The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 984 - Drillmasters Are Fighting For Her

Chapter 984 - Drillmasters Are Fighting For Her

Chu Xiangnan had always spoken what was on his mind without much of a care to filter his words. However, everyone else was completely dumbstruck when he blurted such honest words so forwardly.

Wh-what? The other six members from Team Monarch would not be able to beat Yun Jian even when they grouped up? It was already known that the members of Team Monarch were several times more skilled than their regular peers; otherwise, Ge Junjian would not have selected them to join the military back then. The army was not where any Tom, Dick or Harry could go.

Moreover, the other six people in Team Monarch were already under the Advanced Special Forces as well. Countless Special Forces soldiers dreamed of joining ASF but some could not even qualify their entire life.

Basically, every member of Team Monarch was an indomitable presence who could tackle a group alone to the students in class. What Chu Xiangnan said just now astonished them.

Madam Yu, especially, was appalled the moment Chu Xiangnan spoke about Yun Jian. What the young man said was like a slap to her face, making the teacher feel like her words just now—what she said about Yun Jian failing to go to the military school for being too weak as a girl—sounded incredibly foolish.

It was as if Fang Xiaoran thought what Chu Xiangnan disclosed was inadequate as he laughed subsequently and said, "Yup, we wouldn't dare deny this. Forget about the six of us being unable to fight Yun Jian. Even if it's the drillmasters in our military school, I don't think anyone there is Yun Jian's match."

"What do you mean you don't think? It's a fact!" Chu Xiangnan quipped with a chuckle.

If the students and Madam Yu's impression of Yun Jian's ability had been limited to rumors previously, all of them received a clear verification now.

What were the drillmasters in military schools like? One who qualified as a drillmaster in military schools were undeniably and significantly skilled. Yet they could not compare to Yun Jian?

The students were dumbfounded, Madam Yu, too.

"Haha, as expected of my master! She's just that good!" Zhang Shaofeng chorused proudly since he had gotten to witness Yun Jian killing the assassin ranked tenth internationally back then.

"Let's go, come on, Yun Jian, we'll talk in the restaurant. We rushed back this afternoon and we're starving!" Chu Xiangnan patted his stomach that was completely flat and led the way with a chortle.

Yun Jian picked up her bag and followed without hesitation, blatantly ignoring the teacher behind her.

Zhang Shaofeng did not go after her. He let Yun Jian know that he planned to head home first to visit Chen Xinyi.

The group of youths left the classroom with merry laughter and did not spare Madam Yu a glance. It caused the teacher to stand there awkwardly, more so when the giggly conversation among Chu Xiangnan and a few others drifted from outside of the classroom shortly after they left.

"Yun Jian, you had no idea. Our drillmasters in school are starting to fight for you when they found out that you're coming the next semester. They swore that they're getting you to their team!"

"I know, right? Hahaha. The few of them started dueling in school previously just to fight over which drillmaster you'll go to the next semester! Say, your reputation is too great!"

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