The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 7 - The King of Wargods, Si Mobai!

Chapter 7: The King of Wargods, Si Mobai!

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“Sure,” Feng Tianlan pursed her lips a little. She didn’t mind humiliating her opponent a bit more if that’s what Feng Xiuyu wanted.

Feng Xiuyu glared ferociously at Feng Tianlan and said, “Let’s go, Third Prince!”

She would recuperate and return in seven days. By then, she would have had leveled up from a First Stage Spiritualist to the Middle Stage. Feng Tianlan—a mere Sixth Stage Gathering Spirit—would never be on par with her. She must be the one to humiliate Feng Tianlan!

Si Rong helped up Feng Xiuyu and was about to leave, when Feng Tianlan said coldly, “Hold on!”

“Yu’er has conceded defeat. What more do you want?” Si Rong snapped and glared at Feng Tianlan, infuriated.

“Remember our bet?” Feng Tianlan’s gaze swept over to Si Rong. She said icily, “I won. You promised to have dinner with me.”

Si Mobai’s brow knitted slightly, but his frown quickly vanished. He had no part in this story.

“Didn’t you say…” Si Rong started to say, then fell silent.

Previously, Feng Tianlan had said that she wouldn’t have dinner with a dog. If he replied now, wouldn’t it sound like he was admitting that he really was a dog? More beast than human? He’d fallen into Feng Tianlan’s trap and could not reject her without any good reason.

“I will meet you this evening at the Fragrant Pavilion,” snarled Si Rong.

“I’m not available, but you won’t dine alone.”

Everyone understood Feng Tianlan’s meaning; she meant that she wouldn’t attend the dinner, but someone would take her place. It was as if she’d slapped the Third Prince, loudly!


Si Rong felt as if Feng Tianlan had stepped on his face then stomped several times. A surge of red rushed to his head, and his eyes brimmed with rage. If he could tear her into pieces, he would. Feng Tianlan merely fluttered her eyelashes innocently at him. She peered right into his eyes, embracing all his fury.

Faced with a nonchalant Feng Tianlan, Si Rong snorted, “Tianlan,” as he left with Feng Xiuyu in his arms.


Luo Yunzhu hurriedly stepped into the ring the moment the couple left. Worry was written all over their faces. Feng Tianlan’s gaze lifted; she wanted to express her thanks to Si Mobai, but only his silhouette remained. Behind him was her father—Feng Xiang! I will thank him another day after settling my affairs, she thought.

“Oh my, wasn’t that the Wargod who has never lost a battle?”

“Ahh, he’s so beautiful! So charming! Like a deity descended from the heavens.”

“Oh my gosh, what should I do? I saw Si Mobai, and I think I am in love. How I wish I could be his consort.”

“What consort? If only I could touch his hands, I would die content.”


Faced with a bunch of swooning women, and a group who resented her win but dared not oppose Si Mobai, Feng Tianlan could not be less disturbed by them. To her, Si Mobai was a legend to be admired and revered like a god.

Si Mobai, at age 20, was the Second Prince of the South Winds Nation. He’d gone on his first expedition at age 13. At 15, he was promoted to General of the West of Feng Zhen, then went on to lead 100,000 men into battle, returning triumphantly at age 17. He’d never lost a battle. The title, “King of Wargods,” had been conferred on him along with 200,000 elite soldiers at his disposal.

It was said that Si Mobai’s beauty was enough to topple the city. With a deity’s aura, he was supposed to be the most beautiful person of the South Winds Nation. Legend had it that he had a red, pearl-like birthmark between his eyebrows, an auspicious symbol. The Emperor doted on him. It was also rumored that, because of Si Mobai’s shockingly good looks, many ladies fainted at his feet upon seeing him. Thus, he’d developed a distaste for women and only ordered men to serve him.

It was also said that, on the day when the title “King of Wargods” was conferred on Si Mobai, the Third Prince, Si Rong, had gifted him 20 beauties. The next day, he’d returned the gesture by giving him back 20 beautiful severed heads. Lastly, it was also said that Si Mobai was an otherworldly being. He was not of the mortal realm yet seemed like a demon who had emerged from hell. One could only admire him from afar.

Forget about touching him, it was a luxury to see him up close!

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