These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 16 - Charm level became higher already

Volume 1, Chapter 16: Charm level became higher already

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“If I am to say it, I really wish to be a normal person too…………this set of body is really too annoying already, sigh………..”

Li Li gave off a long sigh of breath, and unveiled a look of troubled expression.

I could often see this kind of expression too, as everytime Laomā returned home from work, she would always had this sort of face. Plus, she would rub her shoulders as well while saying being tired and whatnot, winking her eyes at me, hinting me to help her massage her shoulders and so on.

Right now, Li Li was like the same as well, squinting her eyes while secretly looking at me, seemingly really wanting to rant about her troubles.

Alright, let me just hear about it then, although it’s possible that I couldn’t help her out with it at all.

“Um, what do you mean by it exactly?”

“Because I’m a succubus, heeh, whenever male creatures see my true appearance they’ll always develop some rather impolite reactions, and so usually I have no choice but to use a few small illusions in order to conceal my true appearance.”

I see, so that’s why beforehand I would be seeing that look of an ugly woman, it’s all because of her being considerate of other people, since it’s rather embarrassing to have an erection amongst the crowd.

“But, if it’s just only glancing, it shouldn’t be that much of a concern, right?”

“Even if it’s just looking it’s quite serious! When I was going to elementary school, I still didn’t know how to use illusions, with the result of an uncle in the midst of driving kept staring at me, and ended up having a traffic accident, but luckily no one died…………”

“A passive seducing effect, huh…………”

Even when she’s at elementary grade, she already had that sort of killing prowess, huh, that’s frightening.

And to a lolicon uncle, that’s like having a multiplied effect of killing prowess. Oh crap, I suddenly felt like wanting to see what would Li Li look like when she was a child already.

I must properly thank the person who taught Li Li illusions on how to disguise her looks, if not, with this kind of humanoid breasts machine walking onto the streets, it’s definitely a military-strategic level interference already, as long as anyone saw it they would then lose their movement abilities, and would result in a huge havoc occurring.

“Plus, if someone is to be accidentally touched by me it’ll be even more disastrous. When I was in middle school, the person sitting at the same table as me only just brushed across my hand, and he on the spot……….cough…………”


Li Li awkwardly coughed for a moment, and I also too coughed for a while.

About what exactly happened, even if she doesn’t plan to continue saying it, I’ll still be able to guess it out.

This friend of ours was also quite pitiful, having being left a lifetime’s black stain just from middle school onwards; probably the term ‘Quick shooter’ would have accompanied his entire school life thereafter.

Please allow me to make a expression of sadness.

Speaking until this part, Li Li suddenly seemed like as if she had remembered something, as she used an expression like she had just discovered a new continent, wide-eyed gawking at me and said: “Speaking of which, Cheng Jun seemed to react rather calmly too.”


Why does it not have any effect at all? I too also felt that Li Li right now looked to be extremely sexy, heeh.

“It did have an effect, you see, I dare not even look directly at you already.”

“Liar, your face isn’t even red at all!”

“This is called having an unchanging facial expression.”

“Then how about below? Has it hardened already?”


“That’s the same as it not having any effect at all then! Not even having a psychological effect at all, Cheng Jun……… can’t be that your an ED, right………..”

“Shut up! It’s just that my resistance was only slightly stronger!”

She actually said that I’m an ED, I too am a healthy male high school student, eyy! It’s just that my self control was slightly higher only!


Why did she suddenly not talk anymore?

Ohh, it can’t be that because I said to shut up, so that’s why she couldn’t speak already, huh. The effects of this contract was really frightening indeed, no wonder Li Li just now would had have such delusions earlier, so it’s because that she would need to absolutely obey my orders.

I suddenly had an extremely lamentful feeling……….

“You can speak already.”


Li Li displeasedly puffed up her cheeks, as she stuck out her tongue towards me, it looked to be rather cute.

It’s really a case of ‘changing a face and the entire person would become different’ already, for if that previous appearance do that sort of action, it would probably made people feel rather disgusted instead.

“By the way, you haven’t told me yet, on how did you exactly know about my true name.”

“About thaat, it’s just that yesterday night I’ve been struck unconscious by an unknown object, and after I woke up I turned into being able to see other people’s names and titles…………for example, your title is a pure-hearted type succubus, while the name is the ‘true name’ that you said, and right now it’s still on your head, huh, I can still see it.”

If I was to say that anything was different from earlier, it would be the red-colored name status had finally disappeared, but it didn’t go back to being green colored, it instead became blue.

Same color as Bai Yu Hui’s.

Li Li hugged her chest as she nodded her head, closing her eyes as she pondered for a moment, saying: “So it’s like that, huh, just like those urban fiction novels, awakening some sort of ability, mm? Being able to see other people’s name and titles, it’s such a strange ability, heeh. But being able to see the true name, it’s simply just like the nemesis of demons; who knows, Cheng Jun may even be the legendary Demon King too~! Hahahaa………….don’t glare at mee………..I’m just joking only…………”

I thought that Li Li would know what’s going on with this ability of mine, but the result was her having a look of hearing it for the first time as well, and spouted out a load of meaningless rubbish.

It’s really disappointing.

So as expected, I still have to depend on myself to analyze about this, huh………..

Being able to see statuses starting from early this morning, to be specific, I’ve been struck unconscious by something while I was in the park puzzling notes together, and after waking up I became able to see these then.

And so, there were 3 kinds of possibilities that made me develop this ability.

① Just like what Li Li had said, after being struck onto the head, I’ve awakened some form of ability.

② The thing that struck onto my head was perhaps a sort of meteorite or a stuff like that, which awakened my inner potential or something.

③ The inverse pentagram at the back of the note………….

Oh yeah! That note Li Li gave me, the pattern behind the note had vanished! Since magic really existed, then that must be some kind of a magic circle!

Managing to find a crucial lead, I then immediately pressed onto Li Li’s shoulders and anxiously asked: “Do you remember about those pieces of notes that you gave me yesterday, it had an inverse pentagrams drawn behind it! What did you do exactly?!”

“Uuuu, that, so you’ve discovered it, huh…………”

“So it’s you who did it, right!”

“It’s indeed me who did that, but that’s merely a low level charm magic circle! The effects was to make you be slightly more popular with the opposite gender only……… didn’t have any other effects, and had no harm towards you at all! Plus, I even purposely divided it into pieces, to let the effects of the magic circle be weakened, in order to make it not affecting onto your life. Ultimately, it’s just to make your charm level slightly higher a little, to only let others have a better impression of you!”

“Ha? Just like that? Why would you do this kind of thing?”

“Because………..Cheng Jun you usually helped me quite alot tooo. And so afterwards I just thought of wanting to repay you back and so on………..then I just felt that you who usually don’t have any friends would definitely want a few, and so I just came up with the idea of casting a little magic to make you slightly more popular………’s absolutely not wanting to harm you at all, alright!”

It sounds to be quite reasonable, and it doesn’t seem to be a lie too. It’s not only because of my personal instinct, but basing on that what Master-Servant contract to determine onto it. If she was to say a lie to me, there should be some form of incurred punishment, and thus, I was able to know that this wasn’t a deception at all.

A repayment just for me onto helping her tidying the bookshelves and carrying stuff daily, huh………..such a busybody, haah. Although it was an action of good intentions, but its outcome had disrupted my daily life already.

“By the way, would that magic circle’s effect disappear after it activates?”

“It won’t, it’s activated as long as the holder carries on to it. I was thinking that if you didn’t come for night self-revisions, you’ll be handing up a piece of signed note, and that way, the effects of the magic circle will naturally weaken, and ultimately completely lose it’s effects. And I estimated that by that time, you should have already made a friend by then.”

“But, after I had it for not too long last night, that magic circle just disappeared………..”

I took out the signed notes from my pockets, and flipped all of them to it’s back, revealing a blank space of whiteness for her to see.

Li Li also became extremely shocked, as she grabbed onto my hand and lowered her head, approaching near me in order to carefully look at those notes.

“Huhhh?! How can it be! Why did the magic circle disappear? Hold on, let me try to sense it…………huh?”

“What happened?”

“Umm, that magic circle seemed to be inside Cheng Jun’s body………..”


Li Li was trembling as she stretched out her finger and pointed at my forehead, saying: “To be precise, it’s in your head………..and I don’t know why the charm magic circle would transfer there too.”

I hastily clutched onto my forehead. Even though I knew that by doing this it wouldn’t let me feel anything at all, but I still did it regardless.

The charm magic circle ran into my head already?

My charm level became higher already?

I don’t know why, but I suddenly remembered Ji Lian Bing who mysteriously developed an interest towards me………..

She can’t have been affected by the effects of this magic circle, right………..

An ominous feeling hovered around my heart, causing me to feel gastric pains.

I suddenly felt that, I may not be able to return back to the midst of my original life already.

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