The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 17 - Poor Medical Skills, I Will Be The Surgeon

Chapter 17 - Poor Medical Skills, I Will Be The Surgeon

The only textile factory in Xinjiang Town was large-scaled, employing hundreds to thousands of workers. Qin Yirou was one of them.

It was not that the textile factory paid well, but wages were still much higher compared to those who farmed for a living.

Certainly, there were pros and cons.

Workers in the textile factory worked with machines. Careless and hand injury was a daily occurrence. More severely, there were cases where employees accidentally broke their fingers in half.

In the original Yun Jian's family, both her and Yun Yi were students and their father was good for nothing who knew only to gamble. It was expected that Qin Yirou carried an immense burden.

Before Yun Jian was revived into this body, the original Yun Jian and Yun Yi had been opposing Qin Yirou's decision to work at the textile factory.

What could they have done though? The family expenditure was high. If Qin Yirou had opted for the safer option of farming, it would be insufficient to support the children's schooling.

Now, the risk they had been worried about eventually still occurred. Qin Yirou accidentally hurt herself and by Aunt Wang's tone, her injury seemed serious!

Qin Yirou was injured! Yun Jian's heart sank and an inexplicable worry flooded her.

She did not occupy this body for a long time but she had taken both Qin Yirou and Yun Yi as her own family.

"Where's my mom now?" asked Yun Jian.

"She – she's at our town hospital…" Aunt Wang was still quite dazed from the scare.

Before Aunt Wang finished her words, Yun Jian ran toward the largest hospital in Xinjiang Town.

Yun Yi ran with her, fear filled his heart after hearing Aunt Wang's words. He was afraid that Qin Yirou's situation was grave.

There were a few clinics in Xinjiang Town but there was only one sizeable hospital.

Yun Jian was in a rush, her pace incredibly fast, creating a long distance between her and Yun Yi. Yun Yi was not in the mood to consider this oddity as he sprinted toward the same destination.

Entering the hospital entrance, Yun Jian stood herself in front of the counter almost instantly, unknowingly giving the receptionist a scare.

"Where's the person who was sent here just now for injuring her hand?" Yun Jian asked directly.

The receptionist took a moment to react, pointing at an aisle. "I saw her being sent to the emergency room over there…"

Yun Jian disappeared right before her, halfway through her reply. Yun Jian's speed completely invisible, causing the receptionist to rub her eyes in astonishment.

A tall middle-aged man was seen pacing back and forth with a frown outside of the emergency ward.

He was the textile factory's supervisor, Gao Jian.

Qin Yirou was his factory worker. If her injury was serious, the factory would possibly be held responsible; if the worker was a troublesome character, a huge amount of compensation and the likes would be requested. Therefore, Go Jian was extremely anxious.

Just as Gao Jian stomped his foot, a delicate looking girl appeared in front of him all of a sudden and grabbed his collar.

"Where's Qin Yirou?" Yun Jian questioned curtly pulling at Gao Jian's collar.

Gao Jian was already tensed but seeing Yun Jian now, he knew that Aunt Wang had already informed Qin Yirou's family. He understood the situation and replied, "You're Qin Yirou's family? She's inside the emergency ward for an operation but the doctor says that her state… isn't very positive."

The doctor said that Qin Yirou's hands were probably ruined and it was highly likely that they would have to be amputated. The injury was so severe that she had already passed out.

However, Gao Jian did not tell the girl the end of it. If he did, the girl might not be able to take it.

Right as Gao Jian finished talking, the doors to the emergency ward opened in time. A doctor in white robe walked out and looked grimly at Yun Jian and Gao Jian.

"Who's the patient's family? The patient's state is not good. The injury is too grave. Our hospital's facilities aren't fully equipped as well. It's too late to send her to the city's hospital now. The current best solution is amputation. Otherwise, her life might be at stake."

Xinjiang Town was a small town with inadequate medical facilities. It was around 1998 too, so the journey to send a patient from the town to the city was not a short one. The patient would probably have died upon arrival.

The doctors were powerless, thus resorting to this ill method.

Amputation! All hope was gone!

Gao Jian felt chills when he heard the word.

It was not like he was worried about Qin Yirou. It was because the factory had to recompense her. Amputated hands meant that they had to remunerate her more!

Yun Jian glanced coldly at the doctor and walked over to him without a change of expression. "Give way if you have poor medical skills. I'll be the surgeon!"

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