The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 8 - Cowards, I Thought You Said You'd Revere Her and Eat the Battle Ring?

Chapter 8: Cowards, I Thought You Said You’d Revere Her and Eat the Battle Ring?

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“You just said that if I win, you’d kneel, lick my shoes, call me ‘Grand-aunt,’ run three rounds around City North Street, then eat the battle arena. It’s time to fulfill your promise.”

Feng Tianlan’s words resounded like deafening thunder, waking everyone who was still stunned from Si Mobai’s crushing pressure. They all looked up at her, forgetting how they should react at that moment.

“She was serious?”

“Wait, we said that just for fun! Why is she so serious?”

“That’s right. How petty and rude. Feng Tianlan seriously expects us to do the impossible just because we uttered a few sentences?”

“No wonder the Third Prince will hate her. She’s not kind at all; the person who said that she’d run around naked was a woman.”

“No wonder the people of the South Winds Nation don’t like her. It was obviously a joke, but she wants us to do these things for real. How disgusting.”

Hearing that Feng Tianlan wanted them to honor the promises they’d made while boasting, the crowd was stirred. They’d never thought that Feng Tianlan could win and had only chipped in to join the fun. They hadn’t anticipated that she’d be so insolent as to demand that they actually do what they’d said. This was extremely off-putting, but not unexpected. People never know how much it hurts until they’re the ones stabbed by needles.

To them, their words were just empty promises which they’d spouted to join the fun. To Feng Tianlan, they were wave after wave of insults, insults that most people in the South Winds Nation were used to throwing at the good-for-nothing First Miss. She would never let those ignorant, ill intentions slide easily. She was not Buddha; why should she be magnanimous and kind to them? Kind people were often bullied. She had zero intention of becoming a foolish, sanctimonious saint!

“You’re the ones who yelled that you’d worship her and run around naked. Now that she’s won, how can you chicken out?”

“You were so quick to run your mouths before when you were boasting. Now, you have to honor your words, and you say that it was all a joke. Can I say that I’m slapping a mosquito if I slap you now?”

“You were clearly insulting her before, but now you say that you were doing it for fun? If I say that I’ll f*ck your m**, can I also later say that I was just joking too?”

“I’d like to see you kneel, kiss her shoes, run around naked, and eat the battle arena, yeah? A bunch of cowards!”

Those who were weak and constantly bullied felt as though the blood coursing through their veins was ignited. Seeing Feng Tianlan win against the odds, despite being called worthless for ten years, made her their idol. They started to defend her. The two sides began to argue and soon broke into a scuffle. The situation was chaotic.

Feng Tianlan frowned slightly; she hadn’t expected things to turn out this way. Luo Yunzhu glanced at Feng Tianlan then straightened her spine. Her voice was clear and distant as she said, “The Blue Flame Academy will never admit those who do not honor their promises!”


At once, the crowd stopped quarreling. They looked at Luo Yunzhu, then immediately dropped their faces. Alone, Luo Yunzhu wasn’t scary, but the same could not be said for the Blue Flame Academy behind her, which was owned by the Luo Family. As the Luo Family’s lone heiress, she was set to inherit the Blue Flame Academy and become its next Dean. Offending Luo Yunzhu would mean offending the Blue Flame Academy. An admissions ban could kill anyone’s future. Only a fool would oppose Luo Yunzhu.

“Let’s go, Tianlan,” Luo Yunzhu said, sweeping her gaze over the crowd. She didn’t intend to stay behind to watch whether they fulfilled their promises or not. The news would reach her ears, one way or another.

Not long after Feng Tianlan and her companions departed, the people began arguing again. However, Luo Yunzhu ultimately stumped them. Discarding their dignity was better than dumping their futures.

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