The Strongest System

Chapter 24: My Fellow Two Brothers Hurry up Smash Me to Death with Your Circulation Pills

Chapter 24: My Fellow Two Brothers Hurry up Smash Me to Death with Your Circulation Pills

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At this time, Lin Fan was ecstatic. A big shot had arrived.

Yi Zhongyu was one of the outer sect’s top ten geniuses. His worth was most likely very high. Able to get within the top ten of over eight thousand outer sect disciples, he was definitely not bad.

Currently, among the outer sect’s top ten geniuses, Lin Fan had only met Meng Yangquan whose cultivation base was a sixth level pericelestial, yet he still pretended to be a pig roaming in the beginner’s zone.

Lin Fan was really grateful he had this system that allowed him to see any person’s cultivation base. Otherwise one day he might really be swallowed by that fake pig Meng Yangquan.

“Your sword, I will buy for one thousand pills.” Yi Zhongyu’s white robes fluttered about, his mighty presence and prideful aura could be distinguished in one glance.

“Senior brother, though a price of one thousand pills is very high, we still need to see if there are any other competing prices.” Though Lin Fan naturally knew he was one of the outer sect’s top ten geniuses, he pretended to not know. If he ended up messing up his flow and ended up getting decimated by this guy, who would he go cry to?

“Hmph, not even knowing who senior brother Yi is…” Wang Tianfeng, who was unfriendly towards Lin Fan, snorted coldly. Yi Zhongyu smiled and confidently said, “I believe my price is the highest. Among the fellow brothers here, no one will be able to offer more than me.” Yi Zhongyu was very confident and looked around, making the surrounding disciples sigh.

Although one thousand circulation pills were a lot, it was not like no one had more. It was all because of Yi Zhongyu’s position. Naturally, they couldn’t offend one of the sect’s top ten for a fleeting interest. Lin Fan smiled and glanced at Yi Zhongyu. Above his head floated the words sixth level postcelestial.

To Lin Fan, the cultivation base was just a little bit high, but compared to Meng Yangquan, the difference was still huge. And he had already reached postcelestial but still remained in the outer sect, yet another stubborn person. When an outer sect disciple reached postcelestial stage, they could become an inner sect disciple. But this option was entirely voluntarily.

Some outer sect disciples still refused to leave the outer sect even after reaching postcelestial stage because upon entering the inner sect, all their fellow disciples would have high cultivation bases so it wouldn’t be as relaxing as in the outer sect.

Although the training resources differed vastly, for some stubborn people, they would rather be a chicken’s head than a phoenix's tail.

A bit later under a certain roof…

Two figures stood there silently. The female was incredibly beautiful like a celestial maiden while the male devilishly handsome but also a bit cold. “Senior brother Meng, the lust and streak of that sword, it’s so pretty.” The eyelashes of the woman fluttered as she gentle whispered with a delicate demeanor.

“Junior sister, since you like it, your senior brother will, of course, satisfy your desire.” the icy demeanor of the cold looking man melted when facing the woman. His expression brightened, and his eyes became filled with the color of love.

“Senior brother Meng, it’s not worth upsetting Yi Zhongyu over this mere lower graded sword.” Ni Mingyang, who was standing behind those two, said carefully.

“Mingyang, no need to say so much. It’s fine as long as junior sister Chenyu likes it.” Meng Yangquan’s mind had already been made up.

Ni Mingyang didn’t say anything more as he looked at the wrinkled brows of Chenyu, ‘She is essentially a succubus. Senior brother Meng’s entire future has been destroyed by this succubus.’ Senior brother Meng’s decision couldn’t be changed clearly, so Ni Mingyang also became speechless, ‘Just how did a talented person like senior brother Meng get to know a succubus like her? Senior brother does all he can to raise his cultivation base, but this Mu Chenyu trash just won’t advance and has remained stuck at fourth level precelestial. The amount of medicinal pills senior brother prepared, even if one were a pig, they would have long reached postcelestial level.’

Just when Yi Zhongyu was certain this lower graded weapon would be his, a faint voice came from far away.

“Two thousand pills.”

The surrounding disciples were all startled. Senior brother Yi had already named his price, and now someone dared to bid against him. Did they perhaps have a death wish?

But upon seeing the bidder, everyone became even more shocked. No one had expected to see senior brother Meng.

Ranked number one of the sect’s top ten geniuses, senior brother Meng…

Yi Zhongyu frowned slightly, looking to see who dared to compete against him. But upon seeing the person, his expression immediately changed. At this point, Lin Fan’s heart was bursting with joy. The head big shot just appeared.

“Junior brother Lin, you…” Ni Mingyang followed senior brother Meng and seeing that the person conducting the lower graded weapons flash sale was his junior brother Lin, was surprised and also in disbelief.

“Oh, senior brother Ni.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Junior brother Lin, this is a little unexpected.” Ni Mingyang smiled at the moment. He was rather amazed towards junior brother Lin who had somehow managed to obtain these lower graded weapons to sell since he had just entered the sect recently.

While Lin Fan was conversing with Ni Mingyang, Yi Zhongyu also began conversing with Meng Yangquan. “So senior brother Meng is trying to compete with his junior.” Yi Zhongyu was bitter inside but kept a smile on his face.

Though the outer sect seemed rather calm, in truth, within the ranks of the sect’s top ten geniuses there had been quite a few fights. All the top ten disciples had a rank, with Meng Yangquan steadily claiming the number one spot. While the remainder although appeared friendly on the surface, the infighting between them was actually rather fierce.

“Junior brother Yi is mistaken. Your senior brother isn’t actually interested in the sword. Just that junior sister Chenyu rather likes it, so I can only hope junior brother will endure the pain.” Meng Yangquan said dismissively.

Yi Zhongyu glanced at the woman standing next to Meng Yangquan, his heart enraged. Being so enticed by a single woman, how is this self-discipline? It’s just a disgrace to oneself!

“Senior brother Meng, junior sister Chenyu already has a middle graded weapon, the Jade Bell Dragon you gifted her. I believe she has no use for this lower graded sword. So how about letting me have it?” Although Meng Yangquan had already spoken, Yi Zhongyu refused to concede.

‘I already have to be under you in rankings, don’t expect me to let you on other things.’ Meng Yangquan shook his head, “In that case, the highest bidder shall have it.”

Lin Fan had been talking with senior brother Ni but at the same time still kept an ear on the two people’s conversation. Upon seeing them coming to a disagreement, Lin Fan’s heart became even more joyful, ‘It’s good they came to a disagreement. Only then can I earn more profit.’ I already said this before, professions were where all the money came from.

“Three thousand circulation pills, junior brother Yi go ahead with your bid.” "Meng Yangquan said with a smile.

Yi Zhongyu’s expression was livid. For the sixth level postcelestial Yi Zhongyu, he didn’t actually have any need for a lower graded weapon. It was just in his earlier years he had fallen down a cliff and managed to come across a manual containing a mysterious martial skill. The cultivation of this martial skill didn’t require him to train his body but instead needed him to absorb various graded weapons into his body.

Named 《Infinite Swords》

This lower graded sword at most was only worth around three thousand circulation pills. If he continued to bid, it wouldn’t be worth it. But at this point, they weren’t merely just competing for a sword anymore, they were competing for their pride.

Especially when Yi Zhongyu saw the bland expression on Meng Yangquan’s face, he became further enraged. Lin Fan at this point brushed aside Ni Mingyang and awaited the upcoming storm.

‘My fellow two brothers, please hurry up smash me to death with your circulation pills.’

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