The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 693 - Homecoming

Chapter 693: Homecoming

Hearing the voice, the people in the courtyard looked up and glanced over. Then they put aside their chores and ran over one by one to greet Mei’er with open arms. “You heartless girl.”

“My sweetheart.”


“Sweet child.”

Feng Tianlan looked at everyone who had completely ignored them just now. Now, they came out in throng. They were shousting out all kinds of greetings, but it was very orderly. Each of them hugged Mei’er, other than the men who stood and watched at a distance.

“Big Brother Lan, I’m so hurt,” said Xiao Xiao, throwing herself into Feng Tianlan’s arms and pressing her head against her chest. Then she whimpered and cried.

Feng Tianlan’s mouth twitched. She did not hear any hurt in her tone. So, if she were faking her pain, why couldn’t she use the other big chest to smother her head in?

The commander stepped forward with his old face tense and looked serious as he grunted, “Uh-huh!”

“Grandpa! Commander!” Screams came from everywhere. Those people pushed Mei’er away and flocked to the commander in succession.

The bookworm, Yang Zhengfei came forward and pried Xiao Xiao and Feng Tianlan apart. He spoke in a calm voice to explain to his love rival. “It’s like this. If Xiao Xiao makes the first appearance, it means that someone is injured, or there’s an accident. If it is Mei’er, that means it is a happy matter. If it is Grandpa, then it is a joyous occasion.”

If she was so sad, she should have held him. Why did she embrace someone else? He was so thin, which made him easier to hug!

“I see.” Feng Tianlan looked at the jealous Yang Zhengfei and could not help but think of Si Mobai. He was someone who could be even jealous of a woman.

But Xiao Xiao did not seem to know that Yang Zhengfei liked her.

The commander was surrounded. That serious old face of his instantly had a benign smile. He let them make a fuss before saying earnestly, “I’ve brought back two new family members to you this time. Everyone, quickly stand properly to welcome them home.”

As soon as they heard this, everyone present dispersed. Then they stood straight quickly in a line and looked up, waiting.

The commander entered the door with Feng Tianlan and Azurite, and introduced them. “These are our new members, Feng Tianlan and Azurite.”

“Welcome to our big family,” the crowd said in unison.

After introducing the two of them, the commander stood at the side and said, “Very well, why don’t you introduce yourselves to them?”

Looking at the first person, a six or seven-year-old girl, to step forward, Feng Tianlan softened her face and smiled politely. “Little girl…”

The little girl in front of her innocently blinked and then said, “Small Brother Lan, just call me Big Sister Yue from now on.”

Feng Tianlan stared wide-eyed at the talking little girl and momentarily stunned. “Big…Big Sister Yue?”

Wasn’t she six or seven years old? Why did she speak with an adult’s voice the moment she opened her mouth?

“I, Sister Yue, am a dwarf, so I look small. Come, use this to buy some snacks to eat,” said Sister Yue as she took out a sack of things from her Storage Ring to give to her.

Feng Tianlan looked at the sack and smiled. “Thank you.”

Sister Yue made a sound of acknowledgement and then turned to talk to Azurite, also giving her a sack.

After this, everyone began to give out sacks. Feng Tianlan and Azurite received until their hands went limp with exhaustion. They were close to tears. Why did they all like to use sacks to pack things?

Furthermore, they stepped forward to introduce themselves in this manner and also gave gifts, giving her a feeling of an emperor choosing a imperial concubine.

By the time the introductions were completed, most of the day had passed. She had received numerous meet-and-greet gifts, Spiritual Weapons, Pill Medicine, Spiritual Crystals, and even some strange things, many of which were hard to come by in the market.

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