The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 3 - Her Friend And The First Sting

Chapter 3 - Her Friend And The First Sting

"I'm fine," replied Yun Jian who looked up at the girl who rushed over to help her.

The girl's name was Lu Feiyan, a very good friend of the original owner of this body.

When the original owner was hauled to the washroom, Lu Feiyan knew that she was unable to stop the assault thus she went to call for the teachers' help.

She was a step too late, however, for the original owner had passed away. Yun Jian was the one who replaced her now.

As a secret agent in her previous life, Yun Jian had long become tired of her job. She had wished to leave the organization and retire the world of assassins and secret agents to live normally with her younger brother.

She did not expect that her young brother would be murdered and she would encounter a rebirth that was so bizarre.

Nonetheless, arriving at this body meant that she was finally free from that organization.

Yun Jian accepted the outcome easily but the death of her younger brother remained unresolved!

She had planned for early retirement but those people in her previous life were crazed, holding her younger brother hostage and killing him.

Although she had executed Wolf.Kill, Yun Jian knew there must be someone else in the shadows who was manipulating Wolf.Kill.

There was no way Yun Jian would give up her revenge!

"What's going on!" shouted the younger of the two teachers whom Lu Feiyan had called to rescue Yun Jian.

This was Miss Wang, a new teacher who had just graduated from university and was assigned to Xinjiang Town Junior High School.

She, too, knew that Lin Mengyu was the daughter of the school principal, someone she could not afford to offend.

Usually, these teachers turned a blind eye whenever Lin Mengyu caused trouble in school.

Miss Wang was young but she was perceptive. She did not shout at Lin Mengyu for fear of offending her and indirectly offending the school principal.

As a teacher who was just newly assigned, Miss Wang dared not upset the principal!

On the other hand, Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan were ordinary villagers in her eyes. They had no powerful family nor authority, their parents were either workers or farmers.

The comparison instantly showed stark favoritism.

"Miss, it's Lin Mengyu and the rest who pulled my friend into the washroom. And they said that they'll teach her a lesson!" Lu Feiyan explained to Miss Wang before Yun Jian said anything.

Miss Wang was not a teacher Lu Feiyan or Yun Jian. It was because Lu Feiyan was afraid that Yun Jian would be bullied if she came too late, so she called the teacher for help without explaining anything in time.

Lu Feiyan's request was for Miss Wang to help Yun Jian. Yet the teacher had only scanned Yun Jian, knowing that she was only a poor girl from the village upon analyzing her frayed clothes. Looking at her haughtily, and replied to Lu Feiyan, "A junior high school student should look like one! If your friend didn't cause trouble first, would Lin Mengyu bully her for nothing?"

It was obvious that Miss Wang was on Lin Mengyu's side. – It was blatant bias.

Lu Feiyan was stunned before her heart dropped.

"But Miss, it was Lin Mengyu who bullied my friend first! Shouldn't she be punished according to the disciplinary rules!" Lu Feiyan questioned back in indignation.

"Alright, alright! Look at your friend, she's not missing an arm or a leg, is she? Case dismissed! Go back to class!" The teacher standing beside Miss Wang who was more experienced quickly told Lu Feiyan.

Lin Mengyu who found support now lifted her head in superiority and sneaked a mocking glance at Lu Feiyan and Yun Jian.

'Little bitches, hmph! This is not the end yet!'

'Let's see what you peasants will do now that the teachers aren't on your side as well!'

Lu Feiyan was furious.

Were the teachers blind? It was illogical yet they defended Lin Mengyu regardless!

'Not missing an arm or a leg?' Yun Jian had been listening from the side but she scoffed when she heard the line.

True enough, this body was not missing any limbs but the original owner was indeed beaten to unconsciousness and passed away in anguish.

"So one doesn't need to be punished by the school as long as no arm or leg is missing?" Yun Jian asked out of the blue as she stood there listening to the chatter.

The group was shocked.

What did she mean?

Yun Jian suddenly chuckled. She curled her finger and pointed at Lin Mengyu. "She didn't take an arm or leg off me, so I won't press the matter further."

Miss Wang looked like she was relieved when she looked at Yun Jian, thinking that the girl finally comprehended the situation.

"It's good that you can understand." The teacher praised Yun Jian hypocritically as she thought how could an impoverished kid compare themselves to the precious daughter of a school principal.

She soon realized that she had misunderstood Yun Jian in the next second.

Yun Jian took two steps toward Lin Mengyu before dashing abruptly to her side at a speed that could not visibly be caught by the others. Lifting her leg and bending it, Yun Jian kneed Lin Mengyu's stomach hard.

Crack! It was the sound of a rib bone breaking! Then, Lin Mengyu's piercing cry rang.


She was currently m.o.a.ning and rolling her curled up body on the floor from the pain.

In spite of her injury, the rest was dumbfounded by Yun Jian's bizarre agility and speed.

Lu Feiyan and the other two girls beside Lin Mengyu dropped their jaws with widened eyes staring at Yun Jian.

Was – was this still the weak and submissive Yun Jian?

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