These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 12 - Yang-laoshi had transformed already

Volume 1, Chapter 12: Yang-laoshi had transformed already

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Nothing else happened during the afternoon, even if I was to leave the classroom, Ji Lian Bing also didn’t follow me along.

Looks like she was still resenting upon what happened in the canteen during noon.

But it’s better this way, completely and utterly hating me, plus never again being in contact with me would be the best development I had hoped for.

However, because of what happened at morning and at noon, no matter where I went to, I’ll always feel the gazes of people onto me. Most of them were curious glances, while some had fierce hostility in their stares………..

Although being stared at by people more of less would be a little uncomfortable, luckily no one came forward to cause any trouble at all………..just like that, time passed along half-joyfully yet half-melancholic until after-school hours.

I took out the proof note that Yang-laoshi gave me, and sat onto my seat with mixed feelings, not knowing on what to do.

The people in class were almost all gone, and only 7 or 8 still remained within, they were basically all boys. Our class’s aggregate results were considered to be rather high, of among the 40 people in here, 30 of them were in the front 100 of the school cohort. Speaking of which, Ji Lian Bing seemed to be the school cohort’s number 2……….

Ayy………..I really don’t want to go home.

Let’s first not talk about the stuff regarding Ji Lian Bing, there’re still two meimeis at home…………I really had no idea on how to face Xin Ran and Ke Ling.

To other people, I can display an act of uncaring attitude, but I can’t do that already towards my sisters. At least, when facing my family, I couldn’t be like in an already solitary state from the world, and it’s a must for me to actively communicate with my family members.

But this time, I really had no idea on what to do.

Question: Suddenly discovering an aloof meimei who would sneak into my blanket at night, being a gege, what should I do?

Answer ①: Just push her down!! Push her down! Hurry up and push her down! What are you thinking so much for, just push her down before saying!

Slap away, next answer.

Answer ②: Go find your meimei and have a one-to-one direct talk with her, interrogate her on why she would do that, and afterwards discuss a suitable resolution together.

I can’t, when facing my meimeis, I couldn’t bear to be that sternish, next.

Answer ③: Just take it as if you don’t know anything, and simply face them with your usual attitude.

Using this way, it would just only drag the problem to a next time, plus it didn’t even truly resolve it, and dragging it on wasn’t a solution in any case, next.

Answer ④: Umm, I don’t have any other answers already………

Since you don’t have then why the fluff did you answer it at all!

Aaaaaaaaa, An Jun Cheng you bastard, you’re a really useless piece of trash!

Just like that, I didn’t even think of how to resolve the matter regarding my meimeis, and right now, looking at it maybe I could only choose Answer ③…………but continually dragging on these sort of things would have something happening to it sooner or later………’s such a headache………….

Although Li Li-laoshi provided me with some proof notes, which allowed me to skip the night self-revisions and return home earlier, right now I’d rather participate in the night self-revisions than to return home earlier instead.

In the end, I had already unconsciously walked to the door entrance of the library.

But Yang-laoshi yesterday should have given everyone of us proof notes already, right; if it’s like that, then would she still come to the library today?

Forget it, since I’ve already walked to here, so I might as well take a look whether if it’s opened or not………..

Carrying this sort of trying feelings, I pushed open the entrance doors of the library, and the outcome was that it surprisingly wasn’t being locked at all.

Ji ya……….

Pushing open the library’s slightly ancient wooden door entrance, I walked into it, and the very first thing I saw sitting behind the service counter was Yang Li Li-laoshi.

I thought that the teacher would definitely skip work today, but she actually still came to work in the end…………which would mean that Yang-laoshi was indeed caring about the students, and it was why she provided me proof notes, right? What a good teacher she was.

Just when I was about to go greet Yang-laoshi, I’ve stopped at my current position, just after taking a few steps forward.

Because, I saw her status from afar.

[Pure-hearted type Succubus]

[Lilith · Sakebusu · Yinuosento]

fanart illustration by Babydalyn (discord)

What rarity, it’s my first time seeing a name that’s even longer than the title at all……… wait, who the hell are you! You aren’t even Yang Li Li-laoshi at all!

(TL: the title is half the length of the name in original text)

And why did you even had your name changed completely! Or was it that this was actually Yang-laoshi’s true name? ‘Yang Li Li’ was merely a fake name of the teacher?

But no matter how I looked at it, Yang-laoshi looked like a true-blooded asian! So why would she had such an ‘European’ name?

Up to now, those names that appeared under the title hadn’t appeared to be mistakes at all, and this was the first time I’ve met onto someone whose name that I couldn’t even match at all………..

“Lilith · Sakebusu · Yinuosento? What a long name, and speaking of which why would it be in three portions…………..ehh!”

Eh? Ehhhhh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

Because I couldn’t believe what happened before my eyes, and so I rubbed my eyes vigorously.

Right after I softly mumbled out Yang-laoshi’s new name, something that’s extremely bizarre suddenly happened.

She transformed!

That’s right, she transformed!

At that moment when I’ve read out the name, a white dazzling light emanted from Yang-laoshi, and after that brilliant light had vanished, Yang-laoshi had turned into another person!

A devilishly hot figure, long black hair akin to liquid ink, a set of extremely lustful-inducing upright breasts, watery-tender milky-white skin complexion, plus scarlet red pupils………….

No matter from what angle, it just kept attracting this male’s eyeballs of mine, and what attracted the most attention still was that…………horns on top of her head!

She actually grew out horns!

Plus her ears were long and pointy!

Why would Yang-laoshi suddenly turn into this state! No wait, right now it wasn’t even Yang-laoshi at all already! Who’s this curvaceously hot bodied babe! And where’s Yang-laoshi? Were you guys acting a live show of dramatic human changes, or was it just merely a position exchange?

But then what’s with that horns too! It must be those cosmetics used for cosplay, right! But the ears………..

“What the hell……….”

Even trying to forcefully vindicate to myself doesn’t feel like it had worked at all, and I was like an idiot, blankly standing at my current position, and my gaping mouth had already been unable to close itself up any more.

Just then, Yang-laoshi (?) also noticed me, as she glanced her head up, looked at me and greeted.

“Mm? Jun Cheng? Why did you still come here? Didn’t I give you quite a few proof notes yesterday already…………”

Even the voice wasn’t the same any more! Her originally rough and irritating voice had changed into a heartmelting type of voice, hearing it made people feel immensely soothed.

No wait, no wait!, calm down, right now wasn’t the time to admire babes, what’s important was to understand clearly onto what exactly happened!

That woman in front of me who completely had her appearance changed, wore an attire similar to Yang-laoshi; even the spectacles on her face were Yang-laoshi’s. Only that her looks had undergone changes, from the original’s 30 points into 300 points……….the maximum marks was only 100 points.

I dazedly walked towards the front of Yang-laoshi (?), and dumbfoundedly opened my mouth to ask.

“You are………..Yang-laoshi?”

“Er, it’s me indeed……….what happened? Was there anything on my face?”

She admitted! She actually admitted that she herself was Yang Li Li-laoshi! Plus it seemed like she completely didn’t notice her changes at all!

This woman who was entirely born from a pile of seductiveness, was it really that → ugly woman which no one wanted at all!

I must definitely had seen the fake teacher!

How could there be such a huge contrast? This essentially indicated that she had already been to Korea for plastic surgery, right?

As expected of one of the Four Great Sorceries of Asia, the prowess was indeed that impressive………..

No wait, no wait!, even if you could do a plastic surgery, you couldn’t replace off your entire body too, right!

How could that originally barren figure of Yang-laoshi’s which made people even pitied just from looking at it, change into an extremely voluptuously hot figure, plus having an atmosphere of alluring seductiveness already………..

After butting my inner words around wildly within my heart for half a day, I then twitched the edge of my lips as I asked the teacher: “Um, why did you change into this sort of appearance already………..”

“Mm? I changed into what kind of appearance? I didn’t even have any changes at all………….hold on.”

Yang-laoshi seemed to have noticed something amiss, for she then deeply frowned her eyebrows. Her pupils also suddenly turned from circlish to a very sharpened shape, just like a cat in daylight perking up it’s pupils, as a cold gaze of redness emanated from it.

“Jun Cheng…………right now in your eyes, what do I look like! Answer me honestly! No lying!”

“Err…………a sexy dàjiejie, I guess………..with grown horns too, and pointy ears…………”

Yang-laoshi blankly responded in return: “A sexy dàjiejie?”

I nodded my head.

Yang-laoshi pointed at her horns and asked: “With grown horns?”

I nodded my head twice.

Yang-laoshi pointed at her ears and asked: “…………..Pointy ears?”

I nodded my head repetitively.

Afterwards, Yang-laoshi blanked out for roughly 10 seconds, which then she suddenly exploded.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaa! Why?! The spell should not have lost it’s effects at all! Why is it being exposed! Uwaaaaaaa! I’ve actually been exposed in front of a student! I’m doomed right now! Waaaaahhhh!”

Yang-laoshi covered her ears up, as she hid her entirely red face deep into the pile of papers laid on the table.


My face was at a loss as I scratched my cheeks, not knowing on what to do.

What’s up with all of these………..

It’s like I’ve really seen onto a ghost already!

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