The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 985 - Ganging Up And Calling Themselves The Indomitable

Chapter 985 - Ganging Up And Calling Themselves The Indomitable

Since Madam Yu was quite skeptical about Yun Jian just now, Chu Xiangnan and others purposely raised their voices when they talked while they were still nearby after leaving the classroom. It was like they were scared that Madam Yu who was standing in the classroom did not hear them.

Needless to say, what they mentioned was indeed the truth.

The drillmasters in the military school had begun fighting for Yun Jian when they heard about the achievements of Team Monarch's Slashing God, including the news that she would transfer to their school in the next semester.

They had even had a physical fight previously that was fortunately stopped by the chief drillmaster, so nothing bad happened.

Without a doubt, Chu Xiangnan's loud voice alone would already have reached Madam Yu's ears clear and crisp. The teacher's astonishment was indescribable. The students were equally baffled as they froze.

Yun Jian had not even attended the military school yet and the drillmasters there were already in a fight to recruit her? Madam Yu had just nagged her about studying seriously and training physically because it would be a challenge for her to get into the school given its high requirements and she was a girl.

What now? Yun Jian had not even made it in but she was already popular among the drillmasters. It was pretty obvious that she was already an internally decided candidate.

Madam Yu knew that Yun Jian was Team Monarch's Slashing God but she thought that they ought to select and admit her the conventional way even with her identity. What it seemed like right now was that it was only a matter of time before Yun Jian enrolled in the military school!

It also explained why Yun Jian had just written down Min City's military school when she put down her goals and was reluctant to write her target score. It was already an unofficial decision!

Madam Yu was ashen-faced as she stood rooted listening to the voices of the youths who were going away. Her earlier words, in contrary to what Chu Xiangnan and others said, was a slap to her own face.

"Hahaha, Yun Jian, your teacher's so… y'know? How did I do just now? Haha!" Chu Xiangnan guffawed as soon as he stepped out of the school gate.

"No words needed. You deserve a thumbs up!" Fang Xiaoran stuck a big thumbs up to Chu Xiangnan as he laughed.

"Very domineering," Yun Jian smiled and commented in two words.

The group made their way to the restaurant chattering and laughing. As the group mentioned life in the military school after they got seated in the restaurant, Chu Ning gritted her teeth.

"The most annoying thing in the military school is that arrogant group of people. They even formed up some sort of group—what's it called? Uh… The Indomitable, claiming they're the top in school and stuff."

"Then they keep coming to challenge us, calling us Team Monarch newbies! It's infuriating."

"But they have someone really good. The six of us fought him alone once and all of us, except Weiwei, got beaten up. Weiwei nearly got hurt too!"

"So we bear with it for now!"

Chu Ning huffed and scooped a spoonful of rice into her mouth before chewing furiously. It was like the rice in her mouth was that group of people and she was chowing them down.

"That's right!" Chu Xiangnan chorused in similar sentiment.

Even then, the few of them did not mention anything close to asking Yun Jian to help beat those people up for them.

Yun Jian smiled and asked, "So you guys keep training to fight them and even got yourselves burned like charcoal?"

Her words exposed their thoughts like an arrow through their heart.

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