The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 4 - A New Life That Was Ready To Set Sail

Chapter 4 - A New Life That Was Ready To Set Sail

The sound of Lin Mengyu's rib bone breaking horrified those in the washroom.

Yun Jian had just kneed her stomach, breaking her rib bone! What sort of strength was that?

Could an ordinary person possess such force?

Moreover, a broken rib bone in the abdomen was not something to joke about! It poses a critical health risk!

The abdomen protects one's internal organs. If the broken rib bone punctured an internal organ and caused internal bleeding, the person would be in life-threatening danger!

Miss Wang and another older teacher shared such common knowledge, thus both of them paled when they saw this sight.

If something were to happen to Lin Mengyu here, both of them could forget about living in peace!

"Yun Jian is it! How dare you attack and injure another student! You'll receive the most severe penalty from the school because of this!" Miss Wang spat harshly in a slew of panic and fear, in addition to loathing Yun Jian.

Moments after the incident had already happened, the other teacher ran out immediately to call for help to send Lin Mengyu to the hospital; she older and thereby more experienced after all. The girl was already crying in pain on the floor, unable to speak.

If they were to wait any longer, she could die! It was best to send her to the hospital at once.

"She didn't have to be punished because I still have my arms and legs. She also still has her limbs, so I shouldn't be punished as well." Yun Jian crossed her arms calmly and told Miss Wang looking at her in the eyes; she had struck Lin Mengyu's stomach, the latter's limbs were completely fine.

Yun Jian had controlled her strength to be very light-handed. Lin Mengyu would only suffer for a while before she recovered. There was nothing life-threatening about this.

"You! Just you wait for the disciplinary action from the school!" Miss Wang choked from what Yun Jian said before she barked.

After a moment, the older teacher who ran off came back with a few male teachers who were stronger than themselves and carried Lin Mengyu up carefully to send her to a nearby hospital.

The teachers and Lin Mengyu's minions followed. All of them looked anxious, fearful that Ling Mengyu would be in great harm.

Shortly, there was only Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan left in the washroom.

"Xiao Jian, you've injured Lin Mengyu just now and she's the daughter of our principal. If anything happens to her, the principal will surely be after you. What should we do if he expels you?" Lu Feiyan was also afraid; she was only an average student and of course still frighten from witnessing the earlier episode.

If a farming villager's child could not continue their studies, they could only go back to farming. In the farm villagers' words, that would be severing the only way out of such poverty-stricken life. One could give up hope to leave the village to a large city for the rest of their life.

Simply put, one would be good for nothing!

Yun Jian shrugged. She had controlled her strength just now. Lin Mengyu would heal in no time after some pain.

Actually, if it were not for Miss Wang's grating words, she did not mind keeping Lin Mengyu's bone back in place.

It seemed that there was no need for it now.

"She'll be fine." Yun Jian smirked.

Lin Mengyu basically killed the original owner of the body. It was already her good luck that she was not killed moments age. After all, the original owner had lost her life.

A girl who was in the best time of her youth was killed just like that by Lin Mengyu…


The bell for class rang in time just as Lu Feiyan wanted to say more.

"Let's go to class," said Yun Jian.

She had just broken Lin Mengyu's bone. If it had been an ordinary girl who had just hurt her schoolmate, she would probably be scared out of her mind now; Yun Jian, however, spoke to Lu Feiyan calmly and exited the washroom toward the classroom.

Lu Feiyan was stunned. Why did it seem that she was more worried about the consequences of Lin Mengyu's injury than Xiao Jian? She ran toward the classroom as well.

Yun Jian walked in front wearing an anticipating smile.

What would a place such as a school be like?

She was kidnapped by the organization when she was still a young child in her previous life. After enduring through the gruesome training, her life for the past decade had been either killing people or keeping her guard up to not be killed. She had never gone to school nor had a taste of the life of a normal person.

Therefore, she had high anticipations.

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