These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 13 - Being addressed as 'Master' already

Volume 1, Chapter 13: Being addressed as ‘Master’ already

TL: flarewk

After the teacher had crumbled just like that for a few minutes, she then entered into a trance-like silent mode.

I had the feeling that if I was to encounter the teacher at this timing, a very dangerous thing would happen…………my danger radar told me so.

And so I quietly, and stealthily moved my footsteps backwards…………just like that, walking out of the library then…………

Ka la!

The chair spranged away, and Yang-laoshi ferociously stood forward before pulling me, who had just only retreated 2 steps, back to her.



Yang-laoshi grasped my collar, and pulled me to right in front of her face…………Wah! that’s too close already! Her breasts were already sticking onto me!

But the teacher was seemingly in a state of panic to not even bother about this kind of minor stuff, as she used her scarlet red pupils to glare at me, while roaring: “Tell me! How did you break my illusion! When people normally see me they should see a look of an ugly woman, right! But how could you see through my original body!”

“Eeehhhhh…………I don’t know…………”

Even if you was to ask me, I also wanted to know about what happened too, what I did was to just read out that lengthy name once, and the teacher just changed into this form as a result……… can’t be that the teacher’s name was some kind of transformation incantation, huh?

“Don’t try to deceive me! Tell me! How did you achieve it!”

But my innocent demeanor didn’t buy the teacher’s trust, she still hysterically grabbed onto my shirt’s collar while angrily roaring.

“Eeehhh………..I really don’t know what’s going on at all, I suddenly could just see some strange texts above everyone’s heads. Like for example on teacher’s head was Lilith · Sakebusu · Yinuo………..”

“Wait wait! Don’t say it ou……….”

Yang-laoshi heard on and on as her face colors changed dramatically, as she hastily stretched out her hands wanting to cover my mouth. But I completely couldn’t react to it and just casually finished the last remaining two words, and by this time, it’s all too late already.

“Sento, huh?”

Another dazzling flash of white light once more, but this time the white flash not only emanated from Yang-laoshi, even my body was exuding out white glares. A sensation of boiling sultriness rushed up from the bottom of my legs, went through the stomach, chest, and eventually reaching my head. What happened next, was that my forehead felt like it had eaten too much ice-cream and had a brain-freeze, as it started to twinge agonizingly.

“Wah! What’s this?”



It’s even more painful compared to when my head was being struck by the unknown flying object! Aaaaaaaaa, just let me faint already! Quickly faint right now! Why was it just this time that I couldn’t lose away my consciousness at all!!

Just then, the teacher’s hand that were grasping my collar suddenly let go, and I who had lost my supporting then directly fell backwards and sat onto the floor, as both my hands hugged onto my head while I gritted my teeth, enduring this horrid agony.

When humans are feeling pain, your body’s sensation slowing down time around you was true indeed………..when would this exactly end!

After an unknownst period of time, my forehead and back were already drenched with sweat, and that sensation of my brains almost tearing itself apart slowly subsided…………I barely wrenched my eyes open, and I felt my vision still to be rather shaky. I shook my head about until the giddy sensation was slightly alleviated.

Supporting on the sides of the bookshelf as I barely stood up, I faced towards Yang-laoshi’s side and glanced over to her; her entire body was laid onto the table, and all the documents and books from the table were all being scattered over the floor.

I somehow felt that she was in a even more worse condition compared to me, but what was that just now? A mental assault?


I tried calling out the teacher, with the result of Yang-laoshi’s upper body convulsing for a moment…………somehow I had the feeling that it’s extremely bad, should I seize the chance right now and quickly leave this place?

Just when I was in a state of hesitation, Yang-laoshi slowly raised her head, with her head slightly raised up to cast looks downwards upon me, with her hair messily unkempt.

She looks to be even more crumbled than earlier, both her eyes were blood-shot with red lines; her pupils were originally already reddish, now with this red lines interconnecting together with it, she looked to be even more terrifying.

That really ruined such a pretty looking face already……….no, even if she was like that, she still looked rather attractive, this level of good-looking wasn’t just averagely high, huh.

“You, just now, right in front of me, said out my ‘true name’?”


What? What true name? Was she talking about that lengthy series of name? As expected, that’s Yang-laoshi’s original name, huh……….

“…………You actually………….you actually…………..”

Oh shit! I’ve a bad premonition about this!

From Yang-laoshi’s body exuded out a thick cloud of killing aura, same as at the canteen during noon time, when I’ve pissed off Ji Lian Bing!

Plus the teacher had already turned into a ‘red name’ status already!

The situation seemed to be extremely ominous, as Yang-laoshi’s face had an expression of being broken already!

“I’ll kill you!”

Yang-laoshi stepped onto the table and directly leaped upwards, as she ferociously pounced towards me, and I could see the pink dotted panties from underneath her office skirt clearly, I didn’t think that it would actually be such a childish set of panties…………nonono, now wasn’t the time to think of these at all!

She had already dashed towards me!

“Wahh! Don’t come near me!”

Because the giddy sensation still hadn’t completely vanquish off from earlier, and both my legs still were feeling a little weak as well, I couldn’t had the chance to flee at all, but could only bend downwards on the spot while clutching my head and loudly screaming.

………..One second, two seconds, three seconds had passed, but nothing happened at all?

Just when this thought appeared right inside my mind, I heard a thud! sound, as above my head resounded a sound of something crashing into it.

I opened up my eyes, and observed upwards of my head through the slits in my hands………..and what I saw was a messily haired Yang-laoshi who had her head knocked onto the side of the bookshelf. She knocked onto it especially forcefully, which resulted in the entire bookcase to have a piece of dent into it, while on the forehead of Yang-laoshi dripped strings of blood traces.


To see that Yang-laoshi had her entire body trembling as she retreated quite a few steps back, and finally she then erupted out like a volcano explosion!

Sitting onto the floor paralyzedly and wailing loudly…………


She cried extremely agonizingly, her tears were like beads which had their strings cut as they dripped, and her face was littered with teardrops.

She was sitting in a W shaped sitting position, her head slightly faced upwards, as the back of her hands attempted to brush off her tears, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t wipe them off; an extremely child-like way of crying. It created an extremely strong contrast with that mature outer appearance of hers, yet it didn’t seem to have any sort of weirdness into it at all. That delicately frail sensation could really make anyone wanting to just hug her into their arms and thoroughly soothing her.

Although I completely don’t understand why the teacher would suddenly fall into a state of collapse, I couldn’t just stand by and look at a woman sobbing there, right! Under the psychological effect that the entire world’s men would have developed in this kind of case as well, I actively approached Yang-laoshi who was paralyzedly sitting on the floor.

Of course, it’s not to hug her, but I only wanted to comfort her and ask about the reason too.

I believe that communication would be able to resolve any problem entirely!

Afterwards, when I stuck close to in front of Yang-laoshi, I’ve just thought of wanting to pat her shoulders and comfort her when she suddenly and directly grabbed onto my shirt collar, with her tears and mucus all about while wailing at me: “I doon’t want to live anymore alreadyyy! Now you’ll definitely do this and do that to me, and will want me to pose in such embarraaaassing postures toooo……….myy purity won’t be preserved alreadyyy!”

“Wait, wait a moment! Yang-laoshi, what are you talking about?! Calm down a little!”

“Uuu…….Aaahhh……..this reaction……….waaaaahhh!! As expected, as expectedd youuu……..!”

Wah! Her strength was extremely strong! Wait wait, slow down, don’t shake me any more, my head’s still a little giddy……….

My school uniform was about to be torn apart already!


And I saw my school uniform’s collar having a thin cracked line on it, afterwards, it instantly tore open all the way entirely from the shoulders down to the sleeves, plus this was my outer school jacket along with the singlet tearing apart together too!

Wahh, it really got torn apart! Why was the quality of the school uniform that lousy! No, why was your strength that strong!!

But even after tearing apart my clothes, Yang-laoshi still hadn’t stopped her actions, and continued to mutter some incoherent words.

“Why, why must it be you! It’s actually my student……….Uuu! Sobsobsob……….now I’m about to become a student’s play toy already………degrade to a student’s play thing, everyday being pa pa pa………..”

(TL: pa pa pa are sounds describing a certain R-18 action)

Although your appearance right now indeed could really entice anyone to do something towards you, but I won’t do that kind of things! I, An Jun Cheng wasn’t that kind of person at all!

I must let her understand about this!

With this kind of determination resolutely firming within my chest, I loudly yelled out.

“I won’t do anything towards you, alright!”

The wailing sounds stopped abruptly, and at the same time, the bell signalling the start of the night self-revisions rang.


Yang-laoshi dazedly stared at me, all the way till the ringing of the bell had ended, before unresistingly opening out her mouth.

“…………………………………..You really won’t do anything towards me?”

“Really! Really!!”

“You won’t ask me to use that sucking way of method to wake you up every morning every day, and won’t train me into your personal meat hole, and even not wanting me to use my body to serve some average-looking customers?”


What’s all of these nonsensical things!

Could you really face up to that ‘pure-hearted type’ prefixed title of yours? Why was your brain full of those kinds of thinking! These completely were scenarios from hentais, okay!

Don’t ask me on why I would know about the stuff called ‘hentai’, I was just merely playing my maid game, when I coincidentally knew about some unnecessary knowledge only……….cough, cough………

“I won’t! I absolutely won’t! But why would you have these kinds of thinking at all!”

“Because you men are all creatures that use your lower half of your body to think!! After getting sick of playing with a woman you’ll just kick her aside, and reduce her into a public bus, public toilet, public………..”

“Your this way of thinking was too extreme already! I admit that many men are supporters of outer appearances, and are creatures of sight, but there are people too who aren’t like that, me for example!”


“Really! It’s absolutely true! It’s even more truer than true bacteria! It’s even more true than true reason! It’s even more true than halal!”

(TL: In chinese, ‘halal’ had the same pronunciation as ‘true’, thus the pun here)

“Halal also have many people that seemed to be fake………..”

“Uhh…………in any case, I wasn’t lying to you at all!”

I didn’t think that there would be a day when I would grind my lips dry onto coaxing women……… can’t be that today was my destined day of troubles, right? If I had known, I should have just taken leave for today and not come to school then………..

“Teacher, have you seen me lying before? I, An Jun Cheng am a male who never ever lied before!”

These words were true, as I’ve never lied once before; those promises that I’ve made I’ll definitely keep onto them, the pledges that I committed I’ll definitely do my best onto fulfilling them, those events that I’ve sworn onto I’ll indefinitely persist on them. It’s because I’ve really looked onto promises and pledges to be extremely important, that’s why I won’t easily say out a promise as well, and they were decisions made after I’ve gone through long and hard considerations about them.


Yang-laoshi still had a look of unease onto her face.

Since it had come to this, in order to let Yang-laoshi believe me, I decided to make a sworn oath.

“Like this then, I swear that if I was to do any sort of trash-like behavior towards Yang-laoshi at all, I would instantly explode!”

The moment I said out those words, my brain then gave off a whoom! sound, and I developed a feeling of like something within being tied up.

I was still wondering what’s going on, when Yang-laoshi gave off a sound that could easily made people misunderstood.

“Nnnn~ nnnnn nnnnnnnn~”

What’s up with the sudden moaning…………even your face had gone red already…………

Uuu, I don’t know why, but I felt that it was a little of that ‘yellow’…………this look of Yang-laoshi was simply like a natural-born stunner, a seductive fox who could even cause countries to fall and people to be dying over fighting for her.

Luckily, I could already freely enter into a heart-calming ‘Sage mode’ anytime. No matter how good-looking she was, it’s all just a pinkish set of bones ultimately, as these were all short-lived.

Yang-laoshi glanced at me with mixed eye expressions, and finally regained back her composure, as she tided her messy clothes, standing up and unwillingly said out something that made me gape aghast widely.

“All right then…………I’ll just believe you this once, Master.”

“Mm, I told you already………..nngh?”

She, Yang-laoshi she, she, what did she just call me?


Mas, ter?

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