These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 17 - I'm almost dying of tiredness already

Volume 1, Chapter 17: I’m almost dying of tiredness already

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“Perhaps this magic circle stimulated my brain, thus making me able to see unique statuses, I guess.”

“I’m still not so sure………’s my first time seeing a situation of magic circle transferring too, I’ll go look for my mother tomorrow to ask her then.”

“Tomorrow? Tomorrow’s a Friday, are you going to take leave?”

“No need for that, my mother is also in this school as well.”

“Eyy? She’s also a teacher of this school?”

“She’s not a teacher, she’s the principal, the principal of this high school is my mummy~”


The succubus teacher’s mom was actually the principal?

Then that means the principal was also a succubus?!

I remembered that the principal should be entirely white haired plus looked to be a rather capable middle-aged man……… in the end, that appearance was actually an illusion?!

“The recent 3 incarnations of principals were my mother disguised as them, heeh. There are many other ‘non-humans’ too also concealing their true appearance and living amidst human societies, and who knows, Cheng Jun’s classmates may have such people around too.”

If it’s my class, I think that roughly more than half of them weren’t even human.

I seemed to know some things that I shouldn’t be able to know about……… time, I’ll just pretend as if I had no idea at all then.

“Oh right, Li Li, I still have an issue that I don’t quite understand. Those titles and names that I saw had different colors on them, any ideas to what’s exactly going on?”

About the issue regarding colors, it had been plaguing me for a long time already, and if my ability was caused by that what magic circle appearing, then Li Li should more or less know about some information regarding colors.

“Colors? You’re saying that the statuses that you see are still divided into different colors as well?”

“Yeah, most of the people were white-colored, while yours looked to be blue………..oh, when I saw it earlier it was still green, right now it became blue already.”

“It sounds like a little of our demons or angels colors which we use to differentiate emotions.”

“Demons and angels………..”

Right now, asking ‘Does that kind of thing really exist?’ once more would be really too foolish already.

Speaking of which, there seemed to be an [Intern Angel] in our class too.

But Li Li seemed to know about the issue of colors, that’s a great relief to hear.

“Yep, we’re always using this method to differentiate emotions. There are normally 3 kinds of color, white refers to strangers being completely unrelated at all, green refers to friends who had good relations with you, and blue’s are those close relatives whom you are able to place your trust into.”

So as expected, green was pointing to friends, huh, then Ji Lian Bing’s status turning to green would mean that she only really thought of wanting to be friends with me? But being friends with a homicidal maniac………..that scenario would have me turning into an accomplice then.

The expected outcome was still the same, it’s best to stay far away from Ji Lian Bing, and not get into contact with her completely.

Another thing was also about Bai Yu Hui, since I don’t even know her at all, why would her status be blue-colored? Having emotions akin to a family towards a stranger like me?

What a weirdo.

Forget it, let’s just ask about what’s the representational meaning of the other colors first then.

“Then what about other colors? Like grey colors, black colors, pink colors…………red and whatnot…………”

“That’s the temporary color changes that I’m about to say next, grey normally would be jealousy, or scorn these types of negative emotions, and when these negative emotions deepen even further, they will turn to black’s hatred, or disgust. To say it simply it means their favorable impression of you had dropped to the negatives already.”

“I see………”

As expected, what I felt previously in the canteen were indeed ‘jealousy-enviousness-hatred’ personalities, huh………….looks like I must be careful next time, when the other party’s status turned grey or black, to not suffer the wrath of that person then.

“As for pink and red…………Uuu, Cheng Jun, you actually saw pink-colored statuses before?”

“Eh, why? What’s wrong with pink or red-colored ones?”

Although I already had an approximate guess within my heart, but I really hoped that my guess would be wrong………..

And what followed quickly thereafter, was Li Li still saying out the truth that were almost the same as with my guesses.

“That might not be the case. Pink refers to the emotion of love, and I thought that a person like Cheng Jun who doesn’t even have any friends at all, would definitely not have a girlfriend as well……..,..”

“………….I indeed don’t have a girlfriend………..”

“Then it should be one-sidedly having feelings for you then, was it the magic circle that’s been working already?”

The statuses that had pink colors in them were…………my two meimeis.

Both meimeis having feelings that’s over the borders of blood-relations, huh………..the title’s ‘bro-con’ was real then.

Oh crap, I actually felt a little happy………….I can’t endure the urge to laugh!

I’m hopeless already, why am I being so happy! It’s good that I know my meimeis weren’t hating or rejecting me, but having special feelings for me were also quite troublesome as well!

I don’t want to visit german orthopedics at all!

“As for red colors…………”

“Killing auras, right.”

“That’s right, it’s indeed killing auras………..Uuu…………my status just now had turned red, right? Umm, earlier I was only…………”

“I understand, no matter who met onto this kind of situation, they would also want to kill, right?”

Thinking in another set of shoes, if it was me who suddenly had a Master whom I must listen to his every beck and call, I definitely would go insane too. Hence I expressed out that I completely was able to understand it.


“Then being as compensation, let me stay at your house tonight.”

“Eyy?! What, what, whaat! If, if you are to do anything to me at all, you’ll explode, okay! But, if you command me to let me help you do it, then it won’t be counted as ‘doing any sort of trash-like behavior to me’………..are you trying to sneak into this loophole! I, I won’t ride on your body and serve you, okay!”

Here she goes again, what was this succubus exactly deluding about at all………..speaking of which, I hadn’t even thought about this loophole eyy. So if I was to lay a command onto you, it then won’t be considered as a trash-like behavior, huh? Were you purposely letting me know about this………..

“I’m just kidding, now it’s already 9.30, it’s nearly time for me to go home.”

“Eyy? Wait, you’re going back in this state?”


Oh right, my shirt had been ripped apart, looks like the strength of a succubus was way stronger than humans.

“Can’t you use magic somewhat to repair it?”

“Where would there be such a convenient magic………..even if there is, I wouldn’t know how to use it too. About the spells that I can use, you can even count it all with a hand, heeh. Take off your outer school jacket and your singlet, for today just first put on my sports jacket to return home.”

“It’s already torn to this point already, can it still be patched? I think it’s better that I buy another set of uniform.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still quite confident in my sewing skills. Afterwards, I’ll just draw an illusion magic circle at the interior of the school uniform, then others won’t be able to see it’s damaged traces then.”

“All right, I’m counting on you.”

Since Li Li indicated that she’s willing to help me patch up my uniform, I of course am extremely glad to accept it.

I simply just stripped off my clothes and handed it over to Li Li’s hands.

She stunnedly looked at me, her mouth half gaping, as her both eyes seemed to be without any focal length at all, apparently in the same state as when I was distracted back in class.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ahh, nothing, it’s nothing……….”

Li Li shook her head, and awkwardly laughed.

I shrugged as I put on the sports jacket, zipping it up entirely. Because the design was unisex, plus Li Li’s height was taller than me as well, hence it still didn’t look to be quite awkward when I was wearing it. But this jacket seemed to have a fragrant smell emanating from it. So even if she could hide her looks and change her voice, she still can’t hide her body fragrance, huh?

Speaking of which, this brown-colored jacket was really rather old-fashioned…………she was usually wearing this kind of clothing? What a real waste of such face she had.

Ah, that’s not it; in other people’s eyes, by right Li Li should still look like that original appearance of hers. Then wearing this sort of clothing should be just to match her look, I guess.

“I’ll be heading back first then, Li Li, don’t mind about what Master-Servant contractual stuff, and just take it as if there’s no such thing like it in the first place. Tomorrow onwards, we’ll still be in a teacher-student relationship, that’s all~.”


Not even waiting for her reply, I hung my bag over my shoulders, waved my hands and walked out of the library.

I hoped that this kind of farewell would make her feel better slightly, plus I originally didn’t think of wanting to be a Master and whatnot………..disassociating our relationship would be the best choice.

…………I suddenly felt that I seemed to have done such a lamentable thing.

Forget it, it’s not a gentlemanly action to take advantage of another person’s perilous state too!

Because of what happened yesterday night, there’s a little shadow being cast onto my heart, and I dared not explore around anyhow and to just directly go home instead.

Taking off my shoes, I unsettlingly walked into the living room. If I was to encounter onto my meimeis at this timing, I definitely would turn to stone on the spot………..but when I entered into the living room, what I saw was a sloven lady who was just like a handicapped person as she half-lying half-sitting onto the sofa.

Perhaps she heard my movements around, for she lifted up her head to look towards the door entrance, and after she saw that it’s me she then waved her hands and greeted.

“Ohh, Jun Cheng, welcome back.”

My savior!

It’s Laomā! Laomā actually scarely returned!

From the beginning of last week, Laomā who wasn’t always at home at night actually returned!

Wahh, my dearest esteemed mother! You’re simply like a bright light shining up the entire darkness!

It’s my first time thinking that it’s great to see you home at night!

“Ohh, Laomā you’re actually at home!”

“Mm, there’s a colleague who changed shifts with me, so I finally am able to rest for a day today……….ahh, this few days were really tiring me to death, my shoulders feel so ached~”

Afterwards Laomā then opened an eye while keeping the other eye shut as she looked at me, implying me to massage her.

If it’s the usual, I’ll definitely seize the opportunity to ask for some remuneration, but seeing how Laomā had helped me onto resolving my desperate situation today, I’ll just give her a free massage just this once then.

I walked to the back of the sofa, and while kneading about her shoulders, I looked towards her head.

[Death Makeup artist]

[An Yue]

As expected of what Li Li had said, relatives names were all blue-colored.

But Laomā’s title……….’Death Makeup artist’ and whatnot, it sounds to be rather domineering.

(TL: It is in cn. 死化妆师, like a mmorpg’s specialized job)

So this person was expectedly a career type of title, huh, and Laobà probably also as well, since both of them were true workaholics.

Laomā wasn’t my biological mother, she’s my stepmother.

But there weren’t any resulting gap between us, as we harmonized together just like how a pair of real biological mother and son would.

Because my original mother passed away right after giving birth to me and Xin Ran, it became Laomā’s responsibility later to substitute as being a mother.

I’m rather unfortunate, because I lost my mom right after being born.

But I’m quite fortunate as well, because I didn’t lost out a mother’s love because of that.

“Ahh~ I’m alive once again~ Jun Cheng, your hand techniques are way more comfortable than those massage chairs!”

“Where’s Laobà? Was he working overtime tonight as well?”

“Yep, I’ve visited your dad in the afternoon already, and he’s still the same, busy as usual. I waited outside the surgery room for about 3 to 4 hours before I’m able to see your dad, his panda eyes are so thick already!”

I opened the fridge to retrieve a fruit juice that was being encased with ice, pouring it into the cup as I said: “Since you’re fine then the heck you go to a hospital for……….”

“To deliver his meals, you too also know that if no one remind that guy, he’ll even forget to have his meals as a result. Also to check as well whether there are any nurses that tried to flirt around with him!”

“Ehh, it’s impossible for Laobà to have an affair, right……….”

Laobà’s a person who was even more serious than me, and you could even say that he’s a person who’s principled to the very core. Me and Xin Ran becoming into this sort of less-talking personality were largely affected due to Laobà.

A scenario of him having an affair………….sorry, I can’t imagine it at all.

If you must know, Laomā and Laobà knew each other on the day of my biological mother’s funeral, and from that day onwards the both of them were always in contact with each other. But the both of them then married only when I was 8 years old………….it dragged on for a whole lengthy 8 years.

“Humph, right now your dad’s emanating out his middle-aged charm, I’ll need to watch closely after him, and not let those people who wants to be his mistress succeed!”


All right, looks like Laomā wasn’t worried about Laobà’s flirtatious issue, but was only on guard against other women.

This doesn’t seem that unlikely too, because Laobà submissive personality was just the same as me………..if he was being chased by an aggressive woman, it’s possible that he’ll choose to go along with it.

“Oh right, Jun Cheng, on Sunday come help me out in work as well. Recently, funeral arrangements were stacking against each other, and we’re almost overwhelmed with it as a result.”

“Eh? funeral arrangements stacking against each other?”

This was really quite a rare event, it can’t be that all of them were rushing to reincarnate together?

“Mm, I also have no idea what happened recently, only that funerals became especially lots.”

Was it a large-scale accident that happened recently? No, if it’s like that, then by right it should be a combined large funeral procession at once. Continual funerals one after another, huh……… really was a piece of discomforting news.

Its not the first time for me too that I’ve went to the mortuary to help out, as I occasionally would go help during middle school, and so it’s not such a rare thing for me at all.

“Got it, just Sunday alone?”

“Mm, just Sunday is fine, I’ll let you know again on that day, well, goodnight then~ my dearest son, mummy loves you alright~”

“Please don’t call me that already………..I’m how old already………..”

Still a ‘dearest son’, my goosebumps were almost rising now.

“Humph, I don’t care how old you are, in mummy’s eyes your always a child!”

“Yeah yeah………….goodnight, you too sleep early as well.”

Bitterly faced while bading goodnight to Laomā afterwards, I then stretched out my shoulders as I walked up the stairs. I didn’t encounter upon Xin Ran and Ke Ling at all, which was a huge relief.

Returning to my room and closing the door, I just pounced onto my bed without even changing my clothes.

I felt my head to be rather giddy, and my eyelids kept drooping down, as well as my consciousness becoming thinnish.

Today really worn me out…………I felt that the events that happened today were even more exuberant than the entire combined events of my past 3 months.

An exhaustively long day had finally ended…………

Eyy, it’s such a mysterious day today. After I threw off all those nonsensical things all the way to the back of my head, I simply just sank into dreams.

A high schooler’s life was simple; when tired or fatigued, just sleep!

Anything else, you don’t need to give a damn about it!

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