The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 28 - Let's Sleep Together Since The Bed Is Big

Chapter 28: Let’s Sleep Together Since The Bed Is Big

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Unlike Fang Zhihan, the air around Yu Gangan felt particularly hot. When she patted her cheeks, she realized they were burning like they had been heated on a stove.

She was highly suspicious that Fang Zhihan was deliberately messing with her.

Somehow, he had flipped the roles and made her feel bad so she wouldn’t kick him out.

Fang Zhihan was frightening. How did he think of an unimaginable trick like that?

Yu Gangan had to remain calm. She couldn’t let him stay.

After sitting outside for a little while, Yu Gangan finally saw Fang Zhihan walk out of the bedroom. He was dressed in pajamas and the first thing he asked was for her to change the bedsheets.

“Why should I change the bedsheets?”

“Let me tell you…”

[Hurry, pack your things and get out of my house], she wanted to say.

But, she was cut off by Fang Zhihan before she managed to finish her sentence. As he looked at her with his dark gaze, his voice suddenly deepened in a seductive manner, “Do you want me to sleep on sheets that you’ve already used?”

It was just a simple sentence, but for some reason, Yu Gangan felt like it sounded particularly ambiguous coming from Fang Zhihan. She froze for a moment and replied, “That’s my bedroom.”

She assumed it wasn’t the first time that Fang Zhihan forced himself into someone’s home.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved his goal so easily.

In a strong and domineering tone, Fang Zhihan replied, “I’m used to sleeping in the master bedroom. You can sleep somewhere else.”

“You want me to sleep somewhere else?” Yu Gangan asked angrily. “Are you saying that you’re sleeping in the master bedroom and you’re expecting me to sleep in another room?”

Fang Zhihan’s lips curved upwards. In a seductive tone, he said, “If you don’t want to, you can always sleep in the master bedroom with me. The bed’s big enough anyway.”

Seeing the mischievous look in Fang Zhihan’s eyes, Yu Gangan scoffed angrily, “What are you thinking? Are you for real?”

Fang Zhihan smiled questioningly, “You previously did whatever you could to sleep in the same bed as me. Are you playing hard-to-get now, or…”

As he spoke, Fang Zhihan suddenly leaned in close to Yu Gangan and forced her against the wall, trapping her between his arms.

He was extremely close to her. As he looked down at the woman, his warm breaths brushed against her cheeks. Although his expression remained cold, his gaze softened. There was an odd feeling between them.

Yu Gangan subconsciously leaned backward, but there was a wall behind her so she couldn’t move any further.

As she swallowed nervously, she said, “No…that’s impossible…stop talking nonsense.”

Yu Gangan didn’t react this way because she felt guilty for not remembering what happened, she reacted this way because the man’s powerful presence made her strangely frightened.

Yu Gangan clenched her fists and regained her composure. She then said coldly, “You must be dreaming if you think I’m going to sleep with you!”

After saying this, Yu Gangan ducked out from under Fang Zhihan’s arms and escaped.

But, Fang Zhihan did not stop her as a look of amusement appeared in his eyes.

Yu Gangan strode into her bedroom, grabbed her clothes from the closet and moved to the guest bedroom next door.

However, after she finished moving, she finally realized something wasn’t quite right.

Weren’t they talking about kicking him out of the apartment?!

How did the conversation change to whether he could stay in the master bedroom and how did she end up moving into the guest bedroom?

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