The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 27 - No Stop Until Something Shocking Is Said

Chapter 27: No Stop Until Something Shocking Is Said

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Yu Gangan froze as she looked at Fang Zhihan confusedly. What was that sound?

After this question circled her head a few times, an extremely dirty image suddenly came to mind: a man and a woman making love!

Yu Gangan’s eyes immediately opened wide as she stared at Fang Zhihan, “Y-y-y-you…”

Her tongue was tied and her words were caught in her throat as her cheeks turned red.

But, Fang Zhihan remained unfazed; his expression as calm as ever.

He then lowered his gaze, took a glance at his phone, turned off the video and looked at Yu Gangan, “What? Is this strange?”

Yu Gangan wanted desperately to give him a few good kicks.

In her mind, she angrily called him a pervert and a monster several times. “As a doctor, I don’t find this strange at all. It’s just a collision of genitalia. But, to play a video like this at a female stranger’s home, don’t you find it too…too…”

This time, Fang Zhihan was shocked. After staring blankly at Yu Gangan for a couple of seconds, he said in surprise, “You’ve taught me something new again.”

His lips then curved upwards.

How dare he look at her teasingly? Yu Gangan’s cheeks immediately turned red as she yelled, “Hurry, put your clothes back on and get out of my apartment.”

Just as she turned to leave the room, Fang Zhihan said casually, “You’re certainly a doctor. Even a simple massage can turn into a ‘collision of genitalia’ in your mind.”

Yu Gangan felt like a bomb had exploded as she stood there in shock; it was as though her body was burnt on the outside while she remained delicate on the inside.

“Only those with a dirty-mind would turn whatever they hear into something dirty,” Fang Zhihan said with slight disgust. He then turned around and called her a pervert.

Yu Gangan’s chin almost dropped to the floor. Was it a massage and not something else?

She suddenly felt helpless as her body fell weak. She naturally wanted to give an explanation, “I…”

But, all she managed to say was one word before Fang Zhihan cut her off, “Aren’t you going out? Do you want to see me get changed?”

Yu Gangan’s face turned blood red. She couldn’t stay another second, so she rushed out like she was running for her life.

The cold and handsome man glanced at her from the corner of his eye and couldn’t help but smile.

He then opened his suitcase and pulled out a light-colored set of loungewear.

But, after he put on his clothes, his phone received another message.

[Lu Xuechen: It’s a good video, isn’t it? It’s HD. If you learn from it, your woman will never know it’s your first time.]

After reading the message, Fang Zhihan immediately dragged Lu Xuechen into his block list.

He then gave his assistant a phone call and instructed coldly, “Didn’t Lu Xuechen say he depended on his face to make money? Then let him use his face as much as he wants!”

As soon as he was done talking, Fang Zhihan hung up the phone.

The air around him suddenly turned cold. So cold that it felt as though one’s breath would turn to ice if they breathed too hard.

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