The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 26 - You Liked Me And You Wanted To Marry Me

Chapter 26: You Liked Me And You Wanted To Marry Me

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Yu Gangan’s face turned red in embarrassment as she looked away.

How dare he have a shower in a stranger’s home? What drug was he on? Perhaps, she should check his pulse later.

Or maybe, she should report him straight to the police and let them look into him instead.

But, if she called the police and they proved that she was legally married to Fang Zhihan, wouldn’t that give him the official right to stay?

The sound of running water suddenly stopped.

Yu Gangan regained her composure and put her guard up, like a martial arts hero preparing for a duel.

“Fang Zhihan, what do you like about me? Why are you so persistent?”

“My looks aren’t bad, but you’re so handsome. It shouldn’t be hard for you to find a beautiful woman. Why must you…”

Before Yu Gangan finished, Fang Zhihan’s voice resounded casually, cutting her off, “When did I say that I like you?”

Yu Gangan choked. Her expression turned stiff. “If you don’t like me, then why did you marry me?” she asked angrily.

“It’s because you liked me and you wanted to marry me,” Fang Zhihan replied calmly.

“I like you?” Yu Gangan was stunned as she questioned him in disbelief.

But, Fang Zhihan treated this as a statement, rather than a question. So, he replied, “Yes, I know.”

Yu Gangan was so shocked that she couldn’t say a word.

She suddenly felt the urge to kill someone!

This darned man was forcefully staying in her home, yet he was acting like he was heaven sent. How arrogant!

The bathroom door opened and Fang Zhihan walked out. His upper body was exposed while a towel wrapped around his waist, covering the important parts of his body while revealing his firm, strong and long legs.

His hair was still wet and droplets of water slid down his neck, past his sculpted abs; he looked extremely sexy and seductive.

Yu Gangan was slightly taken aback as she turned her back to the man and complained, “Are you an exhibitionist?”

“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

“My clothes are in my suitcase, but you threw my suitcase out,” Fang Zhihan replied indifferently.

Yu Gangan clenched her teeth and quickly walked out.

At that moment, Fang Zhihan’s phone rang: it was a message. So, he stretched out his hand and looked at his phone.

The first message was a photo of a woman. The woman was fairly good looking: her slightly curled hair was tied up in a bun and she looked young and beautiful with a bright and cheerful smile.

The second message was a written one: <Is this woman the serious business that you’ve gone to Baiyang City for? Mr. Virgin Fang, you’ve finally lost your virginity!>

The third message read: <As a person that depends on his face to make a living, I can tell that this chick is not bad. The name Gangan is quite sweet! Congratulations, Bro. Let me send you a gift.>

The fourth message was a video.

But, Fang Zhihan was not interested in the video; he had no intention of playing it.

“I’ve brought your suitcase back. Hurry and put your clothes on,” Yu Gangan suddenly yelled as she quickly dragged Fang Zhihan’s suitcase back into the apartment.

When Fang Zhihan looked up, he accidentally pressed play on the video in his hands.

At that moment, the video started playing and an ambiguous female voice resonated from his phone, “Ahhh, mmm…it feels so good…mmm…”

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