The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 18 - Marvelous Medical Skills. The Grim Reaper’s Hands

Chapter 18 - Marvelous Medical Skills. The Grim Reaper’s Hands

Yun Jian's words shocked both Gao Jian and the doctor.

The doctor was the first to react, chastising her in a condescending tone without thinking twice, "Nonsense! Nonsense! Is a human's life child's play? Can a little girl like you do what we doctors can't? Are you playing around?"

How old was the girl? Fifteen? Sixteen?

She probably did not know the most basic medical knowledge. – Surgeon?

One must know that the life and death of a patient undergoing operation depended on the surgeon.

Letting her be the surgeon was basically ridiculous!

"Yes, yes. I know you're worried now but it can't be helped, little girl. The accident's happened and the doctors are surely doing their best!" Gao Jian quickly joined the doctor's side.

Qin Yirou's state was still what Gao Jian was the most fretful about.

Even if Qin Yirou's hands were amputated, the factory would just reimburse her more. If they let this little girl do what she wanted, what if the woman died as a consequence?

That would be a fatality! It was not a matter that could be brushed off by giving compensation.

"I'll bear all responsibility no matter what happens!"

There was no time for chatter at this juncture of time. Qin Yirou's grave injury did not allow Yun Jian time. Each ticking second and passing minute was crucial to her.

Yun Jian pushed the doctor away after the declaration and marched through the emergency doors.

"Hey, hey, hey! You!" The doctor stumbled from the push, surprised at the girl's unexpected strength, before he quickly ran in after her.

As Yun Jian stepped into the operation room, Yun Yi who had been trying to catch up to Yun Jian, futilely arriving at the hospital as well.

Yun Jian was already in the emergency ward.

"Hey, where did this little girl come from? Why is she here in the operation room? The surgery is ongoing, a life is at stake. Take her out!" A few serious looking assistant doctors standing beside the operation theater were quick to chase the intruder out.

"I'll pick up the operation as the surgeon now." Yun Jian announced suddenly without allowing the others to object. From the side cabinet, she picked up and wore the surgical gown the doctor had left just now and slide sterile gloves on before walking over to the operation theater.

The attending assistant doctors and the doctor who had ran in after Yun Jian saw how fluid and natural her process of donning the professional attire was and could not help widening their eyes.

Was this really a teenage girl?

Her movement was as fluent as a medical veteran!

As they pondered, Yun Jian had already come to the operation theater to have a look at Qin Yirou who had been unconscious for a long time.

Qin Yirou's hands were severely injured by the machinery. It was not an exaggeration to call her hands mashed. The blood was stopped but her hands did not look good.

Yun Jian could not help the pang to her heart when she saw her condition. This was the original owner's emotion. Yun Jian blinked before she stepped forth without hesitation to continue the surgery.

She was not only an ace in the secret agent sphere, she was an outstanding elite in the medical field.

In her previous life, her medical skills were marvelous, earning her quite some fame in the medical field. Even to be called the Grim Reaper's Hands by her peers. As long as the patient was still breathing, she could rescue them; that had been the usual case.

The hospital of Xinjiang Town did not house a high standard of medical expertise. If she were not here today, an amputation would be inevitable for Qin Yirou. – This was, if Yun Jian did not do anything.

She was definitely going to save the woman!

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