These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 9.9 - The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s delight

Volume 1, Chapter 9.9: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s delight

TL: flarewk

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s delight:

Unhesitatingly chosen to escape from my sides? So this was thinking of me akin to a raging flood or ferocious beast, huh?

That reaction was indeed a little strange; plus the revealed terror from his eye expression when he looked at me……….it can’t be that he knew those stuffs ‘about me’? But up to now, I’ve ‘not yet’ done anything that could attract any attention at all. And even if I did, I definitely would not leave behind any trace of evidence……… how did he know about it?

Unless this was the abnormality that he possessed?

When I was engrossed into deep thought, from my neighboring resounded Lan Hua’s rather nervous voice.

“Umm, Lian Bing! You, you also liked An Jun Cheng?”

Ai ya ya, looks like Lan Hua really was anxious already, she even unconsciously used the word ‘also’. If right now I was to grasp ahold of this point and not let go, wouldn’t she be suppressed by me already then?

Well then, currently how should I answer it best? Mm………..let’s just first ambiguously answer it then.

“That’s right~………..I slightly had a bit of interest onto him.”

“Oh? This really is a rare occurrence, you’ll actually be interested in that obscure person, An Jun Cheng?”

The person who spoke was Gao Ying Nai, she was Lan Hua’s good friend; she retained a yellowish dyed hair, and often wore a set of earphones…………as for what her abnormality was, my house’s maids had already investigated it clearly.

She’s an eavesdropper.

That’s right, that set of headphones that she was wearing, it wasn’t even playing any music at all, it’s merely a decoration used as a disguise.

Her hobbies was to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, and it’s coincidental that this classroom’s people more or less would have a few interesting strange rumors on them, so she would had already obtained quite a few information by now.

If it’s possible, I would want to assign her as the school’s information supplier.

“Yeah……….so Ji Lian Bing-tongxue actually liked that type of boys, huh? Now there would be many boys who had their dreams dashed already.”

At the other side stood a boy, who’s name was Luo Ying Liang. On his head was a hairstyle that looked like weeds, and he wore a pair of extremely thick spectacles, looking to be a person who’s rather serious…………..but he’s actually a voyeur.

Originally when I heard of this piece of information, I thought that he was the same like the rest of those stinkish men, being animals of sight, but later I then realized that, he seemingly only was ‘observing from the sidelines, with a pre-requisite of not being discovered by people’, and he himself didn’t have the intention of voyeuring.

He should also have noticed many abnormal things, but merely acted as if he didn’t know at all……… slated 2nd source of information supplier.

“I don’t think it’s a like though! It’s impossible to confess that casually too……..”

“But I’m serious when I said that I wanted him to be my boyfriend, hmm?”


After Lan Hua heard my words she froze up once more, turning into a broken doll with both of her eyes losing focus while mumbling.

“How, how could it be? Even though An Jun Cheng was such a normal person, don’t even mention about a girlfriend, he don’t even have a normal friend to begin with………..always daydreaming during lessons………..always staying in the library…………and also an otaku who loves to read light novels and manga, likes drinking coffee, his sharpener only using 0.7 size…………two meimeis in his house, with just average sibling relationships, a surgeon father, an okuribito mother…………those teachers that had slightly better relationships with him are only Xiao Zhen-laoshi and Li Li-laoshi………’s impossible for people to like him at all………..but actually there’s someone………..and it’s even Lian Bing too…………how can it be………..”

Ai yeoh, your heart’s thoughts had leaked out already, hmm?

Her voice was very small, and her voice was spoken especially fast, just like pressing the fast-forward button, which made me unable to hear a few portions clearly.

It’s about some information with regards to An Jun Cheng, but the contents were too overly detailed already. I remember that Lan Hua shouldn’t be acquainted with An Jun Cheng before, right; yet Lan Hua had already knew An Jun Cheng’s personal information up to this sort of level………..strange.

It can’t be that this was Lan Hua’s abnormality?

“Haha………..cheer up a little, Lan Hua. An Jun Cheng still haven’t agreed to it yet, right? You still have a chance too.”

Gao Ying Nai definitely must have completely and distinctly heard those words, plus she seemingly knew about Lan Hua’s abnormality already. Which was why she didn’t unveil out expressions of being shocked, but merely patted her back and bitterly laughed while comforting her.

Lan Hua slightly regained back a little spirit, as she shook her head and clenched her fists, saying: “Uuu…………you have a point, there’s still a chance! I must investigate even deeper into his private life!”

Just beside them, Luo Ying Liang pushed up the frame of his spectacles as he quietly butted in: “I think you should first get acquainted with him, and let him also get to know about you………..”

Hearing this suggestion, Lan Hua’s cheeks immediately turned a bright red, as she hastily shook her hands, denying it.

“N, no, I cant! Whenever he looked at me, I’ll be so nervous that I can’t speak at all!”

“I knew it……….sigh, like that you won’t even be able to start at all………..”


Luo Ying Liang seemed to have already expected this reaction of Lan Hua’s, as he sighed and shrugged to indicate his helplessness.

Ai ya, I see………….so Lan Hua’s a stalker, hmm?

Gao Ying Nai bitterly laughed as she faced me and said: “In any case, it’s like that, Ji Lian Bing-tongxue. My house’s Xiao’ Hua had marked that log as a target, so the both of you would be competitors next time.”

“Who marked him as a target already! I don’t even like him at all!”

Denying even during this moment, as expected, Lan Hua hadn’t realize about it yet? So cute~

“Huhu, I won’t be going easy on you, hmm?”

“This wasn’t even a competition at all, with a person like Lan Hua, it’s not even considered an appetizer, she’ll only be instantly killed off.”

“What did you say!”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything!”

Luo Ying Liang hurriedly shut up his mouth, preventing himself from getting into any further trouble.

“But, that log’s also rather strange too, even though he was being confessed by such a bishoujo like Lian Bing, he actually just ran off instead………..was he being shy?”

“Yeah……….I found it rather strange too.”

It looked to be expectedly strange within other people eyes too huh, escaping after being confessed by me? He’s the first, and possibly the very last too.

Just like that, resting all the way till breaktime had ended, An Jun Cheng then finally returned into the classroom. He followed behind the teacher as he entered, which made me unable to talk to him at all.

Quietly waiting till the after-lesson bell rang, he once again immediately stood up and followed behind the teacher’s back as he walked out of the classroom.

Wanted to escape again?

Humph, this time I won’t let you run away that easily!

I stood up and left my seat towards the classroom entrance, as I saw An Jun Cheng walking to the ends of the 2nd floor, afterwhich he turned a left and entered into the male toilet.

Ohh…………trying to play it like that, huh?

If you thought that this could stop me, then you’ve considered it too simply already.

I casually strolled the same route according to An Jun Cheng’s and walked into the male toilet; because I displayed an extremely natural look, no one even noticed that I’ve walked wrongly.

Two boys who were in front of the urinals excreting let out a look resemblent to seeing a ghost when they saw me barging inside. A person even had his hands shaking, dripping as a result onto the neighboring boy’s thighs.

So filthy; so small.

I didn’t say anything, but merely unveiled a smile towards them, and afterwards directly walked to the front of the last cubicle.

The other boys frantically left the toilet, with their mouth still muttering expletives. Looks like they had already recognized me.

Even in this kind of stinky filthy place, I still am able to smell the ‘scent’ on his body.

An Jun Cheng definitely must be hiding in this cubicle.

I rapped onto the cubicle door twice, and from inside resounded out his voice.

“My apologies, I’ll come out immediately…………”

This time it’s absolutely him without fail. I directly pulled open the toilet cubicle’s door; perhaps he didn’t expect me to really enter the male toilets, as he didn’t even lock the doors of the cubicle.

When the door was opened, what I saw was An Jun Cheng who had his pants raised up halfway, and his mouth was gaping to the point where you could place an entire egg inside there.

“Ai~ya~? You’re too anxious already huh? Seeing me then wanting to take off your pants, it really made me both delighted and shy at the same time…………”

Oh hm oh hm, this size wasn’t small at all…………

An Jun Cheng who had just only regained his senses then hastily hoisted up his pants, while fastening the belt on his pants, and shouting at me loudly at the same time: “This is the males toilet ey!”

“I didn’t want to do these kind of things too, but who asked Jun Cheng to always ignore me, hmm?”

At this time, I must act out a look of being wronged, it’ll generate tender affections within him; this way he’ll then yield to me.

But, it looks like An Jun Cheng wasn’t being bewitched at all, as he only monotonously said: “How about we go outside and talk about this?”

He’s taken into account of my reputation already? It’s so caring of him.

But if it’s like that, it won’t then reach the level of effect that I had intended, which was about the matter of me barging inside the male toilet to talk to you, so of course, the more who knew the better it was.

“No, won’t it be alright if we just talk over here? I’m fine with it since there’s no one around too.”

He flipped a white eye, as the edge of his lips stretched downwards; this sort of expression should be a balls-hurting look, I guess. When males were in depression, would their balls really ache painfully? If it really does ache, then males must have been living a rather hard life then, it’s like our monthly periods.

“I’m not fine with it, please immediately go out, I still want to continue on my business too, you know.”

I ignored his aloof attitude and walked forward a couple of steps, entering inside the cubicle and locking the door up as well. This way, there won’t be anyone disturbing us already.

“En hem……….It’s alright Jun Cheng, you can just go ahead, since it doesn’t affect our talking too, right?”

“Please don’t call out my name directly, you and me shouldn’t be that acquainted with each other, right? Ji Lian Bing-tongxue.”

His tone became even colder by a few degrees, looks like his favorable impression of me had dropped once more. So he didn’t like this type of females like me, huh? Mm, that’s not important at all……….

“Ara~ you actually remembered my name, I’m so happyy~”

“And so, what’s your motive exactly about? Why did you suddenly want to pester me.”


Looks like he really thought that I had another motive onto approaching him, although it’s really like that. An overly sensitive male won’t be liked by anyone, alright? Jun Cheng-tongxue.

“It’s because I love you~, Jun Cheng.”

An Jun Cheng raised his eyebrows up as he said: “How could it be possible for you to love me?”

I curled my hair around, replying: “You’re not me too, how could you know that I don’t love you?”


Seeing him falling into silence, I bent over my waist and approached his face at an extremely close distance, while drawing circles on his chest and saying: “Actually, Jun Cheng’s heart is quite happy, right? Or should I say, being confessed to by such a bishoujo like me, there wouldn’t be anyone not delighted by it, right?”

His breathing became a little hurried; as expected, even if his mouth were unrelenting, his body still was rather honest to his urges, heeh~

Huhu, a ‘mouth says no, yet body is honest’ personality, huh? What a little tsundere he was~

An Jun Cheng straightened out his breathing, his shut eyes opening once more, as his eyes became extremely serious.

His atmosphere changed.

“No, it’s the opposite, not only did I not find it happy, but I also find it rather bothersome as well…………can you please let me go?”

“Let go of…………you?”

Why was it let go………..? Not ‘give up’, but ‘let go’?

“Is there a problem with it?”

“No……….nothing. I’m just thinking, why would Jun Cheng want to avoid me? I merely wanted to be friends with you, and didn’t the both of us not have any friends as well?”

I didn’t directly say that I wanted him to be my boyfriend, as using the decision to start out being friends first would be more effective to deal with An Jun Cheng, and from what I knew, he should be really hoping to have a friend that he could talk to.


“I dare not, for if I’m to be overly in contact with you, there would be unnecessary troubles occurring. Those boys who’re secretly admiring you will probably wreck mass vengeance onto me because of envy. Plus, we also originally aren’t in the same league at all, so just continue your that super stardom way of life, while I carry on to be a quiet humble commoner; why must there be any acquainting developments at all?”

These words made me completely change my outlook onto him.

Aaaah, I see, so An Jun Cheng was actually ‘this sort’ of person.

Living amongst the abnormality, yet intentionally distancing away a portion of his own normal daily life. He didn’t had any displeasure onto his current situation, and would escape upon encountering danger; by instinct, he regulatively avoided any sort of danger that could happen or would affect onto his matters of his daily life.

Flinging away his past and future, only caring about the present, living things by on it’s own……….this was the reason, of why even up to now that An Jun Cheng wasn’t entangled into any single matter at all.

Why did I take so long till now to discover it? That the most interesting person was clearly right beside me.

He’s the most precious [Gemstone] of them all!

I want to bring him into my abnormality, I want to dye him up with my color…………I want to see what kind of action he would take within the midst of abnormalities…………I want to retain his body…………

I want to ‘kill him’, him who’s always within this daily life.

“………..Huhuhuhu, interesting. You, are, expectedly, very interesting indeed, An Jun Cheng.”

At this very instance, it was my first time that I let my most honest feelings exploding outwards.

He noticed it, right? He noticed it already, right?

Noticed that saturated to the point of leaking out feelings of mine, right?


Really want to

Kill you





An Jun Cheng!

I stretched out my palm to stroke his face, it’s considered to be making a mark onto him.

“In any case, I won’t take back what I’ve said, so I’ll be waiting for your response, okay? Jun Cheng……….-tongxue.”

Earlier I was still hesitating onto acquainting along with which person in class, but now I’ve made up my mind.

An Jun Cheng, I want to make him into my very first collection.

The best collection.



like a raging flood or ferocious beast = term used to describe danger


Guo Ying Nai/ Luo Ying Liang’s names = I’ll do a character information page one day detailing all possible meanings/ puns of all chars….


butted in = this was usually done in an exasperated manner. It’s a snark response to someone saying something foolish or dumb, for example.


(Girl walk past a group of guys)

Guy A: Hey, that girl looked at me! I should go get her number!

Guy B: No, she then looked at me! I should be the one who go get her number!

Guy A: Oh come on, you with your looks? It’s obviously me!

Guy B: You’re dreaming! I am the one she’s hinting after!

Guy C: (butted in) …….Guys, that girl already boarded a cab and had left already.


log = a subtle reference to a person being dense-headed, like a log. Due to the manner of Ying Nai (eavesdropper) referring it to Jun Cheng indirectly, I cannot sub the direct meaning into her sentences.


bishoujo = ‘beautiful girl’ in jp


balls-hurting look = it’s a pun based on a chinese expression “蛋疼”(dan teng), which meant a pained look resemblent to your balls being in pain.

I can’t search a suitable image for the MC’s pained look in google/baidu galleries; just imagine a dude who’s balls were aching painfully, and you’d get the idea.


mouth says no, yet body is honest (口嫌体正直) = comes from the jp expression (口が嫌だと言っても、体は正直なものだ) or in romanji form: “Kuchi ga iyada to itte mo karada wa shōjikina monoda”.

I have no idea if there’s a proper english term for it, so I just directly translated to it’s meaning.


-tongxue = a suffix for ‘classmate’. It can be omitted if the person is close enough to that person. (like in jp ‘-san’ and so on)

meimei = ‘younger sister’

-laoshi = a suffix for ‘teacher’.

Xiao’ = a pre-suffix placed in front of a name. It’s used to refer to someone affectionately. (It directly translates to “small”, although it may or may not be used onto someone younger than you)

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