The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 9 - I Almost Gave It Away

Chapter 9: I Almost Gave It Away

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The battle ring was quite a scene to behold. People were on all fours, worshiping Feng Tianlan as their grand aunt, as per their bets. Some belly-crawled around the ring, chewing the canvas. Others stripped down to their undies, covered their faces with cloth, then ran around naked.

People who weren’t afraid of Luo Yunzhu’s threat left with contempt. Those who were slightly under the hoax pretended to comply half-heartedly and moved on within minutes. Slowly, people started to disperse, and the event became an after-meal joke for all.

When most people were far from the battle ring, Luo Yunzhu heaved a great sigh of relief as she pounded her panging chest, panting, “That scared the hell out of me. I almost gave it away. I don’t even know if I scared them.”

Truth be told, she’d been joking when she’d announced that she was going to blacklist people who failed to deliver their best. After all, she was still too insignificant to make any decisions on her family’s behalf. If she followed through, the century-old institution might spiral toward its downfall.

Feng Tianlan looked at the flustered Luo Yunzhu. She thought back to how Luo had selflessly stood up for her against Feng Xiuyu when she’d been in a coma. It warmed her heart. Then, she’d defended her again today. Feng Tianlan smiled warmly and said, “I’m sure you got them good.”

For those who desired to learn and enroll in their institution, they would, of course, follow whatever Luo said. As for those with wealth and power, it was only natural that they wouldn’t take the bait. First, they knew that they could not disgrace their family. Second, upon deeper consideration, they all understood that Luo had only said this to them to save Tianlan. Nothing more would be done to them.

Luo Yunzhu nodded. She clenched her fists as she looked at Feng Tianlan with ultimate conviction. “Don’t worry, once I become the director of Blue Flame Academy, I’ll be able to protect you,” she said. “I won’t let them bully you anymore.” The Blue Flame Academy could only be inherited within the family. As the eldest daughter, sooner or later, the academy would be hers.

Feng Tianlan smiled and said, “Okay.”

“Tianlan, why do I feel like you are a bit different from before? How could you have beaten Feng Xiuyu?”

Luo Yunzhu gazed at Tianlan’s smile, feeling like something had changed. Above all, she was most curious about how Tianlan had defeated Feng Xiuyu, a most unlikely outcome.

“Also, Miss’s whipping skills were great!” praised Chuling. “Though you only used a normal whip, as it hit Third Miss, we could smell flesh burning. Her wounds looked scorched and charred, and…” Chuling stopped herself before she could blurt out the three words: “it felt good.” She looked around vigilantly, afraid that what she said would reach the wrong ears and be used against Miss Luo.

“Tianlan, did you take any secret pills to enhance your skill levels?” Luo Yunzhu began to worry. “Tell me that you didn’t consume that toxic stuff just to save me.”

“No, I didn’t.” Feng Tianlan didn’t know how to explain herself, so she simply said, “Maybe my heart was as tired as dead ash, which provoked me.”

Tired as dead ash! Hearing those words, Luo Yunzhu’s heart was leaden. “Pardon me,” she said, “but that piece of sh*t smells so bad that dogs won’t even eat him. It’s better to give up sooner than later, and I’m sure there will be a better man out there, like the Wargod! He was so charming when he saved you from the villain’s arms. It was a classic, novel-like encounter…”

Luo Yunzhu was already fantasizing about how Si Mobai had rescued Tianlan, imagining them together. Strangely, despite their cold faces, she thought they’d make a most compatible couple. Tianlan emitted a force like she held power over the whole world, while the Wargod gave off the aura of the King of the World. They hadn’t muttered a word, but they looked perfect together. Like they were meant to be.

“I don’t even know what he looks like,” Feng Tianlan replied. Then she laughed and pointed to the scar sprawling across her face. “That’s an almighty god out of our reach. Enough with your wishful thoughts.”

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