The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 16 - I Want To Go Too. Her Mother’s Accident

Chapter 16 - I Want To Go Too. Her Mother’s Accident

After Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan left the park, they each went home respectively.

Today was Saturday. Qin Yirou was still working overtime in the textile factory at this time.

When Yun Jian arrived home, she saw Yun Yi sitting at the single table of the living room. A workbook was spread open on the table, as her elder brother had a pen slotted between his fingers, a frown locked in place as he tried to figure out his homework problem.

Her brother Yun Yi had always done well in his studies and had even scored high enough to admit into one of the most prominent high schools in the city. He was the pride of the family.

The original owner of Yun Jian's current body, on the other hand, was the opposite of her brother; she was one of those children who were known to do badly in class and were not regarded highly by teachers in the school.

Although both of them were biological siblings, their academic results were heaven and earth apart.

"Brother," Yun Jian called out whilst approaching him.

"Hey, Xiao Jian. You're back?" Yun Yi retracted his studious gaze from the workbook and turned to look at his sister.

"You're going back to school in the city tomorrow, right? I want to go to the city with you too." Yun Jian expressed her wish.

The father of her body's original owner was in debt and Yun Jian had promised Zhang Zhifan that she would clear that debt. She was not one to break her promise.

Now that she was in need of money, she needed to go to the city.

There were too few opportunities here in a rural place like Xinjiang Town.

"Why do you suddenly want to go to the city? Do you want to buy something, Xiao Jian? I can buy it for you and bring it back the next time?" Yun Yi dropped the pen he was holding to fully face Yun Jian.

"Brother, I want to go too…" Yun Jian knew that Yun Yi pampered his baby sister and she did not know how to explain her true intentions, thus she copied the original owner's actions and shook Yun Yi's arm in acting cute.

"Okay, okay." Yun Yi could only agree helplessly as he was always fond of his younger sister and was defenseless against her charm.

Taking Yun Jian to the city meant burning another hole in his allowance. After all, the fare and other expenses included in the trip were not cheap, hence he would not only return home once every few months since studying there.

Nevertheless, it was worth it to spend for his sister.

"Mmm-mmm." Yun Jian beamed.

Unable to experience family love in her previous life, Yun Jian felt that her revival in this life, which gave her both the love of a mother and an elder brother who coddled her, was truly wonderful.

The time had passed to 5:30pm, Qin Yirou was supposed to have finished work and come home for dinner. As 6:00pm ticked and the sky gradually darkened, she was not home yet.

The textile factory that Qin Yirou worked in was not far, about ten minutes' walk from their house.

Usually, the latest she was home would be 5:50pm, but that was not the case today.

Yun Yi could no longer sit still when it was 6:20pm. Why was his mother not home yet?

Had something happened to her?

Standing up immediately with the thought, Yun Yi told Yun Jian, "Be good and stay home. I'll go check why mom's not yet home."

"I'll go too," Yun Jian stood up and said as Yun Yi was heading out. The latter did not refuse her.

It had been about three minutes since both of them headed towards the direction of the textile factory when a plumpish woman in her forties was rushing shakily toward them.

She was their neighbor, her family name Wang; people called her Aunt Wang.

Aunt Wang and Qin Yirou worked in the same factory and usually returned home together since they lived near each other.

Why was she rushing back alone today?

Yun Jian looked up as Yun Yi stepped forward and asked, "Aunt Wang, why isn't my mom home yet when it's already so late…"

Aunt Wang's voice trembled with a sympathetic sob and lingering fear, interrupted by Yun Yi before he finished his question.

"Your mother's arm was injured by the machine – in an accident just now. Her arm – it's all blood, blood! Her meridians are hurt too… The doctor said that her arm might not be recovered… Go quickly, go to her!"

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