The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 9 - Yun Jian’s Shocking Intimidation

Chapter 9 - Yun Jian’s Shocking Intimidation

From the moment that Yun Yi had stood up to protect her, which was just now or earlier, Yun Jian had come to a decision. She wanted to protect this body's elder brother and mother because she was Yun Jian now.

This was a family connection that did not come easily.

The man with a scar on his face whistled and scanned Yun Jian from head to toe, jeering, "Girl's feisty. Hohoho! But I like it!"

The men around him hooted as well.

Yun Jian's intimidation was nothing but a joke to the group of gangsters.

How dare a young girl like her speak with such tone? What else if she were not just cracking a joke?

Realizing how the men were checking Yun Jian out, Yun Yi tugged his sister to his back.

"This has nothing to do with my sister or my mom! Ask the money from me, I'll think of a way to return it!" Yun Yi declared without any confidence.

"Return it? With what?" The man withdrew his smile abruptly. His gaze at Yun Yi was cruel. "I want the debt paid today! Otherwise, an arm of yours for a day late!"

What? If Yun Yi were to lose his arms, how could he survive in the future? What future could he have?

Qin Yirou could no longer withstand it. She charged out hopelessly to stand guard in front of both her children, shouting rather hysterically while kneeling down, "Don't hurt my children! Chop my arm off if you must! It's all my fault! Please, I beg you, don't hurt my kids…"

The man with a scar scoffed harder.

This family was interesting.

Yun Jian caught Qin Yirou in time, disallowing her to actually kneel down before the gang. She passed the woman to Yun Yi and rolled up her sleeves without a word.

Everyone was surprised upon seeing her prepared her fist. – What did she want to do?

Lo and behold, Yun Jian walked toward the gang while she continued rolling her sleeves.

"Hey, Bro Fan, is this little beauty volunteering as tribute now? Huh? Hahaha…" A man who stood beside the man with the scar looked mildly like a jibing monkey.

The man with the scar on his face who was called "Bro Fan" was Zhang Zhifan.

Zhang Zhifan was the head of these crooks. The gang that Zhang Zhifan led was responsible for usury and debt dunning, resorting to copious unscrupulous deeds.

As for Zhang Zhifan, he had seen enough sides to people to deem himself quite an insightful man.

However, he had never met someone like Yun Jian.

Yun Jian looked innocent with her fresh face but the fact was she wore a murderous look.

Zhang Zhifan did not overthink, regardless. No matter how skilled Yun Jian was, she was only an underage girl who was still growing!

Should the handful of men be afraid of a little girl? How would it look on them if they were?

Just as Zhang Zhifan decided to ignore Yun Jian and debilitate Yun Yi's arm as intimidation, he was completely shocked by Yun Jian's next move.

Rolling up her sleeves, Yun Jian wore a slight smile.

She took two steps forward and her arms lithely wrapped around the monkey-lookalike beside Zhang Zhifan. Wrenching his wrist, she hauled the man up and threw him down on the floor in180 degrees.

The speed and violence the girl possessed dropped everyone's jaws.

Was this a human speed? Was a little girl supposed to have such strength?

She had just picked someone up and heaved him down!

How powerful must she be to be able to do that?

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