The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 10 - My Mom Has Spoken, You Guys Can Get Lost

Chapter 10 - My Mom Has Spoken, You Guys Can Get Lost

"Ow!" The monkey-faced man m.o.a.n.e.d in pain from being thwarted to the floor. With a shudder, he then passed out.

The rest of the gang felt chills down their spines from the sight of him losing consciousness.

Qin Yirou stared at her daughter in disbelief while Yun Yi squinted thoughtfully despite also being shocked by his younger sister.

"You – you…" Zhang Zhifan completely lost his cool when Yun Jian slowly approached him after throwing the monkey-like man on the ground.

He condescended Yun Jian previously, thinking that she was only a child. Now, however, with the fainted monkey face man, the gang shut up immediately shaking in fear.

They saw clearly how the man had ended up on the floor just now and he was the deftest one of all of them.

Yet Yun Jian's speed was several times faster than him!

If they could not catch Yun Jian's movement by eyes, how could they fight her?

As Yun Jian approached closer to Zhang Zhifan, she stopped and looked up at him. Her pretty eyes had a piercing gaze that showed no hint of fear.

"I'll pay my father's debt." Yun Jian said nothing else more.

The gang subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. They were afraid of Yun Jian but they also felt that she was someone who would break her promise.

When Zhang Zhifan thought that everything was over, Yun Jian's cold voice rang again. "But don't think of leaving here just like this. My brother and mother have been scared because of you guys. If you don't apologize, I'll cripple each pair of your arms on the spot!"

Zhang Zhifan had threatened to break Yun Yi's arm on behalf of Yun Gang's debt just now. An eye for an eye, Yun Jian was just their words back at them!

Zhang Zhifan and his lackeys widened their eyes. She wanted to break their arms if they did not apologize just because her brother and mother were frightened. After what happened just now, they completely believed that Yun Jian could enact her threat.

However, they did not know that when Yun Jian was still a secret agent under the moniker Slaying God, what she would ask for was not as simple as a pair of arms – it would be their lives.

"Xiao Jian, come back. It's okay. Your brother and I are fine, we aren't frightened…"

Qin Yirou was mild-tempered. She was also worried that Zhang Zhifan and gang would find backup and harm her daughter if she continued arguing.

It was impossible that crooks like Zhang Zhifan who earned from usuries all year long with no family support. If they were offended, Yun Jian would really be in danger if they came again.

Yun Jian did not turn back to look at Qin Yirou but had listened to what she said.

"Since my mom has spoken, you guys can get lost." She glanced up at the gang.

Then, she chuckled looking at them. "Remember, it's my father Yun Gang who owes you money. I'll clear his debt this time but if there's a next time, find him dead or alive. It's his fault anyway. Don't come to my house again!"

The gang felt their eyes twitching.

The little girl had a bold mouth.

No matter how useless Yun Gang was, he was still her father. How could she say something so heartless despite her young age?

In addition to the inexplicable skill she displayed just now, Zhang Zhifan and his friends shuddered. They carried the monkey-faced man and left without lingering.

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