saying another word, she turned into a stream of light and appeared near the Little Daoist. She pulled his ear and gave him a painful beating.

“Ouch! Mother, you’re really hurting me! Don’t hit me anymore! There is still a group of people queueing up behind who are waiting to hit me! Have mercy on me!”

The Little Daoist miserably shrieked. He actually understood his present situation to a certain extent and knew that the group of people wouldn’t let him go. He had already predicted what was going to happen.

Unfortunately, the Five-coloured Divine Light was securing him in place and he practically couldn’t run away. If not, he would have made himself scare a long time ago.

Ouyang Feng’s black swan feathers were all in a mess. He fluttered his wings with the black turtle shell on his back and was as violent as a dog without a tail as he roared, “Chu Nan, I’ll beat a little bastard like you to death! You actually dared to slander me and say that I seduced my older brother’s wife!”

Qin Luoyin’s face immediately darkened beside him. She wanted to beat up Ouyang Feng and the Little Daoist together!

“Brother Ouyang, things can be resolved through words. We have a very friendly and intimate relationship. Calm down first and don’t get excited,” shouted the Little Daoist.

“Ah pfft!” Ouyang Feng spat out a mouthful of soul saliva as he pressed the Little Daoist down over there and gave him a fat beating. He then stressed once more, “Great Nephew, I am your Uncle!”

“Ouch! You’re really hurting Grandfather Dao! Jun Tuo’s son, stop! If not, I’ll settle things with you later on. Don’t think I can’t beat you. If Grandfather Dao unleashes his might, you guys aren’t a match for me at all!”

“You little bastard! You still dare to threaten me?!” Ouyang Feng pushed him down and tormented him.

The Little Daoist was immediately terrified as he said, “Uncle Ouyang, stop! Grandfather Dao surrenders!”

On the other side, Chu Feng was currently conversing with Ying Zhexian in a pleasant manner. He asked about her circumstances over the past year in a very caring manner and simultaneously gifted her the stone about her too.

Ying Zhexian had the aura of an empty spirit and wasn’t interested in mundane affairs, but after she finished reading this stone tabled carefully, her face was actually red. After that, she immediately smashed the rock on the Little Daoist’s head.

“Ah, Second Mother, are you going to kill someone? You’re really hurting me!” The Little Daoist rolled all over on the ground as he pretended to be terrified.

Ying Wudi walked over but his complexion really was as black as the bottom of a pot because the Little Daoist repeatedly said he had an older sister complex on the carvings he made on the rocks. He thought that this completely ruined his reputation.

“Uncle, what reputation do you still have? Ask around yourself. Who here doesn’t know that you love your older sister?” The Little Daoist had a damned gigolo’s mouth and was reluctant to admit his mistake.

Ying Wudi was awfully angry. He pushed up his sleeves and gave the Little Daoist a painful beating over here.

“Uncle, the sea of bitterness has no bounds. Turn your head to see the shore! Tch, you still haven’t woken up yet!” The Little Daoist actually wanted to to rebuke Ying Wudi sternly in his face.

Ying Wudi’s face immediately darkened to the point it was shining. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Say one more sentence?!”

“Try and hit me one more time?” challenged the Little Daoist.


“Ouch! You really are beating me? Uncle, there is a cure for lovesickness towards your older sister!” The Little Daoist was pressing his luck too as he wasn’t willing to admit his mistake to the very end.

But he was soon in disequilibrium. He saw that his father was currently holding two rocks and was currently chatting about something with his mother and Ying Zhexian over there in a low voice with a warm tone.

The Little Daoist was awfully angry. This shameful father really used the words he engraved to titillate them. This was practically infuriating to him because he was here being knocked about, yet his father was being charming and gentle over there with a proud expression on his face. This was too hateful and shameless!

After that, Ying Xiaoxiao criticised him violently, “Little Daoist, you described my older sister and Elder Sister Luoyin as people who value affection and personal loyalty. But in life’s final moments, you were still thinking of Chu Feng. Those who read this would feel little ripples in their hearts. Yet why when you were talking about me, why did you summarise everything in a single brush stroke and didn’t depict me in detail?”

After that, a small fist landed on the rim of the Little Daoist’s eye which made him shriek miserably.


The Little Daoist really wanted to curse. What was this called? He didn’t include the silver haired little lolita in the orchestration of the plan, but on the contrary, she was discontent and beat him up because of it.

He really was dumbfounded and wanted to ask the firmament whether there was still justice in this world.

“You can’t really be thinking of being my Little Mother, right?” he recklessly asked.

After that, a fist the size of a large bowl fell down on him. Ying Wudi was still there. He made a decisive move and violently beat him up again.

“Woo… I’m really in pain. Stop! I surrender! Fellow Mothers, fellow Uncles, I apologise. This is all my fault. All the thousands upon tens of thousands of wrongdoings is all on me. Stop!”

This place had no way of being serene in a very long time.

Chu Feng didn’t conceal anything as he talked about his experience over at the stone millstone. He mentioned how there were hundreds of corpses belonging to gods lying in disarray across the ground which caused the expressions of those on the scene to change.

So what if one became a god? In the end, they still couldn’t escape death and their twilight years were so miserable too as the gray matter tangled around their lives. They died with a remaining grievance and it was truly a bitter end.

“Wah! Elder Brother-in-Law, you mastered a god tiered special technique and its the highest inheritance from six gods?!” The silver haired little lolita’s large eyes shone when she heard what Chu Feng got and her spirits were rather raised.

“Don’t get occupied with being happy. Let me ask you guys whether you really dare to practice it.” Chu Feng had a grave expression on his face.

He was now increasingly afraid of the consequences. Even if he obtained many things in this world and obtained the most powerful special technique of the gods, he still didn’t dare to practice it a little.

Ying Zhexian was very reasonable and very calm too as she said, “This is a very serious problem that we need to meet head on. We have to make sure we don’t sink too deep into it as much as possible.”

“Isn’t that too regretful? It’s a god tiered special technique! It’s a secret technique that’s destined to turn us into gods! A technique like that is right before our eyes, yet we can’t cultivate it. How vexing!” Ouyang Feng tweaked his ears and scratched his cheeks.

“We shouldn’t touch such a thing for the time being if we can help it. There’s no harm in learning in once we find a solution. Besides, we should keep cultivating the breathing technique. If a hundred years really has passed, our spiritual energy can increase to an extremely astonishing degree.”

Chu Feng had seen the miserable condition those gods were in after they died. There was even a fishy smell to their divine blood and the scent of decay. Grey mist filled the air and he felt scared in his heart.

“We’ll each manage our own!” Qin Luoyin agreed and wouldn’t access the special technique as much as possible.

Those present on the scene solemnly nodded. In reality, this space was valuable not because it had the special technique, but rather it was because the flow of time here was different from that of the original universe they came from.

“Oh right. You guys discovered divine medicine near the abyss?” Chu Feng enquired. His interest was somewhat aroused.

“That’s right. That divine medicine can fly. It’s abnormal and blossoms with radiant splendour. Its pungent scent is too enticing when it assails the nose. Unfortunately, we don’t dare pluck it and have been waiting for Yaoyao’s arrival all along!” Ouyang Feng was excited when he spoke about all these.

“I’ve decided. From now on, I’ll start researching domains intensively!” Chu Feng made a firm resolution.

He felt that if he used the difference in the flow of time to comprehend domains, it was enough for him to struggle free of the shackles of a Great Domain Master and breakthrough to that of the Great Scholar realm.

If that was the case, he might be able to pluck the medicinal herb smoothly be it that on the bloody mountain peak or at the abyss.

If that was the case, he could dedicate himself to progressing in his level of mastery over domains. By plucking medicines and taking them, he would tremendously increase in strength as well; it was killing two birds with one stone.

Besides, he wouldn’t have strange matters tangled around him so he wouldn’t need to worry about a disaster descending upon him in his twilight years.

The more Chu Feng thought about it, the more driven he was to do so. “Take me to the abyss to have a look.”

He was determined not to practice the Little Six Rays of Time Technique for the time being and would only do so as a last resort. He hoped that that day would never come.

“Alright, let’s go over there and have a look around.” Ouyang Feng led the way and the others followed him. Finally, the Little Daoist was no longer being beaten. He had an expression that said he was holding a hidden grudge.

Although it was said to be an adjacent abyss, in reality, one actually needed to travel for six or seven days because there were divine beasts in the abyss. They didn’t dare to get too close for fear that they clearly saw something.

Seven days later, they hurried to a bizarre land as they went along the wasteland.

A massive abyss extended horizontally all the way across up ahead. It was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen and it was pitch-balck as though it would swallow a person’s soul. It really was too big and was like a vast body of black water; it was extremely boundless.

“This is one of the six abysses. This place is relatively quieter compared to the others and there usually aren’t many people approaching it,” Qin Luoyin introduced the abyss to him.

Chu Feng nodded. He could already faintly smell the fragrance of medicine after he arrived at this place.

There were specks of light at the bottom of the abyss and the sound of a bird hooting could be heard from time to time. Chu Feng opened his Fiery Eyes and carefully gazed at the abyss. There actually seemed to be a Vermillion Bird circling around down below; it was blazing splendidly.

Based on what a few people said, that was divine medicine that could flee through flight.

“There’s no one guarding this area?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“This abyss is rather special because an extremely ancient existence is fast asleep here. It doesn’t need protection and normally doesn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders so it’s very quiet,” Ying Zhexian informed him.

It was entirely different outside the five other abysses. Not only did they have subterranean cities, they also had medicinal fields and workshops so these places were normally bustling with noise and excitement.

“Is the divine beast cultivating the special technique?” Chu Feng asked.

“Some of them do cultivate the special technique so they have a very short lifespan, but there are some who don’t. For example, the ancient existence lying formant over here. It doesn’t have the so-called strange twilight years. Has been alive for a very long time which incites restraining fear in all parties.”

Naturally, not cultivating the special technique meant that one had to endure a relatively mediocre segment in time as they watched other people rocket away while they could only forge ahead slowly yet vigorously.

But the divine beast’s innate skill was astonishing. It would definitely be able to mature in the end.

“The divine medicine beneath the abyss would occasionally turn into a little red bird and flew out. Medicinal fragrance would fill the air when it spread its wings and wheeled about in the sky, leaving a large sheet of scarlet yet sparkling and translucent light rain behind. Unfortunately, it’s very cautious so it can’t be caught.”

Ouyang Feng had a fervent look in his eyes as he was about to drool over that divine medicine in the abyss.

A minimum of two or three divine beasts coexisted with one another in the other abysses. This was the only place where a divine beast lived alone. It was reported that this was possibly the divine bird, Vermillion Bird!

This was precisely where said race lived all year round. Their vital blood and aura nourished the production of divine medicine.

The outer realm guessed that the Vermilion Bird Race had a frail population with a decreasing bloodline and was about to be entirely exterminated. The only old Vermillion Bird that was left had been lying dormant all along as it was doing its utmost in thinking of a way to continue the bloodline of this race.

“If I unleash my technique here, I won’t startle that old Vermillion Bird, right?” asked Chu Feng.

“It’ll be fine if we don’t make movements that are too big. That divine bird has been lying dormant for many years and won’t wake up for a little while,” said Ouyang Feng.

Chu Feng ascended into the sky and activated his Fiery Eyes. He looked down as he stood above the abyss. Two golden beams of light appeared, but they didn’t break into the ground. Instead, they turned into runes and brightened up the place.

He was already sufficiently adept at using this kind of divine ability. Brilliant rays of light did not necessarily have to rise dramatically which would startle those in all directions for him to use this technique.

This abyss was too remote and deep. It was also extremely grand and had a vast subterranean level. Chu Feng felt that it was several kilometers deep at the very least. After that, he carefully searched this area before he finally felt something.

That was…

His pupils contracted because he saw that there were living beings in a den against a stone wall.

Upon closer inspection, it was an old bird whose feathers had almost dropped off completely to reveal an aged physical body. It didn’t move an inch and didn’t have the slightest drop of life as it lay there as though it had already passed away.

The thing that took him aback the most was that there were a few very small red birds in the den. They were tottering with their red plumage and were currently tearing away at a python to eat it.


Chu Feng was gobsmacked. That python was already dead, but the energy emanating from its golden horn was incomparably powerful and so it was suspected to be a Quasi-sage.

Who said that that the Vermillion Bird didn’t have a future generation? There was clearly a mistake in that information.

Chu Feng swiftly withdrew his gaze and rapidly fell back.

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