The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 823 - The Honorable Deity of The Yang Realm

Chapter 823: The Honorable Deity of The Yang Realm

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“What did you see down there?” Ouyang Feng stretched his long neck out and leaned his swan head toward the dark abyss to take a look.

“Let’s go! We’ll talk once we leave this place!”

Chu Feng had a grave expression as he explicitly told them that this place wasn’t normal. The conjecture of the outer realm was wrong.

Chu Feng only gave a detailed account of what he saw when they had walked very far away from the abyss.

“What? An old Vermillion Bird whose feathers are about to fall off completely? You can’t sense its breathing and it doesn’t have the fluctuations of life? The most important thing is that there are also a few small red birds?! F**k! What a gargantuan fortune!” Ouyang Feng’s saliva was about to flow out.

“You didn’t hear the main point. Those few little Vermillion Birds were gnawing and eating the flesh of a python at the Quasi-saint realm!” Chu Feng was incomparably serious.

This implied that while the old Vermillion Bird seemed to be devoid of life, it was certainly still alive and fairly terrifying too as the food it chose to feed its heirs was somewhat excessive.

“Wow! Using a ferocious beast at the Quasi-saint realm as food! Even I usually don’t get to eat much of it,” shouted the silver-haired little lolita.

Chu Feng stroked his forehead with his hand as he felt that Jun Tuo’s son and the silver-haired little lolita were extremely serious nutjobs. What were the both of them paying attention to?

“The old Vermillion Bird is entering its twilight years; there is no doubt about that. It is saving up its physical strength and is akin to hibernating to consume as well as to decrease its life force to the lowest point. It will only recover itself when it needs to hunt for food on behalf of the young birds,” Qin Luoyin said.

She spoke of the nature of what was going on. That old Vermillion Bird really didn’t have much life force left.

After the Little Daoist suffered a painful beating, he was dispirited these few days. But now he was finally energetic as he said, “What a great fortune! After the old Vermillion Bird dies in a seated position, we’ll go down and adopt the divine birds. When the time comes, one person will have a Vermillion Bird each to act as a mount. We’ll be Immeasurable Honorable Deities! I’m getting excited just thinking about it. You have to know that this kind of divine bird is too rare and has a noble bloodline. This is an existence that dares to fight gods at close quarters!”

The Little Daoist was increasingly excited as he said, “When the time comes, I will be as firm as a mountain while I sit cross-legged atop a Vermillion Bird, soaring above the nine heavens. At that time, I will possess the initial structure and aura of an Honorable Deity.”

“That makes sense. I’ll let the Vermillion Bird pull a chariot for me when the time comes!” Ouyang Feng nodded.

The silver-haired little lolita blinked as she looked at him with her large eyes and said, “Aren’t you a divine bird yourself? Oh right, you’re a female, right? When the time comes, I’ll find a young male Vermillion Bird for you as a Daoist Companion. You’ll definitely be very happy about that.”

Ouyang Feng cursed.

He really wanted to have a fight with Ying Xiaoxiao, but when he saw that the person with the older sister complex was currently glaring at him… like a tiger watching his prey with his damned darkened face as well as a look that said he was going to get his younger sister out of the predicament, Ouyang Feng restrained himself from doing so.

“Grandfather is a man. Also, Ying Wudi, you were a pretty boy with a white face in the past. Have you eaten dead children lately? You have such a sour face that it’s so black everyday.”

With a serious expression, Ying Wudi said, “Am I as black as you? You’re black from your head to your toes.”

“F**k! I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” Ouyang Feng strode away with his swan steps as he turned his head in anger and didn’t respond to him anymore.

“There’s a problem. It’s very dangerous over there,” said Qin Luoyin. She held restraining fear towards that abyss and told them she didn’t think that highly of the kind of notion they had in adopting the Vermillion Birds.

Chu Feng nodded in agreement. This was an old Vermillion Bird. It was excessively powerful and would definitely set up a good escape route for its heirs. If not, how could it leave this world reassuringly?

A thought came to Ouyang Feng’s mind and he said, “Huh? I remembered something. The other troops have repeatedly scouted out matters regarding the Vermillion Bird’s abyss lately. A group of people even asked me about it when they passed by where we were staying before.”

They were startled when they heard this as they had a premonition about the seriousness of this matter.

“The other divine beasts of the abyss or the gods from Vicious Beast Plateau have some awareness towards this place and are most likely gathering information. It’s very possible they will make a move on this place!” Ying Zhexian deduced.

A divine bird was about to die. There were too many good things on its person and in addition to that, the collection of divine medicines and scriptures in its official residence would even tempt gods too.

The most crucial point was the young divine birds. Once this kind of living being was subdued and nurtured, their military strength would be unimaginable. They might ultimately be even more powerful than the gods themselves.

“Does this mean we’ll be eliminated right away?” The silver-haired little lolita was unresigned to this outcome.

“How is that possible? The matter depends on the individual. We have to carry a young Vermillion Bird away even if we have to create an opportunity!” Ouyang Feng rubbed his fists and wiped his palms together.

“Innumerable Honorable Deity. We still have a chance in such matters. With my experience as an Honorable Deity of moving unhindered across my lifetime, this old Vermillion Bird isn’t that simple. It might surprise all the gods and divine beasts. When the time comes, we might not be able to adopt the young Vermillion Birds, but we will definitely be able to gather a lot of divine blood!”

The Little Daoist made a judgement as he believed that a divine battle was most likely going to break out here and divine beast as well as divine spirit blood would be shed across the earth.

Ying Zhexian nodded and said, “The old Vermillion Bird might feign its death or take the initiative to detonate a crisis in advance and so on. I think that it will most likely drag some divine beasts and gods along with it before it dies.”

A scene of the future appeared before everyone’s eyes. The old Vermillion Bird already had heirs and it was about to die too. This was a huge matter that would give rise to a huge turmoil of blood.

“Shoot! We’d better rush back and tell Elder Sister Yaoyao so that she doesn’t pillage near the abyss by all means. This is about to become an area of trouble!” shouted Ouyang Feng.

Based on their previous contact with those from Mount Eternal, Yaoyao might come to the abyss. Even though she hadn’t determined which heir of which divine beast she was going to pillage, the divine medicines here would definitely have a very big attractive force.

On the way, Chu Feng said, “Be ready at any moment. When a great battle erupts between the deities, divine beasts and divine bird, heads will definitely roll and divine blood will splatter everywhere. We’d better think it through properly. We have to weigh the pros of cons between living in seclusion here to collect divine blood or whether it’d be more appropriate to raid the deity’s old nest right away or the abyss of the other divine beasts.”

“Father, as expected, old gingers go bad. You have a gene of crime and are bad from head to toe. We are still thinking of what the havoc is going to be like here, but you are taking the long and broad view. You’re already using that acute criminal sight of yours to clearly see beyond billions upon millions of kilometers. I admire you!”

“You unfilial son, come over here! I’ll beat you to death!” Chu Feng chased after him.

“Innumerable Honorable Deity. Little Daoist is making a move first!” The Little Daoist stuck his buttocks out and strode out with his small short legs as he madly rushed off. He had mastered the secret technique from his previous lifetime and had always been very arrogant; he believed that even if he had just been born, he wasn’t inferior to the others.

Everyone had no other choice but to chase after him upon seeing this.

“This Eldest Nephew really isn’t careless. He runs really quickly with his pair of tiny short legs!” Ouyang Feng was so tired he stuck his tongue out like an old yellow dog after flying for a long time. He was gasping for breath in large mouthfuls and found it slightly unbearable.

The Little Daoist could draw support from the Earth qi and easily cross five kilometers when he took a single step; he really was too quick. Although his little short legs weren’t long, they were extremely quick.

The others were very exhausted. If Ying Xiaoxiao didn’t have her older sister’s Five-colored Divine Light to bring her along, she would have definitely fallen very far behind to the point that they were nowhere to be found a long time ago.

The Little Daoist’s miserable shrieks accompanied them as they hurried along the way. After all, he was too young in this lifetime so he didn’t have enough strength so he couldn’t avoid being hoisted up and beaten up after Chu Feng caught him.

Six days had already passed when they returned to their original habitat which was much faster than when they left.

They decided to wait here and get together with those from Mount Eternal to inform them of the recent developments surrounding the abyss. They couldn’t rush indiscriminately into action; the fisherman who sits benefits from capturing warring parties was the only right course of action.

“Something’s wrong. There’s something here!” Ouyang Feng was on guard.

After that, they saw an old crippled fox. One of its forelegs was missing and it only had half of one of its hindlegs left. It had a pair of golden eyes but dull fur that was about to drop off completely soon. Moreover, the latter half of its body was close to being petrified. Some parts of its body had turned to stone, including that crippled leg.

“What monster is this?!” The Little Daoist leaped up. He instinctively sensed that this Old Fox who was about to shed completely was not an ordinary fox .

“Innumerable Honorable Deity. This poor Daoist will behave courteously.” This crippled Old Fox with yellow fur had a good-natured expression across his entire face.

This Little Daoist felt fed up when he heard this calling. He too was from the Dao Race, but now he felt disgusted that a crippled fox with golden eyes was reciting the same Daoist monastic name as he was.

“Great Immortal Hu, you should read the Amitabha aloud instead!” The Little Daoist’s tooth hurt as he looked at this yellow-furred fox. Even he didn’t have the nerve to read the Innumerable Honorable Deity aloud.

“This poor Daoist is suffering. Now… I am going to be stripped of my Dao Race identity too.” The Old Fox sighed.

The rim of its eyes turned red when it spoke about this.

What was going on? For a moment, they couldn’t get their head around this.

“Alright, don’t cry. I’ll permit you to read the Honorable Deity aloud. Tell me, what exactly is your identity? Why have you run over to where we are staying? What is your goal?” enquired the Little Daoist.

“Sigh, it’s fine even if I don’t speak of my identity. You guys won’t believe me even if I say it.” The crippled fox shook his head.

“Speak. I, Grandfather Daoist, have a strong mind. I, the Little Daoist, can face any unorthodox remarks with a smile.”

“It’s fine. It is up to you whether you believe me or not. This poor Daoist is an Honorable Deity from my generation of the Daoist Race. I once looked down at the vicissitudes of the world from up high and watched the common people fight across time. I never would have thought there would come a day where I would become an ant in the world of mortals too. It’s lamentable.” The Old Fox with the yellow fox had a very sad look on its face and an expression that said he had experienced a great deal of suffering written all over his face. The breath of life was particularly prominent in his golden eyes as though he had experienced that as long as that of eternity.

“Speak in an understandable way!” Ouyang Feng was the first to shout out.

“Great Immortal Hu, are you thinking of using a technique to charm us? It’s useless!” The LIttle Daoist wouldn’t have it too. He kept reading the Innumerable Honorable Deity aloud every day, yet an old fox had run to him today and said it was an Honorable Deity before his face. Wasn’t this a kick to his face?

“This poor Daoist knows you guys won’t believe me, so it’s best not to mention it. The past went with the wind and Honorable Deities will have times when they turn into mud. What’s there not to understand about this?” The crippled Old Fox shook its head.

The Little Daoist and Ouyang Feng naturally didn’t believe it.

But Chu Feng was shocked because he saw that aside from a broken tail that had turned to stone, this crippled Old Fox had eight other scars on its back too. This implied that it was a Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox at the very least?!

As a result of that, Chu Feng asked, “Since you are an Honorable Deity, why have you fallen to this state?”

“I was abandoned.” The Old Fox bitterly smiled.

“Why were you abandoned?”

“I’m not just the only one who was abandoned. Even this world has been abandoned. Being born in this world is your suffering; falling behind in this world is the difficulty you’ll face. If you live here for a long time, you’ll die in a very tragic way in your twilight years.”

The Little Daoist pursed his lips and said, “Divine rod, such tricks you’re using is the remainder of this poor Daoists used in those days. It’s not worth mentioning. Who doesn’t know that there is no good end in the twilight years of those who cultivate the special technique? Don’t pretend to be an Honorable Deity anymore.”

“So be it. Even if our meeting is just by fate, this poor Daoist will tell you your fortune.” The Old Fox with yellow fur narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment before he suddenly raised his head and said, “This is bad. There will be a great turmoil near the abss. There will be a divine battle in three days and it will spread very wide. It’s best if everyone flees from this disaster. When the time comes, an exceptional divine bird will most likely sweep across the world and squash everyone in its path!”

They were baffled. If this crippled fox dared to tell such a fortune six days ago, they wouldn’t believe it even if they were beaten to death. But after Chu Feng saw the state the Old Vermillion Bird beneath the abyss was in with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive now.

“Oh, the Little Residing Daoist will most likely face a disaster involving bloodshed today,” said the crippled fox as he stared at the Little Daoist.

The Little Daoist raised his head and disdainfully said, “Who are you trying to deceive? Aren’t you going to say ‘let me help you dispel it’ after this and then make me give you some donations to your temple? I clearly understand such things. You didn’t take a look at who I, the Little Daoist, was in my past life. I have a more exquisite specialised knowledge in this than you!”

“This poor Daoist has never told a lie. Divine Kings from all parties desired for me to tell their fortunes, yet they couldn’t even get it when I was still in the Yang Realm. You neglected me today when I offered to tell your fortune of my own accord. So be it, so be it, so be it. The destiny that brought us together has now come to an end, thus I bid you adieu.”

When he spoke to this point, he moved the latter half of his body that had turned to stone with much difficulty and was about to leave this place.


At this moment, a massive moo from a cow came from the horizon and shook the plains in all directions.

“Yee-haw, yee-haw! Lu Feiyang, the proud son of the heavens from the aristocratic literary family in Nanjiang’s patchwork of waterways, is here. I would like to ask who will die to live another day? Vermins, come over and kowtow to me!”

An attack began at the end of mother earth. It was very obvious it was those people from Mount Eternal.

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