The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 15 - This Is Her, The Real Her

Chapter 15 - This Is Her, The Real Her

"Splat!" Yun Jian casually threw the carcass on the ground and pulled out a tissue from her pocket to wipe her hands.

Her actions looked incredibly bizarre in the eyes of her schoolmates, causing them to shudder involuntarily.

Yun Jian did not look like the cowardly pushover she used to be now. The current Yun Jian appeared to be a murderous devil out of hell. – This was the instant thought of Yuan Yingjun and the others.

In all honesty, Yun Jian was not pretending. As a secret agent in her past life, she was numbed by assassination; she had become the sole survivor by stepping on countless corpses. When she was trained by the organization in her early years, hundreds of people including herself were thrown into a wild forest of an island without being given anything.

Life or death, it depended completely on themselves.

The uncivilized jungle was full of venomous scorpions, snakes, bugs, and wild beasts. A careless move would send one straight to death.

For a full year, she had stayed on the island living together with the venomous and untamed. She endured, becoming one of the survivors.

This was why she was adept at tackling the cobra. The fatal point of a snake was seven inches away from its head where its heart was. It was things like these that Yun Jian was familiar with.

"Xiao Jian… You – you…" Lu Feiyan subconsciously stepped back as she looked at Yun Jian in disbelief.

Was this still her best friend Xiao Jian?

The Xiao Jian now had killed a venomous snake all on her own. – This was not the Xiao Jian who used to run away upon seeing a c.o.c.kroach!

Yun Jian did not know if Lu Feiyan was suspicious of her but she could feel the fear the girl exuded due to her previous stunt, a distancing sense of fear.

Raising her eyebrow, Yun Jian asked Lu Feiyan coldly, "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, no! I'm not! Xiao Jian, I'm just –" Lu Feiyan shook her head vehemently but her speech was cut short by Yun Jian.

"Not everyone is okay with staying weak. I used to be feeble and useless but from now on, I'll be how I was like today," Yun Jian stated whilst maintaining eye contact with Lu Feiyan.

"If you're afraid, don't hang out with me anymore." She added.

It was not that Yun Jian was cold-blooded; her previous life's circ.u.mstances had made her what she was today. Moreover, she would return to her previous life's environment sooner or later. – She had yet to avenge her baby brother's death!

If Lu Feiyan chose to distance herself, it was probably a good thing.

"No!" Lu Feiyan jogged up and grabbed Yun Jian's hand tightly. Her determined gaze was shining. "Xiao Jian, no matter how you change, you're still my best friend, for life. I'm just a little surprised just now."

Taking in Lu Feiyan's resolute gaze, Yun Jian nodded conclusively.

Lu Feiyan was just an ordinary ninth grader. She had just ruthlessly killed a cobra, so it was normal that Lu Feiyan found it hard to accept in a short period of time.

In spite of it, Lu Feiyan's decision to continue being friends with her after witnessing her savage side was out of Yun Jian's expectation.

Subsequently, Yuan Yingjun and his clique watched Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan leave the park together without the courage to stop them. Even Shu Li who was haughty in her spoiled temper dared not make a sound.

Harassing the weak and fearing the strong mostly expected of people like Shu Li.

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