These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 10 - Went to the canteen to have lunch already

Volume 1, Chapter 10: Went to the canteen to have lunch already

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After Ji Lian Bing left, I sat on the toilet bowl, resting myself for quite a while before barely managing to raise my spirits up. At this time, if there were smokes beside me, even if I wasn’t a smoker, I would definitely draw out a stick to calm myself down.

She said that she would wait for my response……….but didn’t mention the deadline at all. Normally speaking, it would be three days or a week’s time, but Ji Lian Bing didn’t place any time limitations onto me completely.

Won’t she be afraid that I’ll keep dragging this on and not giving her a response then? Or was it because she felt that I’m definitely going to give her a response?

It can’t be that she would want to strangle my neck, forcing me to say that I like her, right……….nngh………..that’s too scary already.

Let’s first not talk about whether that title was real or not; Ji Lian Bing undoubtedly was a very dangerous person. That perilous atmosphere, emanated just earlier when she stroked my face definitely wasn’t a normal atmosphere of what a normal bishoujo would possess. Insanity, cruelness, ruthlessness, and eye expressions just like a cold-blooded animal; being merely stared at would cause your entire body to freeze up, unabling to move a muscle.

The most scariest thing was, the her usually could actually perfectly disguise this sort of atmosphere, as in front of others, Ji Lian Bing was a perfect bishoujo in any sort of way possible.

Well, why would she want to expose her true identity in front of me?

She’ve been disguising it up till now, but suddenly exposing it to me………..won’t she be afraid that I’ll reveal it out?

Eh, that’s not right, I couldn’t even reveal it to other people at all………..I originally don’t even have any friends to be able to confide my worries with, don’t tell me that I only could tell the teacher about this? But even if I was to say it, there wouldn’t be anyone who would believe me, they’ll just think that I’ve gone insane.

Was it just because of this point that Ji Lian Bing would be so unworried about me exposing her true identity?

Mm………..I still think that’s a little not right somehow.

Just basing on the information I know right now, I have no way of deducing her true motives.

Also another thing was, Ji Lian Bing’s status had also turned green already……….if this color really was to represent favorable impressions, then why Ji Lian Bing’s would be turning greenish? What I’d said should be rather aloof, right? Don’t tell me that a remark somewhere poked onto her G spot already? Or was it because she really was an M?

It’s really such a mystery………….

All the way hiding in that toilet till the bell rang, I then finally returned to the classroom afterwards.

Everyone in the classroom was looking at me, even the teacher too; looks like the news of Ji Lian Bing barging inside the male toilet to look for me had already been widespread.

It’s like that at school, no matter if it’s big or small news, they would trigger a tremendous reaction; just like throwing sodium into a pool of water.

I expressionlessly returned back to my own seat, while Ji Lian Bing didn’t look towards me at all, as if she didn’t recognize me at all, returning back to her appearance from last time. Does this mean that before I gave her a response, she wouldn’t come provoke me anymore? If that’s true then I’ll really thank the heavens for this.

I originally thought that she would temporarily not come into contact with me already…………I really thought it to be like that…………

“Jun Cheng, let’s have lunch together, okay?”

With the result of when it’s lunch time, Ji Lian Bing took out her lunchbox and invited me to have lunch together!

“Um, I’ve always went to the canteen to eat……….”

“It’s alright~ I too will follow you to the canteen then.”


What’s this person trying to do! Can’t you restrain yourself a little! It’s really enough already!

“The canteen’s really crowded, you know? If you go there…………it’s a little not suitable.”

Those who would prepare their lunchboxes were very few, as most people would go to the canteen to have lunch, or perhaps go to the school’s food retail shop to buy some bread to eat. I’m a legitimate rice advocator, hence I’ll always go eat the canteen’s rice dishes, even if the canteen was to be packed to the point of near death I still also won’t go buy bread at all.

It’s fine if it’s just only me, but I actually had to bring a delicate-looking bishoujo over to that squishy crowded canteen?

Don’t joke around already! Those group of boys upon seeing Ji Lian Bing would definitely be crazed as they converge around us, and who the hell knows what kind of accident would happen then!

I’ve already tried my absolute euphemistic best to reveal to her the fact that the canteen wasn’t a good place at all, but Ji Lian Bing still displayed a face of unconcerned look, saying: “It’s alright~ up to now I haven’t been to the canteen before, going there to have a look would also be a very interesting experience.”

Aahh, I don’t care anymore! Why must I be so worried onto you! Later when you’ve been chikan-ed it wouldn’t had anything to do with me at all, since it’s you yourself who forcefully wanted to go to the canteen!

Just like that, I carried gloomy feelings and directly walked towards the canteen, with Ji Lian Bing following behind my back with a roughly 2 meters distance; it’s a very subtle distance, for if you was to say that we knew each other, it would then seem a little too far apart already, but if you was to say that we don’t know each other instead, our footsteps were too synchronized then.

This distance was probably me and her level of familiarity right now, I guess………..

Although I’ve sat in front of her for a semester already, but to be saying that I truly understand about her, it only started from today.

And my senses and understanding of the bishoujo Ji Lian Bing had also gone through a dramatic 180° change, this was all because of that mysterious status…………my feelings became mixed all of a sudden.

Going through the passageway at the 1st level, we reached the integrated building located to the left of the main school building, and at the 1st and 2nd levels of the integrated building was the school canteen. Also worth mentioning was that the library that I often went to was at the 3rd level of the integrated building.

The canteen tables were four people to a table, so when there’s many people around, I would often share tables with fellow students that I weren’t acquainted at all, and that’s a very common thing to happen.

But today, was very bizarre.

No, it’s not that the crowd had lessened, the people in the canteen were as many as usual.

But how do I put it, everyone was avoiding me…………or should I say, avoiding Ji Lian Bing?

The people who were originally anxious onto snatching seats also stopped as they looked to our side, just like as if they had saw a somewhat rare animal.

Even if they were to see a bishoujo, there’s not a need to be that agitated, right…………must it really be that way?

Plus, why weren’t it that only the boys froze up, but the girls too also blanked out as well? It can’t be that Ji Lian Bing’s charm also worked both sides? I remember that her relationship with the girls shouldn’t be good at all, right? So it’s not that kind of envious hatred, but that kind of formed resentment because they weren’t able to approach towards their heart’s jiejie-dàren, huh?

Due to being encompassed by numerous gazes, under the pressure of nervousness my thoughts started to explode wildly.

After forcefully calming myself down, I walked to the economical rice food store that I frequent and ordered some mapo tofu, green pepper dried tofu, fish flavored pork slices and liangpi.

I usually liked to try out new dishes, or to buy strange beverages. And as a result, almost all the dishes at the canteen had basically been eaten before by me, and so, I knew about which dish was more palatable rather clearly. Of course, I’ve also eaten many disgusting food to the point of wanting to explode as well, those sort of ‘landmine dishes’ variety.

I had no idea what happened today to that canteen auntie who usually had a horrible temperament and often gave less servings; for she not only served me a huge bowl of rice, but her face etched an unnatural smile too.

My god………..even the canteen auntie was even affected by the ‘Ji Lian Bing effect’ influence already, huh?

Wasn’t this influence a little too scary already?

Last time I didn’t seem to be so overly mindful about Ji Lian Bing’s stuff, and I’ve always thought that she’s just a popular school flower, but right now it looks like……… doesn’t seem to be only just that at all?

Where did this kind of divine saintess come from?

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