The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 989 - Getting To Know Them. Participating In The Race

Chapter 989 - Getting To Know Them. Participating In The Race

The muscly guy was Ge Xuan's best friend—the one who was joining the international race tonight. Hence, he was considerably noticeable in the group; even in Ge Xuan's school, his presence was prominent.

The guy was an exemplar for Country Z nationals. There were people in campus who intentionally bullied Ge Xuan and friends just because they were from Country Z, while this friend of Ge Xuan looked relatively mature. His name was Shan Tiansheng and he was an advanced racer.

Ge Xuan, to his friends, was still a greenhorn who had never had any intimate experience with a girl, but he had brought along Yun Jian to meet up with them today.

That was why Shan Tiansheng thought it strange and asked that just now.

"Piss off, this is my sister!" Ge Xuan went up and knocked Shan Tiansheng's head swiftly, not that it was a real hit as they were just friends fooling around.

"Sister? Sh*t, Xiao Xuanxuan, why do I feel like you've changed somehow? Tell me, what have you gone through after going back? And you've colored your hair black!" Shan Tiansheng was suddenly struck with realization and circled Ge Xuan as he asked aloud.

He then looked at Yun Jian's lean silhouette and asked Ge Xuan in surprise, "And you have a sister?"

"What do you think? I look cooler with this hairstyle, right? Haha! And why can't I have a sister? I got a sister, so? Ask your mom for one if you can!" Ge Xuan teased.

He then turned to look at Yun Jian and introduced Shan Tiansheng to her. "Meimei, he's a clown. Don't get offended! He's got nothing to boast about except being good in racing, haha!"

Ge Xuan's words caused Yun Jian's eyes to turn into crescents as she smiled.

"Hahaha!" Shan Tiansheng scratched his head and stuck a hand out at Yun Jian. "Nice to meet you, Xiao Xuanxuan's sister!"

Yun Jian did not shake his hand but nodded. "Mn, nice to meet you."

Ge Xuan continued to introduce his other friends to Yun Jian one by one.

"He's Wu Dazhuang…"

"He's Zhu Zilin…"

Ge Xuan's friends were more of the playful type and they were mostly from Country Z. Even when Ge Xuan was studying overseas, he made friends with those who were from the same country. It was basically a principle.

After they got to know each other, Shan Tiansheng spoke up, "Alright, let's get going to the tracks. My race is about to begin."

He went to Yun Jian and grinned. "Xiao Xuanxuan's sister, you've got to cheer for me later!"

There were usually plenty of girls cheering on the racetracks or any other competitions, so Shan Tiansheng wanted Yun Jian to be one of them and cheer for him.

Yun Jian was a pretty girl. He thought that a pretty girl like her cheering for him would definitely boost his popularity. As he thought about it, however, Ge Xuan asked suddenly, "Right, Tiansheng, do you know if they would allow someone to join the race on the spot for this competition tonight?"

Ge Xuan wanted Yun Jian to join the race.. It was just that the possibility did not occur to Shan Tiansheng and the other friends as they asked, "Everything's possible if you've got the skill. Why, Xiao Xuanxuan? You wanna join too?"

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