These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 17.5 - The [Pure-hearted type Succubus]'s confusion

Volume 1, Chapter 17.5: The [Pure-hearted type Succubus]’s confusion

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[Pure-hearted type Succubus]’s confusion:


I gave off a sigh. After placing the last set of document into the folder and kept it in the drawer, I then hitched a backpack as I walked out of the library.

Locking the doors of the library thereafter, I paced heavy steps back home.

My body was extremely tired, eyes feeling a little sore, and my gloomy mood made me sigh again and again.


It seemed to be that sighing would cause my happiness to be drifted away? I felt that the front and back portion of the saying was in reverse order instead; it’s precisely because my happiness had drifted away, which was why I sighed.

After walking out of the integrated building, I deeply breathed in a few mouthfuls of fresh air, and felt my spirit to be slightly better. Plus, tonight’s moon seemed to be not bad as well, it could more or less recharge a little of my vitality.

Today could possibly be my life’s worst…………no, it can’t be considered to be the worst, should I say that it’s the most unforgettable day instead?

Uuu, I don’t know how to describe it……….

If you’re to ask why, that’s because at just a few hours ago, a very very very………..unexpected turn of events happened. It’s something that I had really never thought of before, even during dreams, and that thing which I thought would never happen in my entire lifetime actually happened.

It’s, I had a master already.

And this master was a student that I was familiar with.

An Jun Cheng, the first time that I’ve seen him, was an autumn half a year ago. He ran to the library and asked me ‘Are there any manga or light novels over here?’. Qiang Shui High School, at the very least was an emphasized high school, so why would the library have that kind of entertainment genre type of book collections. It’s possible that the best books in there would only be Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter already.

I don’t know why either, but I subconsciously told him ‘Yes, but I didn’t place them onto the shelves, if you want to see them then I’ll bring them out tomorrow and place them onto the shelves then.’ instead, and on the next day I brought the manga and light novels from my home and placed them onto the bookshelf in the corner.

And from then onwards, he’ll often come to the library, and I continued to buy a few mangas and light novels online, updating that batch from time to time.

Now that I thought of it, why did I say that sort of lie back then?

Maybe it’s because when he saw me for the first time, he didn’t frown his eyebrows………..

I’ve unknowingly walked up to the apartment where I was staying, it wasn’t a high class apartment at all, just a very normal 12 storey apartment, with its advantage being nearer to the school, only 3 streets away. Maybe it’s because there’s a rumor of ghosts at the apartment, which was why the pricing was low, plus I’ve used an illusion enchantment to confuse the person selling the apartment, hence being able to buy it for an extremely low price. Even though it’s done that way, it still entirely drained out all of my savings, since I who had just graduated from university didn’t had much money around too.

And Mother was so………..she actually said something like ‘If you don’t have money then just go on a compensated dating; to a succubus, sucking men’s vitality is a justly thing to do. Not only you can get money, you can also be pleasured at the same time, one stone hit two birds, right~’, it’s really too villainous of her already!

I absolutely won’t compromise to it!

Why must I become that obscene if I’m a succubus, huh!

No, why am I a succubus at all!

“I hate it!”

Viciously giving the electrical pole a kick, the muddy-like electrical pole immediately dented in a hole, but my leg wasn’t injured at all.

………..Maybe the only good advantage of being a succubus was that my body was comparatively more resilient, although my that immoral mother told me, the reason why succubi’ bodies were so sturdy was because it’s for the sake of enduring all sorts of plays…………stupid! Why must you tell me these kinds of stuff! Stupid stupid!

(TL: The author’s trying to imitate the jp’s baka baka! here)

I’ve thought numerous times that it’ll be wonderful if I’m not a succubus, as that way I’ll be able to live up a normal life already……….

Sigh, really, what am I thinking of.

That sort of thing couldn’t possibly happen at all, right?

The lift’s floor indicator displayed as ‘1’, as the lift doors slowly opened. I walked into the lift, afterwhich a man also walked behind me into the lift as well.

It’s that man who lived underneath my house; from time to time I’ll meet onto him at this timing, and there’s still a faint scent of blood onto his body, I don’t know what he’s been up to, was he fighting outside everyday?

Usually I would have intentionally lowered my head as I walked, but because my mood was rather gloomy today, my face was gazing forward, with my bangs that covered half of my face being kept aside as well.

The instance the man saw onto my facial features, he unveiled an expression of extreme disgust, as he frowned his eyebrows and made a tch sound.

My hearing, which was more sensitive than humans, allowed me to clearly hear the man’s muttering sounds ‘I think I’ll better move away……….even if there’s no ghosts here, everyday I’ll be able to see a ghost………..what a frightening sight*……….’, the ghost he was talking about probably was referring to me, I guess.

There’s nothing wrong with this reaction at all.

That’s right, the illusion still was effective.

In other people’s eyes, I’m just a very ugly woman.

The illusion that I casted onto myself was to inverse my impression, which would make others see the exact opposite look of my original form.

About what exactly it looked like, I also can’t see it either, but since it could make my neighbor even think about moving houses, it should be rather ugly then………………..ha……..


Reaching the 11th floor, looking at that man displeasedly walking out of the lift, I finally couldn’t resist calling him out.


And from the very moment he looked at me, I removed my illusion, and smiled towards him with a middle finger pointed at him.

“Humph! Go see a real ghost then!”

Under the befuddled eye gaze of the man, the lift doors slowly closed as it started to rise up towards the highest floor.

Phew~ my mood was way better already~ as expected, I must vent it out somehow.

Taking out the key and opening room 1203’s door, the first thing I saw was an extremely messy room………..just now, when An Jun Cheng said onto wanting to go to my house, if I was to let him see this sort of room, he’ll definitely look down on me…………

No wait, no waaaait, why am I so mindful of his feelings!

………….Mm, I’ll just tidy up this place since it’s been a long time already.

When it was almost 11 o’clock, the room was almost roughly tided, and it felt that I hadn’t seen the room’s floors in a long time since.

Well, next up would be to patch up his school uniform.

I took out the sewing kit that I’ve never taken out before in a very long time, from the cabinet at my bed’s edge. It was Mother’s only gift towards me……….amongst all the things she taught me, the most useful would probably be sewing.

——When your feeling upset, you’ll just need to make embroidery and it’ll cheer up your feelings~ especially when you had a person that you liked, thinking of him as you sew, your embroidering would look even nicer~.

Uuu, why did I suddenly think of that sentence………..An Jun Cheng……….wait, why did I think of him! He’s only my student!

Vigorously shaking my head and casting away nonsensical thoughts to the back of my head afterwards, I started onto patching.

Sewing up the school uniform needle by needle; every sewing action would need to be very careful, as the directional sewing and the thin-thickness must be consistent………

“An Jun Cheng……..”

Uuu! Why did I accidentally call out his name!

A wave of electricity channeled through my lower abdomen, it’s sensation as pain as being pricked by a needle; my heart was like being squeezed by a hand!


The overly painful sensation made me unresistingly let out a moan……….and after quite a while, I finally then recovered from it.

I’m unable to directly call out his name, and must call him ‘Master’ or ‘Cheng Jun’.

Even if he himself wasn’t around, it’s not permitted for me to be impolitely calling out his name, as the effects of the contract was just that overbearing…………because it’s a Master-Slave contract.

I lied. In reality, after your true name was being known, the contract being formed wasn’t a Master-Servant contract, but a Master-Slave contract.

After the Master-Slave contract had been made, I’ll drop to an even lower status than of a servant, completely without any freedom at all, unconditionally obeying my master’s orders, a slave that had completely no autonomy.

I was afraid that when he knew about this matter, he’ll be like the same with other men, revealing maliciously lecherous eye stares at me, or maybe it’s that because I was hoping not to see him become into that sort of person………..

With that terrified trace of sensation within my heart, it made me strongly endure the agonizing punishment as I said out that lie.

But in actual fact, I had known all along about it, that An Jun Cheng was a kind person………

Before today, my appearance that he saw should be the same as with what the rest was seeing too, a look of extreme ugliness by right.

In this society that favors outer appearance to be of extreme importance, having this sort of looks would mean to be despised by the crowd. My colleagues were unwilling to get near to me, the students also disliked me, no matter who it was, all of them would stay far away from me.

But he was willing to approach me.

Plus, he and I were the same, both being lonely people, or maybe it was because of this which was why I would so frequently look for his assistance.

But I didn’t expect that the charm magic circle that I’ve set up in order to let him escape from loneliness, to instead ultimately turn into the opportunity for me to recognize him as a master………..

I didn’t think that there would be such a strange ability in this world too, being able to see other people’s names and representative status’s titles, huh? I know that this world had many ability human users, but most of them were examples like discharging lightning, releasing fire and so on of such abilities; having this type of special ability was really such a rare sight.

It’s simply just an extremely huge killing machine against us demon races.

Suddenly awakening this sort of ability, he must had been very troubled, tomorrow I must go look for Mother to ask her about it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve contacted with Mother already, and even when I came to the same school that she’s in, I also still dared not to meet up with her……….it could be said that it’s all thanks to his stuff, that I’ll have the opportunity to look for Mother……….

Speaking of which, he’s younger than me by 7 years too………..but, he looked to be way more mature than people of the same age around him.

And I even cried out in front of him, just like a small child wailing loudly incessantly……….

“Kyaaa~! It’s so embarrassing!”

I who had just only felt embarrassed became like an idiot and shouted out loudly, with the result that I used too much force and accidentally prickling my finger.

“Umu, it hurts!”

I hastily placed my finger sucking inside my mouth………..such unluckiness, I shouldn’t had been distracted when I was in the midst of sewing.

Speaking of which, when he saw my true appearance, his reaction didn’t seem to be rather strong as well, it can’t be that his sexual orientation really having a problem?

No wait, when he just entered the library today he was staring at me fixedly, and he even said that my true form was a sexy dàjiejie, this means that by right he should have an interest in women.

But boys at his age would all have delusions about girls, it can’t be that he belonged to that type who appears to be apathetic but actually lascivious on the inside, right?

However, even when he touched onto my hands, he still didn’t develop any sort of sexual urge………..

And yesterday when I gave him the notes, I accidentally touched his hand too, at that moment I thought that the period of contact was too short already, hence there wasn’t any effect at all. But when I was being vexatious today, I pulled and grabbed onto him for half a day, yet he didn’t had any sort of reaction at all………..

This had shown that, even if he was to be touched by me, he won’t become hypersexual.

Which was why he didn’t do anything to me at all, even going as far onto making a vow.

Before he left today, the words he had said to me once again floated within my mind.

“I’ll be heading back first then, Li Li, don’t mind about what Master-Servant contractual stuff, and just take it as if there’s no such thing like it in the first place. Tomorrow onwards, we’ll still be in a teacher-student relationship, that’s all~.”

Just take it as if there’s no such thing like that in the first place, huh………..

Continue to maintain our teacher-student relationship, huh……….

What’s with this feeling of disappointment……….

From today onwards, how should I face him exactly? Continue to maintain a teacher’s position?

Could I still really maintain being a teacher while in front of him?

“Sigh……….Cheng Jun……… master, huh………..Uuu!”

It hurts………..I’ve prickled my finger again.

Am I an idiot…………

I’d better hurry up and patch the school uniform before going to sleep.

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