The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 2 - Circ.u.mstances and Predicament. Her Revival

Chapter 2 - Circ.u.mstances and Predicament. Her Revival

"Cough – cough, cough!" Lin Mengyu who was freed heaved before coughing.

Then, she stared at Yun Jian, conveniently ignoring her threat, and feigned a brave front despite her fear.

"Yun Jian, how dare you threaten me! How dare you hit me! Do you know who my father is? My father is our school's principal! I want you to apologize right this instant! Or else you can forget about coming back to this school. I'll have my father to expel you immediately!"

The reason Lin Mengyu dared to assault Yun Jian in school because her father was the principal of Xinjiang Town Junior High School.

In fact, Lin Mengyu would not let Yun Jian go easily even if the latter submissively apologized to her.

The current Yun Jian, however, was no longer a cowardly wimp.

Apologizing for nothing was never a chapter in Yun Jian's book of morals.

She wore an odd smile as she went closer to the trio.

"What – what do you want?" The girls asked trembling as they stepped back in unison, frightened when they recalled Yun Jian's swift movement earlier.

Yun Jian standing before three of them kept a hinted smile before spitting three words that baffled the girls. –"To kill you."

Since these three girls were so stubborn, there was no need for them to keep living in this world!

Moreover, Lin Mengyu had just ordered the two other girls to harm her. Yun Jian had given them a chance earlier yet they were the ones who did not take it.

A murderous intent promptly exuded from Yun Jian.

Forced into a corner by Yun Jian's murderous aura, Lin Mengyu and girls could only shake uncontrollably without daring to say a word.

"Miss, it's here! They've pulled my friend, Yun Jian, into the washroom!" An anxious yet firm voice of a girl came from the outside just as Yun Jian was about to kill the trio.

Frowning, Yun Jian turned around to have a look.

A young girl around fifteen to sixteen years old came into the washroom followed by two female teachers. The teenage girl was petite and adorable but worry flooded over her delicate features.

Out of the blue, Yun Jian's mind went blank when she saw her face, regaining her composure after she staggered two steps back.

A fragment of memory that distinctly did not belong to her thrust into her brain.

What was going on?

"Xiao Jian! Are you okay!" The adorable girl with a petite frame ran over to help when she saw her stumble back as if she was going to fall.

Yun Jian closed her eyes, opening them three seconds later; countless scenes flashing across her mind.

She was revived. It seemed that her hypothesis was correct. She had indeed entered another girl's body.

For some reason, a chunk of memory had suddenly appeared in her head; all the memory of this original girl had been recovered. The original owner of the body she has transferred to was also named Yun Jian.

The original owner, Yun Jian, was an average ninth grade schoolgirl in Xinjiang Town Junior High School.

She came from an average background. Everything about her was ordinary but she had a delicate and pretty face; it was not alluring, her features were clean and pleasant, giving off an exquisite tinge to her beauty.

Everything that was a plight stemmed from her beautiful face.

Xinjiang Town Junior High's popular guy, Yuan Yingjun, was a couple with Lin Mengyu. Their relationship was known throughout the school and was even showered with praises, thought to be a match made in heaven.

Who would have known that Yuan Yingjun was a playboy, flinging his love and flirting with the original owner also named Yun Jian; he had even begun to cling onto and pester her.

In spite of it, the girl had always avoided him.

Lin Mengyu, Yuan Yingjun's official girlfriend, was of course indignant. She was dead set on assuming that it was Yun Jian who had seduced Yuan Yingjun in the first place.

Thus, explains why Yun Jian was dragged to the washroom in between a lesson today and Lin Mengyu had summoned her minions to teach the girl a lesson.

Having had enough humiliation and what life had thrown at her after the round of violence, the original owner of Yun Jian's body actually relinquished her will to live, taking her last breath, and passed on.

Nobody knew how, but she the Slaying God, the ace of secret agents, the legend of mercenaries, had revived as the ninth grader Yun Jian, taking her body.

This was how the previous episode had happened.

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