The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 14 - How Did Fang Zhihan Get Into Her Home?

Chapter 14: How Did Fang Zhihan Get Into Her Home?

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All of a sudden, an old couple wandered into the clinic holding a banner. On it, were the words, ‘Miracle doctor with a benevolent heart and mind!’

The wife repeatedly thanked He Wanxin, claiming that her husband’s backache had almost disappeared thanks to the medicine she prescribed. She even asked her to prescribe more.

He Wanxin was fuming from Yu Gangan’s comments.

So, when the old couple walked in, she wasn’t happy at first, but when they started calling her a ‘miracle doctor’, she immediately smiled with glee.

She proudly glanced at Yu Gangan boastfully as though she was telling her, Didn’t you say that I was incapable. Can’t you see that these people are giving me a banner and calling me a miracle doctor?

Yu Gangan: “…”

Yu Gangan didn’t want to underestimate He Wanxin, but she simply understood her cousin too well. He Wanxin was an amateur; one that even diagnosed pulses incorrectly.

Medicine wasn’t something that one could speedily improve on.

Unless He Wanxin had been reborn or someone with medical skills had traveled through time and transmigrated into her body like they did in novels, it was impossible.

While He Wanxin picked out the herbs for her prescription, Yu Gangan kept a close eye on her, just in case she made a mistake. As she watched, she realized she was indeed picking out herbs for pain relief that were suitable for rheumatism and lower back pain caused by a deficiency of yang 1 in the kidney.

But, what was the brown powder that she added at the end?

While He Wanxin walked the patient out, Yu Gangan wiped some leftover brown powder off the medicine table with a tissue and placed it in her pocket.

When He Wanxin returned and saw Yu Gangan dazed in the same spot, she thought she was knocked out by the face slap she just gave her. So, she was extremely satisfied.

In a deliberately boastful tone, she said in ridicule, “Yu Gangan, did you see that! You’re not the only capable one!!”

“He Wanxin, I must bow down to you. You are the first person with a brain that functions like a toe. Just because someone wears a sign saying they are a virgin, does that mean they are really a virgin? Similarly, just because you relieved some back pain, do you really think you’re a miracle doctor?”

Yu Gangan’s insulting words made He Wanxin speechless. As she clenched her teeth together, she growled, “How dare you insult me! Do you have a death wish?”

He Wanxin raised her hand to throw a slap across Yu Gangan’s face, but Yu Gangan quickly stopped her.

With a shove, the high-heeled He Wanxin immediately knocked against the medicine table behind her and cried out in pain, “Ahhh!!”

“He Wanxin, let me make things clear, don’t you dare ruin grandfather’s reputation, otherwise, watch how I deal with you,” Yu Gangan said before she left.

He Wanxin glared at the back of Yu Gangan, as though her eyes were dipped in poison, and angrily swept the herbs on the medicine table onto the floor, “Yu Gangan, you b*tch, come back here!!”

Behind her, Yu Gangan heard an ear-piercing ‘bang’, so she turned around and glared at He Wanxin.

Come back?

Of course she was going to come back!

There was no way she was going to let her older uncle’s family stake claim on the clinic!!

Afterwards, Yu Gangan walked around the entire Nanzhen Street and practically asked every single familiar face whether they had seen her teacher. But, no one had seen him in the entire half a month.

Just before the sky turned dark, Yu Gangan returned home tiredly.

As soon as she reached her front door, she suddenly remembered the suitcase that Fang Zhihan left behind.

It was gone!

Did Fang Zhihan take it away? Or did someone else take it?

Yu Gangan unlocked her door…

It didn’t matter where the suitcase went, it had nothing to do with her.

She then pushed open the door…

Fang Zhihan was a strange person that never followed convention.

Yu Gangan stepped into the apartment…

The suitcase looked decent. Was there something precious inside? It was a shame that it was missing.

At that moment, Yu Gangan suddenly froze in shock!!

Her eyes and mouth were frozen in place.

Wh-wh-why was Fang Zhihan’s suitcase in her home?!

All of a sudden, she was overcome by a complex mix of emotions: she was frightened, confused, embarrassed, nervous, and angry…She had never given the code for her apartment to a random man.

So, how did Fang Zhihan get into her home??

Yu Gangan immediately yelled, “Fang Zhihan…”

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