The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 692 - Do You Want A Harem Of 3000 Gorgeous Men?

Chapter 692: Do You Want A Harem Of 3000 Gorgeous Men?

Yes, she wanted to tell Shen Yunya clearly that she, Shen Qingdai was back!

She had come back to seek revenge on her!

She had returned to take their lives!

What did it matter that she was strong, or that she had the Shen Family, Jiang Family as well as Xuantian Alliance to back her?

She, Feng Tianlan, had Si Mobai as well as Bailan Alliance behind her! No matter how powerful she was, she would not dare to attempt the impossible to kill her, would she?

She was afraid that Xi Jin would know the secret of the dumplings, and Shen Yunya was also afraid that Xi Jin would know that she was Dai’er.

Each of them had their own misgivings. So, why should she hide?

She was the victim. If anyone who should hide and feel afraid, it should be Shen Yunya, not her!

At the thought of this, Feng Tianlan deeply exhaled a breath. Her mood was much improved. She sat in front of a bronze mirror and looked upon her own unfamiliar male face. She slightly raised her eyebrows as an idea popped into her head. She curled her lips into an evil smile and said, “Shen Yunya, just you wait, your lives are mine to have!”


The next day, they departed early from this town. It was the same way to United Mercenary Regiment as it was to return to Dongshu Nation. It would not delay her time. She went to register, and then took on an escort mission at will in order to avoid those who were in pursuit of her to kill her. That way, she could return to Dongshu Nation openly and aboveboard.

“Little Lan’er, you’re so alluring.” Mei’er looked up at He Lianhuang. He had been staring at Feng Tianlan. The affection in those eyes could not be stopped.

Feng Tianlan pulled the corners of her mouth and said, “What are you saying? I’m already spoken for.”

“Look, you only saved someone’s life and that person is going to devote his life to you. Furthermore, you’re still in a man’s body. Two men…..” Without finishing her sentence, Mei’er laughed. It was why she said she was so alluring.

Feng Tianlan looked at Mei’er giggling away. Her pale flesh was especially dazzling. She pulled the corners of her mouth and shouted in a low voice, “Mei’er!”

Xiao Xiao followed behind, tall and strong. She gazed at Feng Tianlan with adoration and said, “Big Brother Lan, Mei’er did not say wrong. You’re alluring to both men and women. If I were that beloved of yours, I will certainly be overwhelmed by jealousy.”

The commander smiled and said, “Crazy girl, would you like to have 3000 gorgeous men in your harem?”

Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched. These people were really too improper. But they appeared to be proper to the outside world.

He Lianhuang did not speak and would not look at Feng Tianlan all the time. He only glanced at her a couple of times occasionally. It was enough to make him very satisfied. He thought it was happiness lost and found again.

Fortunately, Feng Tianlan and He Lianhuang had changed their faces, so they could traveled openly and no longer encounter assassins.. They arrived at United Mercenary Regiment smoothly.

“Little Lan’er, we’re home. Can I warm up your bed at night?” said Mei’er, walking to Feng Tianlan’s side. She hugged her arm, and her buxom chest pressed against her arm.

Feng Tianlan felt chilled by her touch. She looked up at the simple but spacious house with courtyard in front of her and said, “It’s really discreet!”

The United Mercenary Regiment really kept a low profile!

They could give away Spiritual Weapons without second thoughts, send second-grade Pill Medicine as well as gift a sack of High-tier Spiritual Crystals and yet have such a courtyard which appeared to be abandoned. It was simply hard to imagine that they had so many treasures.

Xiao Xiao opened the door and entered. She opened her arms and shouted warmly, “Brothers and sisters, we’re back!”

The people in the courtyard lifted their eyes to glance at her once and then continued to be busy with their own tasks as if they had not seen her.

“……” Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched. It appeared to be so cold. There was no greetings or noise at all.

Mei’er pushed Xiao Xiao aside and stood alluringly. She threw a charming glance and spoke up sweetly with tenderness, “My little sweethearts, your humble servant has come back.”

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