These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 11 - She seemed to be angry already

Volume 1, Chapter 11: She seemed to be angry already

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Because a huge portion of students were dumbly standing around while looking at us, there were many empty spaces as a result, and after I casually found a location to sit down, Ji Lian Bing too sat onto my opposite side.

Afterwards, those students that were nearby our canteen table immediately wolved down their food and hurriedly left, or just simply carried their plates and squeezed onto the table at the other side.

A mysterious space of a ‘回’ character shape was being created artificially.


What the hell’s with this………..were they trying to distance us into being alone?

“Everyone is so kind-hearted, even though there’s so many people here, they still left such a huge space for the both of us, huhuhu~”

Ji Lian Bing chuckled as she placed her lunchbox onto the canteen table, unwrapped the tablecloth covering the box, and opening the lunchbox afterwards.

It’s all simple dishes, like fried bamboo shoots, shrimp balls, and so on, but just by looking at them would especially entice your appetite. How do I put it, it’s just like those dishes that appeared in those culinary food shows; they had a sort of ‘pi ka pi ka’ special effect feelings added in.

It’s really not bad at all, was it made by herself?

“Did you made all of this by yourself?”

I’ve accidentally let my stupid mouth blurt that out.

“It’s my house’s maids who made this.”

“Maids? Your house even have maids?”

Hearing the word ‘maids’, my interest immediately got piqued, as I raised my head to glance at Ji Lian Bing.

Mm, how do I put it, towards maids, I had just that tiny little bit of interest only…………it’s really just a tiny little bit, alright!

It wasn’t that I find maids to be rather moe, okay! Absolutely not! Absolutely no interest in those modified maid costumes with added stockings to them!

And I didn’t specially buy a portable hard drive just to store the game ‘3D Maids Customization’!

Ji Lian Bing gave off a smile as she tilted her head, saying: “Ara? Jun Cheng, didn’t you hear about the Ji family before?”


Pardon me for living under a rock, I really hadn’t heard before of what’s the Ji family about completely.

“Huhuhu, it’s fine if you never heard of it before, you don’t need to especially be mindful of it, it’s also nothing to be mindful about. Jun Cheng, just know that my family was able to employ some maids into service.”

…………If you put it that way then I’ll be even more mindful of it already, you know. Although I’ve never heard before of a what Ji family, but it sounds to be a rather powerful and wealthy family………..

Her looks being as beautiful as a goddess, plus an ace both in sports and learning; these were already very impressive, but right now you actually still want to add in another ‘rich ojou-sama’ attribute, huh………..what a frightening woman indeed.

So this was the legendary, and most absolute highest-quality version of a baifumei, heeh.

I didn’t say anything else and just silently ate my lunch, not daring to look at Ji Lian Bing either, so I just placed my vision onto the surrounding crowd, looking at their titles.

These guys’ titles were way more normal, and was about the same as what I’ve previously seen on the way to school. But amongst these people, there’s a few who had their status greyed……….

Other than white, green, pinkish colors, there’s still even a grey version……….how many colors were there exactly?

If I focus my attention, I could even hear the surrounding peoples quietly discussing.

“Ji Lian Bing actually came to the canteen huh! Isn’t she a prestigious rich xiaojie? She would actually come to this sort of commoner’s place?”

“Idiot! Didn’t you see that she brought along her lunchbox here? It’s extremely obvious that Ji Lian Bing accompanied that boy to the canteen! Who is that boy exactly? What class is he?”

“I don’t know…………but this comrade really is an impressive one, he actually managed to attain Ji Lian Bing!”

“My god! Our goddess had actually been conquered!”

I’m really sorry, I didn’t attain Ji Lian Bing at all, and completely had no intention onto conquering her. If it’s possible, I would even hoped that she wouldn’t bother me forever too.

But for now, this hope could never be fulfilled……….

“Jun Cheng Jun.”

“………..Mm? You called me?”

What the hell’s with that ‘Jun Cheng Jun’? Don’t use that kind of word-repeating way of calling out my name!

“Want to try the lunchbox that my house’s “maids” made?”

She purposefully capitalized onto the word ‘maids’, was it because she had discovered that I’ve had an interest onto maids already? Th, this person’s observational skills were too scary already!

Although I indeed do want to try maid prepared food…………but, I won’t fall to that trick at all! As long as I reply to her that I wanted to eat it, there’s a possibility of Ji Lian Bing directly hoisting it towards my lips, wanting me to open my mouth up as a result. And by that time, no matter whether I want to eat it or not, it’ll become an extremely troublesome situation to handle!

So at this moment I must be resolute into rejecting this off, to prevent even more new troubles from occurring.

“No need for that, it’s fine if I eat just mine alone.”

“Mm~ I see, is it okay if I have a taste of some of Cheng Jun’s selected food then?”

Don’t so naturally pronounce my name in reverse order!!

I slightly became a little angry while gloomily responding: “Just take it yourself!”

Afterwards, Ji Lian Bing, she, actually………….did an action that made everyone drop off their spectacles in surprise!

“Don’t waant~ I waant Cheng Jun to just feed meee~~”


Not only me alone, but in this canteen, those people who choked out along with me at the same time probably numbered more than half already!

This person actually spoiled cutely acting to be moe!

She didn’t even care about her own image at all, ehh? Although it’s indeed very cute and moe, but your character role had gone wrong somewhere already, huh?

Which stupid author was it exactly that wrote you to be in this manner! Change it back immediately, now!

Although I feverishly blinked my eyes towards her, Ji Lian Bing didn’t had any intentions of even stopping at all, and placed her head towards my side, slightly opening up her mouth, and did a prepared stance of only those foolish love couples would do, the ‘feeding play’ act.


She’s purposefully wanting to push me towards the fiercest portion of the storm!

Immediately afterwards, I saw that a huge blanket of the surrounding crowd’s status changing to greyish once more! And a portion of it had even turned black already!

Were this the so-called ‘jealousy-enviousness-hatred’ personalities?

Oh shit, if this was to go on, when I walk to school tomorrow, there’s a high chance of me encountering onto people throwing a sack over my head and being dragged to an alley afterwards, in a being beaten up to a pulp incident.

How should I resolve this……… feed or not to feed………….

Just when I was being hesitant, I suddenly felt chills running off my spine.

Killing aura!

It came from in front of me!

Ji Lian Bing half-squinted her eyes, as if to tell me, if you still don’t feed me food to eat, I’ll pluck out your eyeballs and eat it! (purely my own imagination)

Under this sort of invisible-like pressure, I could only hastily hoist up a piece of mapo tofu to feed Ji Lian Bing…………but unexpectedly, an accident occurred.

Maybe it was due to me being nervous, anxious, and frightened, all these combinations of mixed emotions that caused my central nervous system to transmit the wrong information, causing my hand to had an effect of what we would describe it with a single word as ‘shaking’, double word as ‘frightfully shivering’, these kinds of unnatural event.

Afterwards…………the mapo toufu that was supposed to be fed into Ji Lian Bing’s opened mouth, just like that poked onto her cheeks.

I: “………..”

Ji Lian Bing: “………..”

Surrounding crowd: “………..”

Pa ta.

The tofu fell onto Ji Lian Bing’s lunchbox.

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m going to be killed! I’m going to be killed! Help!!

My both hands hugged my head as I did a protective stance, extremely terrified that the next second, Ji Lian Bing would use the chopsticks to stab my both eyes blind, but…………

Into my ears floated Ji Lian Bing’s voice, which sounded as gentle as a water.

“Are you alright? Cheng Jun? Was it somewhere on your body not feeling well? Your movements are very stiff, hmm? Do you need me to accompany you to the infirmary to take a look?”

Her voice was filled with concern, and didn’t had any trace of blaming at all, just like she really didn’t mind what had happened earlier, as she wholeheartedly cared about me.

Everyone was being touched by that gentle actions of hers, and to be honest, even I was feeling a little touched too. While thinking that whether previously deeming Ji Lian Bing to be a dangerous person was only all just a misconception, I opened my both hands and once again placed my vision back to in front of me…………

Misconception, my head!

Red, a bloody-red color, a scarlet red color, it’s the color that represents danger!

Ji Lian Bing’s status had changed from green into reddish!

I don’t know why I could seemingly feel a sense of heinous murderous aura of Ji Lian Bing’s from within that scarlet redness, no matter how much she displays an expression of concerned look for me, I could only feel that mood of her’s just wanting to kill me!

“N, nothing! I’m fine!”

“I see………..that’s great, then.”

Ji Lian Bing took out her napkin, wiped her cheeks and continued eating.

The extremely horrifyingly startling bloody-red color lasted for about 3 seconds, before once again returning back to greenish, but this green seemed to be slightly lighter than the earlier green’s……….

Does that mean, that she had slightly abated her anger?

Or does that mean, that she only temporarily pretended not to be mindful about it?

In any case, I don’t know about Ji Lian Bing’s real thoughts in her inner heart, but anyway, until lunch break had ended, she didn’t once more talked with me, at all.

And because I was being shocked stiff, I couldn’t had my lunch properly too either.

Just like that, the lunch break ended in such a bizarre atmosphere.

Plus, I could somehow vaguely feel that Ji Lian Bing seemed to be really angry already.

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