These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 15 - Enough joking around already

Volume 1, Chapter 15: Enough joking around already

TL: flarewk

I dazedly stood at my original spot, while looking at the half-opened library door entrance with mixed feelings.

What happened exactly?

Was it because the situation of me seeing a girl crying caused me to develop pity for her already…………I really don’t understand.

Yang-laoshi had approached my sides unknowingly, and was like me, looking towards the entrance of the library while murmuring impressedly: “I’ll say, Master, what did you do? You’ve actually made Bai Yu Hui cry………..that extremely strong-willed girl could actually cry, it’s such a bizarre event.”

“I didn’t do anything at all…………eh! Speaking of which, teacher, why did you call me Master!”

But the teacher didn’t answer my question, as her body shook for a moment, then her hand supported on her forehead and saying to me: “Nnn…………! Don’t call me teacher first!”


Waiting while Yang-laoshi pinched her philtrum, and after she regained back to her senses, she said: “Just now I’ve thought about it already…………Master, you can’t be just a normal person, right?”

“What do you mean by can’t be, you should change that! That sentence of yours is very impolite! If you are to say that I, An Jun Cheng am what kind of person at all………….”

“Eyy? That means………..”

“I’m a completely and utterly normal person!!”

“Haaaa…………lemme tell you, I’m just this expression right now.”

Yang-laoshi became like a ball which had deflated its air out, flipping a white eye, with the edge of her lips collapsing downwards, as she unveiled an extremely disgusted expression.

Oioioi! Teacher, were you looking down on normal people now, huuh! Let me tell you, this world was being constructed by normal people, alright! The world’s normal people’s population of the entire human race was 98 percent in total, alright!

But on the contrary, the teacher quite simply believed me this time, as she stroked her chin and started to ramble.

“But, where did you manage to obtain the information about my true name? Only my mother knew about my true name…………and it’s impossible for her to reveal my true name out, so where did you know about it? It can’t be that you could read minds? No, it can’t be that too, a normal mind reading shouldn’t have any effect on us at all…………plus there’s not even a little magic on your body at all.”


I unveiled an eye expression of complete loss as I looked at Yang-laoshi, and gave out an extremely long questioning sound.

Of course, its not that I don’t understand what Yang-laoshi was saying, but it was just that the constructed worldview that I lived up to now had been struck by a second devastating blow………..

Mind reading?


These kinds of unscientific things really existed?

Although I really want to deny within my heart these things that would practically destroy my daily life, but with that look of Yang-laoshi right in front of me with that pointy ears and sharp horns, it really made me unable to continue deceiving myself.

Those names and titles that I’ve seen…………were………….real, huh………….

That horrifying truth made me feel shivers about my entire body.

Those things that were being taken as delusions and mentally unsound were confirmed to be true right now, and I actually was at a loss and completely unaware of it at all.

“And so, since Master is a normal person, how did you know about my name?”

“Um, I don’t know anything at all………..”

I hate those stuff that I don’t understand at all, stop destroying my common sense already!

“Enough joking around already, how could you not know! Didn’t you just ignore my illusion, see through my true identity, plus you even said my real name! But right now you actually told me that you don’t know anything at all? You managed to see my appearance, yet still dared to say that you don’t know anything at all! How about you tell me right now then, what kind of appearance did you see me as?”


“You knew it indeed!”

I only just read out that title only though…………I didn’t expect it to be actually real…………

Yang-laoshi………….was really a succubus.

And that means, all those titles that I saw were highly probable to be real too.

Continuing to build on that foundation, the truth would be completely different already. Xiao Zhen-laoshi would really be a human clone, Ji Lian Bing would really be a homicidal maniac that loves corpses, while my classmates were really all a bunch of freaks, and the most important point of all was………..

My meimeis…………were really brocons!


I clutched my head, and stretched a palm out towards the teacher, as I slightly pulled back my distance away from her, saying: “Wait wait, right now, my head’s slightly a little confused, let me sort it out a little…………”

Analyzing according to what the teacher had just said earlier, it’s because that I’ve said the teacher’s ‘true name’, which caused to form some sort of contract between the two of us.

Indeed, in some western fantasy novels there often would be scenes of demons appearing, afterwhich they would be submissive towards the main character when their true names were known. So that means Yang-laoshi, being a succubus also had a similar characteristic as well.

“And so, because I called out your true name, that’s how I became your owner?”

“That’s right, you called out my true name right in front of me, and after I heard you speaking it out, the contract had been formed. Didn’t you feel a series of head pains earlier? That was the scenario of a contract forming, but only because your’s and my mental strength’s gap were too big, which was why a situation of forced balancing reparation occurred…………”

“Forced balancing reparation?”

“Yes, it tore off a piece of my mental strength and stuck it onto your mental condition. Normally, the side who had a stronger mental strength would rely on their true name in order to dominate over the side who had a weaker mental strength. So even if you knew my true name, by right the contract shouldn’t be able to form at all…………but a contract actually formed in the end, and it even took away my mental strength and spilt it with you………..sobsobsobsob…………”

As Yang-laoshi went on and on, perhaps she felt that she was too wronged already, for then she started ‘hua la la’ crying out once more.

Why did you start crying again…………please, stop crying already! You’re a teacher, eyy! Was it really alright to be in such a state of inappropriateness in front of a student!

“Wait, please don’t cry! What should I do in order to return the mental strength back to you?”

“…………..You want to return it to me?”

“Of course! I have no inclination at all to take away whatever that’s yours!”

Yang-laoshi used her fingers to wipe away her tears, she sniffled before saying: “Si, si………..both of our mental conditions are connected together already, it cannot be spilt apart from each other anymore, so even if you want to return it to me there’s no way of doing too. Unless when you die, the contract will naturally be lifted, and those portion of mental strength that belonged to me will return then, are you willing to go die for me?”

“Errr, that’s a little difficult…………”

“That’s why I’m your servant before you’re dead…………oh right, just call me Li Li next time, or Lilith too is fine, since that’s my original name.”

“Then, Li Li-laoshi?”

“Nnn aaaahh………….Don’t! Don’t call me teacher!”


I’ve just only called you a teacher once, must your entire face be so blushingly red and give out such a strange moan………….

“Right now, I’m your servant, so you mustn’t use ‘Teacher’, this sort of respectful addressing towards elders. If you call me ‘Teacher’ once, I’ll be…………given a little punishment, so just call out my name directly instead. And right now it’s better for you to start calling my name, even within your heart too! Once you’ve gotten used to it then you won’t call it out wrongly again!”

“O-oh, got it…………Yang-lao…………”

Just going along with the flow and nodding my head, I had the outcome of accidentally nearly saying out the few words of ‘Yang-laoshi’.

I managed to correct it in the nick of time after being ferociously glared at.

“Cough cough, got it, Li Li.”

This stuff called ‘habit’ was really such a scary thing…………looks like I’ll have to really change the addressing within my heart as well to Li Li already. In order to let the teacher not suffer from indescribable punishments, it’s better for me to quickly get used to the new addressing instead.

“Don’t ever expose my true name to other people, okay! Although I had already recognized you as my owner, but if other people were to know my true name, my power will be weakened, and it’s possible that they may place a curse on me as well! So please never ever tell other people again about it, okay!”

“Rest assured, I guarantee that I’ll never tell anyone at all! Even if you tear away my mouth, I won’t speak it out too!”

“Another point is, if you want to do those embarrassing things with me, I’ll counter back with all my might and die along wit………aaaaaaaa!”

She hadn’t finished her sentence, when Yang……….Li Li seemed to had gone epileptic and kept vigorously shaking about nonstop, and with a ‘pu tong’ sound she fell onto the floor, hugging her body as she twinged about.

“……….Uuu, uuu………..even threatening aren’t allowed too?………..huuu…………huuuuuuu………….”

Li Li hugged her chest as she collapsed sideways onto the table, panting huge mouthful of breaths, with her breasts also bouncing up and down in tandem. The sweat on her forehead glistened under the light, the red blush from her face still hadn’t dispersed yet, as she half-squinted her eyes, with a trace of saliva left dripping from her mouth’s edge……….

Wahh……… seductive………….

How could this person be so…………wahh………….

So this was the prowess of a succubus, huh………….

I forcefully steadied my inner thoughts, turned my head around not to look at Li Li, and slightly awkwardly said: “Didn’t I swear just now already, rest assured, I won’t do anything to you at all.”

“That’s true…………you swore just earlier too, if you’re to go against it, you’ll explode………..”

“Eh? I’ll really explode?”

“Of course! You made a ‘vow’ towards me, and this vow would be fiercely carried out by the contract, okay!”

This was really dangerous, luckily I only said explode, if I was to said being struck by the five lightning elements of nature and so on, won’t I be dead on the spot already? No wait, exploding was also very serious too!

Forget it, anyway I indeed don’t plan to do any human-trashlike actions at all in any case. Humph, to a knight like me, of course this kind of vow won’t have any sort of effect at all!

“Since it’s like that, then there’s no need for you to be so cautious of me already, right.”

Li Li pressed onto her chest, and seemed to be slightly assured, as she nodded her head to thank me.

“Mm, thank you………..Master.”

“I’ll say, Yang-, urkk………..Li Li, can’t you not call me Master at all? We are still in a teacher-student relationship eyy………..”

It can’t be that she would have to always call me Master in the future?

Although I really want to experience the feeling of being called Master by maids, but being called Master by teacher and whatnot, ehh, it’s too strange already.

“I also don’t want to call you Master too! But because of the contract, I must use a respectful addressing towards you.”

Oh, no wonder. But calling Master would still be too disastrous already, weren’t there any other replacement solutions at all? Like other addressings and so on………..

“Uuu…………got it. Try calling me ‘Cheng Jun’ and see how it goes.”

I suddenly remembered the situation previously of Ji Lian Bing casually saying my name in reverse.

The word ‘Jun’ could also represent a honorific suffix as well, so calling me Cheng Jun shouldn’t be any problem at all then.

“Cheng Jun…………aah, it really worked!”

Li Li tried saying it out, and this time she didn’t incur onto any punishment, as well as giving off any H sound. Looks like this addressing was also grudgingly within the safe limits as well.

Although it felt a little discomforting to have my name being called in reverse, but it’s way better than being called as Master.

Think about it, what if there’s a certain day when I meet Li Li at the school building, and Li Li habitually opened her mouth to say ‘Master!’ once more………….that scenario would be too unscrupulous already. There definitely would have some kind of a ‘Disgustingly ruthless student who trained a female teacher’ rumor on the very next day.

“In any case, Teac-, cough, Li Li, just call me me Cheng Jun.”

After resolving the addressing issue, I started to ask the teacher about a few things.

I tilted my head to the left, and puzzedly asked: “Well, Li Li, what’s exactly going on with you?”

Li Li then tilted her head rightwards, equally replying me purplexedly: “Mm? What do you mean by what’s exactly going on?”

I tilted my head to the right, and gave off an even more clearer question: “It’s about that issue of………..why would a succubus be in a school?”

Li Li was like a mirror who did the exact tilting action in contrast to me as she replied: “What do you mean by why, I’m just the teacher of this school………..”

“………..I mean, why would a succubus be a teacher!”

“I graduated from Normal University, so of course I went to be a teacher afterwards.”

“Why would your response be so normal! Aren’t you a succubus!”

Shouldn’t it be a little more magical! What’s exactly going on when suddenly it became such a normal reply!

“I’m indeed a succubus, but that’s also nothing much big of a deal too…………it’s just like the difference between a white person and a yellow person, with only a slightly bigger difference compared to you all, so there’s no need to be in such a ruckus over it.”


It’s me who was in such a ruckus over it already?!

A creature like a succubus would actually be just a special kind of person only?!


What kind of hellish joke was this!

It’s clearly not even the same creature type at all, a’iteeee!

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