The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 15 - Shocked! Fang Zhihan Actually...

Chapter 15: Shocked! Fang Zhihan Actually…

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Yu Gangan was like an angered little lion. She wanted to interrogate Fang Zhihan properly and ask him how he got into her home, but after yelling for ages, no one responded. So, she looked death in the eye and rushed into the bedroom. Like a palace general, she flipped the entire house upside down and searched every corner thoroughly.

She couldn’t wait to find Fang Zhihan so she could give him a good beating and declare a fight to the death.

But, inside the house…

…apart from her…

…there was no one else…

Yu Gangan’s eyes had never opened that wide before.

When she saw the suitcase, she subconsciously assumed that Fang Zhihan had broken into her apartment. But, the suitcase was there, yet Fang Zhihan was nowhere to be seen!

He wouldn’t have simply brought the suitcase inside, right?!

Yu Gangan refused to believe that!!

So, she searched the entire apartment again. She even looked inside her wardrobe, which appeared big enough to hide a person, but she still didn’t see Fang Zhihan anywhere.

Yu Gangan was, once again, shocked!

She couldn’t figure out what Fang Zhihan was thinking.

She was certain beyond a doubt that she didn’t know Fang Zhihan.

But, Fang Zhihan seemed to know everything about her. He even knew the code to her apartment.

Did this mean, she actually knew him?

The apartment was quiet. Although Yu Gangan was standing all alone in silence within the living room, Fang Zhihan’s suitcase felt like a surveillance camera staring at her. It made her feel like she was trapped, like a prey inside a cage being watched over by a pair of cold and dark eyes.

Without a second thought, Yu Gangan pushed Fang Zhihan’s suitcase outside.

She then changed the code on her door.

She didn’t want to wake up from her sleep to find a man sitting beside her bed while her mind was still a blur.

The next day, Yu Gangan discovered the suitcase was missing again when she was leaving her apartment.

She couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed, Fang Zhihan had retreated and disappeared with his suitcase.

In that case, all she had to do from then on, was deal with her so-called ‘fiance’ and she’d be able to search for her teacher in peace.

Inside the hospital pediatrics ward.

Yu Gangan came looking for Song Chabai, but Song Chabai was busy taking care of a patient.

The patient was inside the VIP room; the best room in the hospital. The interiors were exquisite; it felt warm and elegant, grand and dazzling, just like a premium suite of a 5-star hotel.

Inside the hospital room, there was a roughly 4-year-old boy. His face was delicate and his cheeks were round; he looked extremely cute but his complexion was pale and lifeless. One glance and it was obvious that his body was weak and he was deficient in yang.

Yu Gangan stood beside the hospital bed and waved at the child with a smile, “Hi, little one. How are you?”

The little boy looked at Yu Gangan. At such a young age, he already knew how to feel embarrassed, so he turned his head shyly and his face twitched.

Song Chabai helped cover the little boy with a blanket and said gently, “Haohao, sleep for a bit, Doctor Sister will come back to keep you company later.”

With the approval of the little boy, Song Chabai left the room with Yu Gangan.

As she sat down in her chair, Song Chabai lifted her hands and started massaging her tense shoulders, “Why are you here?”

Yu Gangan opened one of the drinks she brought with her and handed it to Song Chabai, “I’m waiting for you to finish work so we can have dinner together. I saw online that a new hot pot restaurant opened up nearby. Let’s go try it out.”

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