These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 14 - Made a girl cry already

Volume 1, Chapter 14: Made a girl cry already

TL: flarewk

Mustard? Muster? Must-stir?

………..No wait, what was being said just now out from the teacher’s mouth was indeed Mas (light, dragging pronunciation ) ter (dull, lowered pronunciation).

In my dictionary, something that could only fit this requirement, would only be that word ‘Master’ already.

Although I was very interested into maids, but because the game’s voice acting were basically all Japanese, so when I suddenly heard the chinese version of ‘Master’, I actually couldn’t even react to it at all………..Mm, but then again, it sounded quite nice in chinese too.


No waaaaaaaaaaaaait!

What’s important wasn’t this at all! What’s with that form of addressing!

Why did I suddenly become Master already!

Yang Li Li-laoshi, actually called me as Master?

This was only just a joke, right?

I had a face of mengbility as I pointed towards myself, as I dumbly repeated: “Master?”

Afterwards, I immediately thought that it was a wording trap, as usually after I’ve said out the above speech, the other party would be using ‘That’s right, I am your Master.’ this sort of way to take advantage of me.

But Yang-laoshi didn’t have any intentions of joking around at all, as she said unsmilingly: “Of course I’m calling you, you’re my Master, and we have already signed a Master-Servant contract between us.”

“Wait wait wait wait! What do you mean by ‘we have already signed a Master-Servant contract between us’ heeh! I simply don’t remember signing any such contract in the first place at all?”

After I’ve retorted back in such a way, the teacher unveiled out a horrified expression, with a hand clutching onto her mouth, and another finger pointing at me.

“You………………..didn’t you just now…………”

But before the teacher could finish what she was saying, the entrance doors of the library were being opened.

It’s one of the students who was usually together with me at the library doing night self-revisions, and she looked to be a little familiar, but in reality we hadn’t talked to each other before. This girl who was wearing a pair of spectacles with a ponytail hairstyle glanced at me and Yang-laoshi who was lying onto the floor, as she lifted up her spectacles with her finger and asked: “May I ask about what happened here?”

I hadn’t reacted at all when Yang-laoshi immediately responded: “Ahh, nothing at all, it’s just that we’ve accidentally knocked onto each other earlier.”

The response was very timely, and her facial expression changes were very natural, with the lie also quite casual-appearing. Looks like the teacher was very used to be dealing with these sort of situations, huh.

“Your clothes?”


Oh yeah, my clothes was being torn apart by Yang-laoshi already………..

“It’s when I was falling down earlier, I reactively grasped onto him then, with the outcome of accidentally tearing it apart…………ahaha, the school uniform’s quality nowadays are really quite bad…………”

“………….I see, then please let me help you to pick these up then. That side, An Jun Cheng-tongxue, could you come over and help out too?”

“Nn, ohhh! Coming right away.”

With my name suddenly being called out, I nervously stood up, and hurriedly rushed over to help pick up those documents that were scattered onto the floor.

She………..actually knew my name? That’s quite a rare sight, I thought that with such an especially obscure person like me, only the teacher would know about my name, huh.

Since the other party already knew my name, I at the very least should too understand the other party’s name, right?

With this kind of reciprocating mentality, while picking up documents, I secretly lifted my head up to peek towards the top of that girl’s head, let’s first not bother about those titles, but the name underneath the title should be correct.

[Reincarnated type Childhood friend]

[Bai Yu Hui]


Bai Yu Hui, huh…………what a strange name.

And her title was somewhat strange too, what does it mean by a ‘reincarnated type’? And a ‘childhood friend’ was referring to whose? Speaking of which, she shouldn’t be someone from my class at all, right. I didn’t expect that other than our class, there still would be such mysterious titles around.

Plus, her status was actually blue colored, this status system really was in a variety of colors, huh………..

Guhh, being too overly mindful of these kinds of things definitely won’t have anything good out of it, so I’d better act as if I didn’t see it then.

Bai Yu Hui placed the scattered documents back onto the service counter, and I too did the same as well, placing the floor-scattered documents back onto the desk.

“Ah, it’s alright already, just leave the rest to me. You two just go ahead and read some books then.”

“Alright, understood. Thank you for your help, An-tongxue.”

Bai Yu Hui didn’t mention any words at all regarding about the teacher’s changes, was she just acting as if she didn’t see it? Or does it mean that………..only I am able to see the teacher’s look after her transformation? Analyzing the nonsensical stuff that the teacher had said earlier, it’s very plausible for it to be the 2nd scenario. Only I being able to see it, huh…………just like those statuses too.

So I, as expected awakened some form of ability already?

After the night self-revisions ended I’ll go ask Yang-laoshi about it then, since she seems to know a lot of things too.

“No need for that, it’s only just a small matter. Thanks for your hard work too, Bai-tongxue.”

I also politely traded some courteous words with her, but I didn’t expect this courteousy act would courteous out problems instead.

To see Bai Yu Hui ferociously lifting her head up, as she used a sharp gaze to stare into my eyes, asking: “You………..know my name?”

“Eeehhhh? Umm, it should be Bai Yu Hui, right……… I mistakened about it?”

Oioioi, what’s with this reaction! Don’t tell me that it’s like Yang-laoshi again, it actually being a disguised name!

“No, you’re right that my name is indeed Bai Yu Hui…………but why did you know about my name? You don’t even know about me at all, right? No, you had never asked for my name directly from me before. Then that means you knew my name from others? And so why must you go ask about my name?”

Bai Yu Hui rambled non-stop intimidatingly as she closened towards me, and I retreated step by step all the way until I’ve reached the edges of the bookshelf, being completely speechless.


Why does everyone had this kind of reaction! Yang-laoshi was one thing, and now this Bai Yu Hui was also like that! Didn’t I just only called out a name only, must you be that mindful of it! Plus, I also didn’t say it wrong either! Looks like other than just titles next time, even for the names I mustn’t simply say it out anyhow already……….


“Quickly sit down and go read your books, remember to remain silent in the library, alright?”

Just when I had no idea on how to respond to it, Yang-laoshi timely said out such a sentence.

Bai Yu Hui evidently still wanted to say something, but in the end just pouted her lips as she walked away.

Phew~ You’ve helped me massively on it, Yang-laoshi.

Before leaving, she still looked at me extremely meaningfully, and her expression had indescribable mixed looks into it, afterwhich she then turned around to proceed to the other bookshelves to take some books. I too retrieved the sequel of the manga that I was reading yesterday, and sat onto my usual seat.

The long tables in the library had 6 seatings on both sides, and usually I would sit at the most inwards seat, while Bai Yu Hui would normally sit at the seat directly at the corner edge of mine………..which was the furthest seat away from me as well.

But today, she unknowingly sat right in front of me!

After Bai Yu Hui casually flicked open a few pages of her book, she held it up and read it……….except that her vision doesn’t seem to be on the book at all.


I had no idea why those people that came to the library for night self-revisions today would only be both me and Bai Yu Hui, as there usually would be four to five people around, so why did they not come by today at all?

It can’t be that they weren’t coming especially just for today, right? Although we don’t know each other at all, but we at the very least were good comrades that spent our days inside the library together!!


I’d say…………go and read your book properly, why must you keep looking at me? Was there really anything interesting onto my face? It can’t be that my face had flowers growing on it already, eh?



Teacher! There’s someone who kept staring at me!

Why do you keep looking at mee! I’m also not a somewhat rare animal too! This time of piercing gaze really made me feel extremely uncomfortable! Didn’t I just say out your name only! What’s so strange about that!

Plus, didn’t you also know about my name too! Only allowing yourself to know my name, but not permitting me to know about your name? That’s too unreasonable already!

Huuhuuuu…………it really made me so mad!

Aaaaaa! I’m so depressed!

I really want to just shout out loudly!

Spitting out all the unreasonably vexatious horrids that I’ve suffered today!

I had enough already! What’s the matter with all of these!

But of course, if I was to really shout it out, I won’t be An Jun Cheng then.

At most, I’ll just vent it out a little within my heart, being stared at so be it being stared at then, I’ll just take it as being stared at by a puppet.

I’ve been too used to be ignored usually, and suddenly being so brazenly stared at by someone, I felt extremely discomforted, and my entirety became rather unnatural.

I couldn’t focus my attention at all, and was very mindful onto the other party’s gaze. I’ve never knew before that a person’s gaze could actually be so prickly, maybe that sentence of ‘using your eye gaze to kill someone’ may actually be true………..or maybe it’s just me being slightly mental already, but in any case it’s rather awful.

A while later, the vexating feeling subsided a huge half off; as expected, time could soothe everything………..Emptying my mind, and after I threw away all those nonsensical stuff out of my head, we humans could indeed be way more relaxed as long as we don’t go bother about those stuff that worries us. It’s said that foolish people had foolish luck, and I think that it’s quite logical too.

Just like that, as long as I could return home and beautifully get a good sleep, tomorrow I’ll definitely recover back to normal!

Yup, as long as I could beautifully (美美 měi měi) get a good sleep………..beautifully (美美 měi měi)…………meimei!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I forgot I still had that troublesome matter!

Speaking of which, didn’t I ran to the library just because I don’t want to return home! Why did I forget such an important matter at all!

If Xin Ran would secretly creep into my room again tonight, how the fluff would I be able to sleep at all!

I’m doomed, now I’ll definitely have my mental condition being severely weakened!

I hugged my head and gave off a silent whimper, as I felt uncomparably frantic onto needing to return home to face my meimeis after the night self-revisions had ended.

Right now, I can only pray that either Laomā or Laobà had already returned home……….

Messy thoughts once again floated within my mind, and I felt my white hair amount increasing already………..just then I realized that, the me previously was in such happiness, being able to peacefully and unworriedly spending my days were the most precious of them all! Why was I even complaining about it earlier?

A piece of note slid along the table over to my side, and appeared right in my vision.

I lifted my head to look towards Bai Yu Hui, right now there’s only 1 person nearby me, and the person who could only pass a note to me would definitely be her already.

It’s 80 percent likely that she would want to continue interrogating me about why I would know her name, right? It’s so vexating! At this kind of crucial moment already don’t go ahead and increase my worries! It’s just a name only, what’s there to be so mindful about it!

Although my mood was rather terrible, but I still picked the note and opened it up.

With the outcome being different from what I’ve thought, on it didn’t had any inquiry on the matter of how I would know her name, although it’s still a question somewhat…………but this question instead made me scratch my head in confusion.

<Have you dreamed it?>

What the hell was this………..

It’s a question that completely made no heads or tails that made me not even sure where to start thinking at all.

Have you dreamed it? Dreamed what?

I didn’t even sleep yesterday night?? Mm…………but if you really want me to say about it, it’s only that I lost my consciousness after being struck fainted by an unknown flying object last night, but I didn’t had any dream at all during that time………..

I deeply frowned my eyebrows, and glanced up to look at Bai Yu Hui.

She had an extremely and utterly serious expression on her face as she stared at me, with her spectacles being taken off, and her ponytail being untied as well; her eyes full of eagerness within them.

Just then, I realized that she actually was that pretty………..there’s a kind of refreshing innocent atmosphere of a neighboring meimei from her.

She must had been looking forward to a comfirmative answer, but I indeed didn’t dream about anything in the first place. I can’t lie at all, not even when this would definitely disappoint her.

In the end, I could only shake my head.

Bai Yu Hui’s face expression instantly drained out all of her colors, turning into a sheet of whiteness, as her fingers which was clutching onto the book slightly trembled, her upper teeth bit onto her lower lips, seemingly resisting something.

She finally then laid onto the long table, and buried her face deep within her arms……….

Oioi, it can’t be that she cried already, right……….

With the result of until the night self-revisions had ended, Bai Yu Hui didn’t lift her head up entirely at all.

The moment the after-lesson bell rung, I couldn’t resist the urge to stand up and stretch my hands towards her………..I had no idea why I would do this kind of reaction too, as a somewhat incomprehensible feeling drove me onto wanting to comfort her.

I walked to Bai Yu Hui’s sides, and gently patted her shoulders and asked: “Are you alright?”

“………..Si, si…………”

The sound of sniffling ensued, as Bai Yu Hui raised her head up, frantically wiped off her tears, finally grabbing her bag and leaving the library without even looking at me once.

She…………really cried, huh………….

Although I completely don’t understand what the hell’s going on, but I could feel my conscience being rebuked strongly. My instinct told me to go chase after her, catch up with her and grab onto her hands. But in the end, I still didn’t go after her, and only dumbly stood at my original position. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that even if I was to chase after her right now I’ll definitely not be able to catch up to her……….

Was it my answer that had made you cry already? And why would I feel from you, a ‘stranger’, a sense of ‘familiarity’?

Bai Yu Hui, who exactly were you?

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