The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 988 - His Bro Is Participating In The Race

Chapter 988 - His Bro Is Participating In The Race

Qin Yirou was not that worried about Yun Jian traveling now. Although going abroad was riskier, she could still accept it since Ge Xuan would be accompanying the girl.

Having decided to go, Ge Xuan purchased their flight tickets the next morning and boarded the plane with Yun Jian during noon to depart to Maryland in Country M.

The three friends who Ge Xuan had come back with, two of them aside from Shen Jie had returned to Country M some time ago. As for Shen Jie, he was still in the hospital recovering from being beaten by Yun Jian and Si Yi, so it would be impossible for him to go to school for the time being. Nevertheless, it was a favor to Ge Xuan that Yun Jian did not kill Shen Jie when he had kicked Qin Yirou.

Therefore, Yun Jian and Ge Xuan were the only ones in the plane for this trip.

Si Yi had gone back to An Hun Group. Yun Jian's classmates were most probably staying home doing homework and revision during the three-day break for Labor Day. After all, Senior High School Entrance Examination was around the corner. Most people were doing their best buried nose deep in stacks of simulation test papers under such tense atmosphere.

The only exception was Yun Jian.

Not only was she not home to study, she went overseas. If her classmates found out about it, they would definitely feel a blow of exasperation. It was just that the whole school knew about Yun Jian not doing any homework, even their homeroom teacher was powerless about it.

"Meimei, are you thirsty? I'll get you a drink if you are," Ge Xuan told Yun Jian, worried that she would be thirsty after so long in the flight.

"I'm not." Yun Jian smiled and pressed her lips together.

"Alright," Ge Xuan answered with a nod.

Flying from Longmen City to Maryland of Country M, Yun Jian and Ge Xuan departed in noon and arrived there around 3pm in the afternoon. There was a time difference between Country Z and Country M; it was supposed to be 3pm in Country Z but it was around 8pm in Maryland, Country M. The time difference between Longmen City and Maryland was not a lot because both places were not too far apart.

By the time they arrived in Maryland at 8pm, the race was already starting.

Car racing was commonly popular in Ge Xuan's school and races were usually held at night. Basically, Yun Jian and Ge Xuan had arrived just in time.

In spite of it, Ge Xuan did not take Yun Jian to the venue of the international race directly but had taken her to his school. The university Ge Xuan was studying at was a famous school with a long history coming.

Ge Xuan was not participating in the international race today and his current skill was inadequate to qualify him in one either. The reason he was eagerly rushing back from Country Z to watch the race today, other than he was incredibly interested in it, was because his friend was participating.

It was an immense honor for Ge Xuan's friend to be able to join an international race like this which only top global racers were qualified to take part. Although Ge Xuan's friend did not go to Country Z with him, he was his best bro.

"Meimei, I'll introduce a few of my bros to you later," Ge Xuan turned to tell Yun Jian.

They arrived at Ge Xuan's school right after he said that.

Ge Xuan's friends were Country Z locals. Although they studied abroad, they were used to hanging out with their countrymen.

When Ge Xuan saw the group, he made his way over waving and taking Yun Jian along.

"Hi! My Xiao Xuanxuan, you're back?" Among those standing at the school entrance, a muscly guy walked over to Ge Xuan with his arms spread for a hug.

He spotted Yun Jian as he came over and froze before whistling at Ge Xuan. "Ge Xuan, where the heck did you get this little girl from? Don't tell me she's your new girlfriend!"

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