The Sacred Ruins

Chapter 824

824 The Whole Family

“The number one person under the heavens is here! I have ventured unhindered across the world for twenty years. Who can fight against me?” The sound of a donkey bleating surged over from afar with ample energy from the center of his being.


The sound of a cow mooing accompanied the donkey at the same time. A field of black light ran amuck between heaven and earth like a large mountain. That was a big black yak with an enormous physique and was as quick as lightning. It was currently engaged in a fierce battle with someone.


“Seize the fellow who dares to bully my brother!” Ouyang Feng was the first to shout out as he charged forth, but he actually saw Old Donkey and the big black yak; he was originally going to look for them.

Chu Feng didn’t say anything upon seeing this. He charged toward the end of the horizon right away and swept out with his Yin-Yang Light, killing those enemies.

Those attackers were a bunch of roving bandits. There were ferocious beasts amongst those men, all of wthem rampaging on the wasteland. They were very violent and were it not for the big black yak and the Old Donkey, they would still be considered to be rather valiant and those from the outer realm might be killed.

Ying Zhexian, Qin Luoyin, and Ying Wudi made a move, too, from behind. They came from the same universe, so they naturally had to help one another out.

The Little Daoist braced himself to step forward to take a look. There were five or six amongst the group of cousins descending from the same paternal side. Thankfully, all of them didn’t come here; if not he would have a headache solely from shouting along the way.

“Moo! Chu Feng? Are you a person or a ghost? Didn’t they say that you threw yourself into the stone millstone and committed suicide?” the big black yak cried out in bewilderment as he jumped up in excitement.

When they recently learned that Chu Feng had disappeared, that really was like a clap of thunder over a clear sky. For a moment, they were extremely worried.

He threw himself into the stone millstone and committed suicide? Chu Feng’s complexion darkened slightly. He looked at Ouyang Feng and the Little Daoist before he swept a glance over Ying Wudi. He reckoned this matter couldn’t escape from the three of them.

“Yee-haw, yee-haw! You scared Grandfather Donkey to death! I even thought that I saw a ghost in broad daylight. Haha, Brother Chu Feng, I really am too happy seeing you. I never would have thought that we would meet again in this Land of the Fallen. It is fated! I, this Old Donkey, originally heard that you threw yourself into the stone millstone and committed suicide. I was terrified all of a sudden and felt that there was nothing left to live for. I now finally have the courage to live on again.”

The corner of Chu Feng’s lips twitched when he heard this and he reprimanded, “What is this hideous mess? You are speaking as though you and I have a very intimate relationship. Do you think you’re a gorgeous and remarkably beautiful woman who can enchant the world?”

The Old Donkey gave a hollow laugh and explained, “No, you misunderstood. What I mean is that the Heavens don’t even want to accept a scourge like you. You still can leap and frisk about in returning which really is the greatest heartening news. Good people like us who seldomly sell saint children and goddesses can definitely live even longer.”

“The heavens have the meat of a dragon; the earth has the meat of a donkey. Do you want to let me taste a fresh piece of your meat?” Chu Feng looked at it with a sneer on his face.

“How preposterous! Do you guys think I am paper mache? Those who are bantering flirtatiously before my eyes should be killed!”shouted the leader of the roving bandits.

This was a mammoth with long golden fur growing all over its body. It was tall and when it quickly ran over, the earth quaked and the mountains shook as it charged over to where Chu Feng was at barbarously.

“F**k! What is with your eyesight? Which eye of yours saw Grandfather Donkey flirting? As someone from an aristocratic literary family, Grandfather Donkey has always been very orthodox and my standards have been extremely normal too, alright?” His pair of large, long ears stuck out as he bared his mouthful of bucked teeth and said, “I like those who have large ears and those that have durable snow-white teeth when they smile. It’s best if they are from the Pegasus Race. If that really is not possible, a beauty from the Unicorn Race will do too. Are you questioning Grandfather Donkey’s taste and orientation?”

Chu Feng really wanted to kick him to death and send him flying.

As for that mammoth, it turned its head around and charged at Old Donkey right away. Its tusks shone and turned into two secret treasures that flew out. Cold light flickered as though it was going to sever the void.


Ouyang Feng made a move at the pivotal moment and really had the spirit of loyalty as well as brotherhood. He helped Old Donkey block the two curved swords and fought the leader of the roving bandits at close quarters.

“Brother, hurry up and attack! There’s an expert at the golden body realm here!” howled Manchurian Tiger from even further away as he fled like mad.

At the same time, Ying Zhexian and the Little Daoist had charged over and attacked along the way too. Chu Feng didn’t hesitate. He was afraid that they would meet with mishap if he tarried on any longer. As such, he rushed over and got close to Ying Zhexian as he requested for them to join hands to use the Wonderful Seven Treasures Technique so that they could resolve this in the shortest time possible.


The duo flew wing to wing as they crossed, covering the sky as they did so like a dazzling rainbow. The rain of light that spilled over a large area had frightening might which caused the roving bandits down below to let out a constant stream of blood-curdling screeches.

More than ten people were killed in just a single wave of attack.

“Let’s go!”

The mammoth was greatly startled. It turned around and ran, but it was already too late. Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian were like a Daoist immortal couple as they crossed the void and killed him with the gorgeous rainbow light that fell in a sweep. Its enormous physical body immediately exploded and turned into blood and bones.

The group of roving bandits lost their courage and they were so shocked that they turned pale. They flee in all directions, but after a wave of chasing and killing, ninety percent of them died here in the end.

“Brother, I missed you to death. It’s all good that you’re alright.” Manchurian Tiger and Horse King charged over too as they embraced him passionately.

Other than that, the addition of the Mastiff King, OId Donkey, and the big black yak made a total of five people who charged over here.

“Brother, thank goodness you’re alright. You returned safe and sound which is worthy of celebration!” The big black yak stepped forward and warmly hugged Chu Feng.

“What was the skill your older sister and Chu Feng unleashed just now? Is it the legendary two hearts beating as one so they have a telepathic connection in their minds, or is this pure pair cultivation?” Old Donkey softly asked Ying Wudi.

Ying Wudi’s face darkened so much that it turned purple as he forcibly restrained himself to not get angry.

When everyone met each other, they were naturally incomparably passionate while bustling with noise and excitement. They only calmed down after a very long period of time.

Chu Feng finally asked, “Where are Yaoyao and the rest?”

“Princess Yao discovered the trail belonging to the heir of a divine beast, so she took people along with her to have a friendly discussion about a few follow-up matters regarding a collaboration between both parties,” Horse King informed him.

“What matters of collaboration are they discussing about?” Chu Feng was curious.

“She most likely wants to borrow a little bit of divine beast blood from the other party,” answered Manchurian Tiger with a proper look on his face.

Chu Feng was speechless. They were going to rob the descendant of the divine beast! Why was he putting it in such an elegant manner? They weren’t strangers!

“Cough. Aren’t… younger siblings here? I’m scared it’ll be a bad influence on them, so I bit my words and chewed my characters. I also did as much as I could to not speak in such a bold and unrestrained manner.”

This was called being refined and biting words as well as chewing characters too? Wasn’t this all just colloquial speech?

“Aiyoh! Eldest Nephew is becoming more and more attractive and intelligent.” Old Donkey passionately stepped forward to worm his way into being friends with the Little Daoist as he greeted him. He then carried the Little Daoist in his arms right away and smiled at him with bucked teeth.

The Little Daoist smiled too since someone was praising him after all.

“Look! Don’t we have distinctive facial features as Uncle and Eldest Nephew? This must be fate! We both similarly have long ears and snow-white teeth too. He warms the heart and pleases the eye as I look at him.”

The Little Daoist’s tiny face immediately darkened. Motherf**ker! What was with his eyesight? I look nothing like you!

The big black yak finally said something in justice, “Don’t get it mixed up. Eldest Nephew is so handsome, so how can you compare to him? Can’t you see? His face is slightly black and his skin tone is closer to mine. Our type of people possess the model temperament of health and honesty as well as considerability.”

The Little Daoist’s face turned even darker as he looked at the big black yak with an unfriendly expression. You’re black from your head to your toes, yet you have the nerve to say that you and I are of the same type? Are you praising me or cursing me?

The big black yak took it a step further as he nodded and said, “Look, Eldest Nephew’s face is even darker now and his heroic aura is tallying with mine even more. His tiny appearance is too handsome. I can’t help but recall my younger self when I look at him.”

“All of you, shut up! Who praises people like this? Don’t speak if you don’t know how to!” Horse King berated them. He stepped forth while he touched his shiny large bald head with a good-natured smile on his face.

The Little Daoist was immediately alert as he rushed to say, “I have a head of long, jet-black hair. I’m not bald. I don’t look like you!”

“You guys, look at how smart Eldest Nephew is. Your praises have scared him, so he gave me a heads-up. Relax. Your Uncle Horse is as careful as the fine hairs on his head. How can I speak as rudely as a group of uncouth fellows like them? Eldest Nephew really is beautiful. Look at your cherry lips and your luminous eyes. You practically…” Here, he looked at Ying Zhexian and said, “… look too much like Fairy Ying. You guys are simply carbon copies of one another. You’ll definitely grow up to be as gorgeous as fine jade and become the number one gorgeous man under the starry sky. Both mother and son are outstandingly svelte like the immortal river in the heavens. This has passed on through one bloodline.”

Horse King was immensely proud of himself once he finished speaking as he thought that he had amazing skills in flattering people where no one dared to say that the Old Horse Family was number two under the heavens if he said they were number one under the heavens. Now, he even praised the child’s mother altogether.

But everyone present on site was petrified and relatively silent. Qin Luoyin and Ying Zhexian were especially so and their beautiful faces were slightly dark as they wanted to beat him up.

The Little Daoist silently turned around and felt as though the injury he sustained now was far heavier than the one from before. This group of uncles… were too unreliable!

“What’s up with you guys?” Horse King asked Ying Zhexian as he still hadn’t gotten a clear understanding of what was going on before continuing, “Big Brother Ying, don’t you think so? It is your Ying Family’s blessing too to have such a nephew who is the child of your biological older sister.”

The colour of Ying Wudi’s face turned green from its darkened state and even the light shooting out of his eyes was a lush green colour. “You’d better shut up!” he said between gritted teeth.

Horse King stuck his neck out and said, “F**k! What is the meaning of this? Are you looking down at our Earth? We are now one of the great top ten. Our families are well-matched in terms of social status. Fairy Ying will not feel wronged marrying into Earth. I know! You have the model countenance of a feudal patriarch who wants to beat up an affectionate couple. No way! They even have a child already! What’s wrong with you?!”

Horse King jabbered on and spouted a torrent of abuse on Ying Wudi. His saliva made out of soul light flew about in all directions in a much more ferocious manner than that of Toad’s and he spat out so much that Ying Wudi’s face was completely covered in his saliva.

“Stop!” Chu Feng stopped him in a hurry. If not, a fight was unavoidable here.

After Horse King knew the truth of the matter, he almost turned his head and left. He silently cursed at the same time because he clearly saw Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian flying wing to wing and unleashing a pair cultivation technique. How was it that the mother of his child was someone else? That was too outrageous. He didn’t take care of these old folks who had been single for hundreds of years in the slightest, so how could they endure this?!

“Ah, sorry! This… Ah haha! Eldest Nephew really looks too much like Goddess Luoyin; he resembles his mother by ninety percent and resembles his father by the remaining ten percent. No wonder he’s so handsome!”

But there was too much of an awkward silence as the two women ignored him.

The Little Daoist finally changed the topic of the conversation and said, “Huh? Where is that crippled old Honourable Deity fox?”

After they returned, the fox’s footprints floated in the air and its silhouette was nowhere to be seen; it made a clean getaway a long time ago and disappeared.

“As expected, he’s a liar and a huckster! You want to deceive me and say I will encounter a disaster where blood is shed? How is that possible!” The Little Daoist was initially concerned, but once he heard that Yaoyao was not far away, he reckoned no one dared to harm First Mother or to put it another way, his Respectable Mother, who he felt was so valiant to the point it made him dizzy.

For this reason, he even intentionally sought confirmation from the big black yak and Old Donkey whether Yaoyao was really going to be here soon.

“I reckon they’ll be here immediately after they managed to borrow the divine blood!” The Manchurian Tiger nodded as he gave an affirmative answer.

Yaoyao was going to arrive. The Little Daoist heaved a long sigh and said, “I feel reassured this time. There definitely won’t be a disaster involving bloodshed.”

But Chu Feng’s eyelids madly bounced because his speculation was the exact opposite of his. He reckoned if the Little Daoist really was going to go through a disaster involving bloodshed, Yaoyao would have something to do with that too!

He somewhat regretted teaching the Little Daoist. So be it if the Little Daoist was going to face a disaster involving blood being shed if he really recognised Yaoyao as his parent arbitrarily in a moment when he met her, but there was a possibility that he might face a disaster where blood was shed! She might settle things with the father-son pair and that would be disastrous!

Chu Feng repeatedly warned the Little Daoist just before the battle and said, “Son, you have to be respectful when you meet Elder Sister Yaoyao in a moment. Don’t say things as you please. Understand?”

“Father, I’ll handle it! Relax!” The Little Daoist was upright, unafraid and confident in himself.

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