These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 18 - Nearly peed my pants already

Volume 1, Chapter 18: Nearly peed my pants already

TL: flarewk

How does everyone begin the start of their day?

Under normal circumstances, it’s roughly 6 am in the morning, 7, or 8 into waking up?

If it’s a lazier person, it might be at 11 near noon instead, 12, or perhaps even 1 pm afternoon into waking up?

In any case, it definitely all started from during daylight, right, with the exceptions of those cultivationists.

And if it’s like usual, a healthy person like me should by right wake up at 6 am in the morning, but today, it’s a rare sight for me to have awakened during the middle of the night.

The time now………..I also don’t know what time it was exactly, but in any case the outsides of the window were still a pitch black, so it’s definitely about midnight then.

My consciousness suddenly became wide awake. There was only 1 reason, and that’s because I wanted to go to the toilet.

If I had known about this, I wouldn’t drink that cup of ice-encased fruit juice before I slept then, notwithstanding that I only wore an outer jacket to walk all the way back home, so it’s possible that my stomach had suffered from a cold.

But suddenly there’s a very critical problem now.

And that’s, at this very moment, beside me laid a sort of creature that belonged to a meimei classification.

Her breathing sounds were even, she should have fallen asleep already.

I remembered that when me and Xin Ran slept in the same room last time, I was sleeping on top, and everytime I turned over, Xin Ran’s evenly breathing would be unevened. Hence, for the sake of not affecting meimei’s sleep, I trained out a skill of not moving and snoring at all during sleeping.

(TL: MC slept on upper of double-decker bed )

These were all out of the point already, but in any case, what I wanted to say was that Xin Ran’s rather sensitive to her surroundings when she’s sleeping. Even the slightest bit of movement could wake her up, just like a cautious cat. I had no confidence that under a situation of not waking her up, that I could pluck away her arms from me.

But I really wanted to go to the toilet………..

What’s the exact time now? She should be already about to leave, right?

It can’t be that Xin Ran would run to my room every night, right? When did it exactly started to happen at all?

I actually didn’t even notice about it all along!

Although I’m that kind who would sleep more loggedly, but up to now, all the way not being able to discover would be too foolish of an act already.

Perhaps my anticipation had worked, as a ‘yiiii’ sound resounded into my ears; Xin Ran had awakened.

(TL: ‘yiiii’ sfx is when a person breathes from the nose, when ruffled awakened)

Phew……….that’s a relief, this way she’ll be the same like yesterday, leaving this place thereafter.

I’ll just wait for her to leave before going to the toilet then. For insurance purposes, after she had left, I’ll endure it in a little while more, afterwhich I’ll go to the 1st floor’s toilet, and I could probably still endure it for about 10 plus more minutes.

But my plan was ruined in just about 3 seconds later.

A warmish, soft, and damp object laid contact with my lips, as a dull scent of delicate fragrance floated along from her lips.

When I realized that the object that was pasting onto my lips could possibly be a tongue, I then suddenly realized a frightening fact. My first kiss had been given to my meimei!

No wait, was this really my first kiss?

How many first’s had I lost while I was in the midst of dreams already?

Yesterday was only just hugging my arm and kissing my cheeks, and today’s already a direct mouth to mouth kiss?

The sensation of diffidence within my heart made me develop a feeling of panic, I really couldn’t just continue on pretending to sleep already! My body became extremely stiff; I nearly couldn’t resist sitting up and pushing her away!

No, don’t move! Don’t even swallow your saliva!

Before Xin Ran leaves, I must continue to maintain a state of a human log!

By waking up at this moment, the person being harmed won’t be me, it’s Xin Ran instead!

After quite a while, Xin Ran’s tongue that had been swimming everywhere about within my mouth finally left, but what waited for me wasn’t the sound of Xin Ran leaving the bedding, it’s a soft mumbling that resounded beside my ears.

“Ge……….you’re awake, right?”

I’ve been discovered!

No, who knows that it might be only a ruse. Be steady, don’t panic.

“You don’t need to pretend already, your tongue didn’t instinctively stick up to mine, so you must be awake.”

Shock, so when I was sleeping I would even actually conduct active steamy french kissing with my proactive kissing meimei, huh…………and yesterday when she was hugging my body, there’s that mysterious sensation of familiarity, so I’ve actually been used to my meimei’s body, huh?

Ku, ku, ku.

Since it’s been like this, there’s no use in continuing to pretend any more.

I opened up my eyes and turned my head to look at Xin Ran, her face was just before my eyes, and there’s seemingly no changes in her expression at all, but I knew that she’s a little nervous.

Being together for 10 plus years already, regarding on how to differentiate my aloof’s meimei’s slight trace of minuscule changes, I still was rather experienced at it.

I raised my upper body, with a hand supporting onto my pillow, while the other scratched my head.

What should I do next? Ask her on whai she was sleeping onto my bed? Or should I ask her whai she kissed me? No wait, didn’t I obviously know the answer already, so why must I purposely make her feel troubled………..tch, I don’t even have a topic to begin the conversation with, it’s such a headache.

Just when I was thinking on what better words to say, a feeling of urinating urge assaulted me.

Ehh, I’ve even forgot to go to the toilet already………..awkward.

I don’t have a choice since humans have three urgencies*, so it’s best that I first go release it out, before returning to continue life’s discussion with meimei then.

But when I just wanted to stand up and leave the bedding, Xin Ran immediately pulled onto my arm and asked: “Where are you going?”

“To the toilet.”

“Liar, you definitely want to go look for mummy and tell on me.”

“Eeh, of course not, I really want to just go to the toilet.”

Although just now I indeed thought of telling on Xin Ran to Laomā, but it was being forcefully suppressed within me. I was afraid that after telling Laomā, Xin Ran who will be agitated then would straightaway run away from home.

Telling Laomā was the last of the last, an extremely huge killing weapon that’s sacrificed out in a really-no-choice-left situation, not to be used easily. Otherwise, it’ll only herald in the bad ending that caused the collapse of everything.

I think I roughly knew how to carry out a talk with Xin Ran already. Since she’s afraid that I’ll tell Laomā, I’ll use this as a threatening method to coerce her words out then, this way I’ll be able to more sternly hold a conversation with her.

“Then I’ll go along with you.”

Wut? Go along with me? Although the house’s toilet indeed was for unisex use, but this doesn’t mean that it could be shared by both men and women, okay!

“Wait here for me.”

“No way, I’m going with you.”

The possibility to try and convince Xin Ran at such a short period of time was too low, plus I’m already almost reaching near my limits, so I could only temporarily first compromise with her.

“Alright then, do whatever you liked.”

After finished saying that, I forcibly retracted my arm, shrugged off Xin Ran’s hand and dashed out of the room. I hurriedly reached the washroom at the second floor, opened the door and walked in, not even bothering to switch on the lights and just hastily started to tear off my pants.

But just when I had just unbelted myself and took out my little brother, a ‘Pa ta’ sound rang out. The door was being closed!

When I entered the washroom, the door wasn’t closed at all, hence the door should be closed up by Xin Ran instead.

“You aren’t thinking of calling mummy, right?”


I was nearly frightened to death!

Why did she enter in here!

“Oioioi, go out of here, why did you come in after me!”


Ha? What kind of an answer was that? Wasn’t you wearing any clothes at all?

The closed washroom was entirely pitch black; one of my hand was hoisting up my pants, as the other went to search for the light switch.

The result was that I’ve unknowingly touched onto something, and I grabbed onto it to feel a sensation of softness into my palms.

The feeling was rather good, it’s smooth and warm, soft and squishy, it felt even more comfortable than groping the paws of a kitten.

And also, in the middle of my palm, there seemed to be some kind of protruding object……….

“Is it soft?”

That aloof voice of Xin Ran’s reverberated into my eardrums. Before my consciousness had fully understood what had happened, my body already reacted, as I hastily retracted my hand.

Oh f**k! It can’t be that I had assaulted her breasts already, right!

I who had my brain still in a state of confusion tried to remember about the sensation on my hands earlier, and when I thought carefully about it there’s something not quite right there. That sensation’s a little incorrect, it’s a ‘smooth feeling’ but not a ‘fabric-like feeling’? Plus there’s a soft protruding object as well?

At the very next second, as Xin Ran switched on the washroom’s lights, all of my queries were being answered.

Meimei who was only wearing her panties stood in front of me just like that, not having even the slightest intentions onto covering herself, she really wasn’t wearing any clothes at all!

I hastily retreated backwards onto sitting at the toilet bowl, and used my arms to cover my eyes, but the corner of my eyes still was being able to peek onto Xin Ran’s body.

Her delicate breasts were snow white-colored as well as being shapely rounded, her body curvature had already begun to take an ‘S shape’. Her flat abdomen didn’t had any excess flab onto it at all, with her firm abs very obviously displayed. Looks like she usually had exercised properly.

This should be my first time onto seeing Xin Ran’s body, but I surprisingly didn’t have any sort of passionately excited feelings.

Maybe that’s because we’re siblings……….wait, why wasn’t she wearing any clothes at all?

“Wait wait, where’s your clothes? Why weren’t you wearing any clothes?”

The answer I’ve received made me completely unable to rebuke instead.

“I’m used to sleeping naked.”

Let me translate that for all of you people here, the correct understanding of that sentence was: I like to sleep naked, why do you even bother?

Of course you can, very assertive indeed, it’s right that I can’t bother about it at all………..I’ll continue to urine then……….wait, where’s my clothes?

“Hold on, where’s my clothes?”

Just then, I noticed that my upper body was also in a naked state as well. I remembered that before I slept, I didn’t take off the sports jacket that Li Li lent me, but right now my torso was being naked! Where’s my clothes!

“I helped you to take it off.”

It’s fine if you strip yourself, but why did you strip me as well! Should I be relieved that she didn’t strip off my pants too……….somehow I had the feeling that it’s not that she didn’t want to take off my pants, but she was afraid that it would wake me up instead……….

Guh, I can’t anymore, if I continued to endure it, my bladder would explode already!

Tch, I don’t care already! A man turning around would just be a toilet! Since my back was facing towards Xin Ran, she won’t be able to see it too!

Having that sort of mindset, I stood up from the toilet bowl and turned around, unbelting my pants and unbuttoning it, pulling down the zipper to reveal my little brother out, aiming it towards the toilet bowl.

…………..I can’t urine out at all.

“Can you please don’t look at me………..I can’t urine out at all.”


You still asked why!

Does it still need a why! Being seen by other people was extremely awkward!

Xin Ran remained silent for a few seconds, and afterwards I felt my vision darkened; the washroom’s light had been switched off.

Oh ho………..I see, being in the darkness like this, the nervousness of being stared at would be reduced.

Haaa………’s really enough already, why must the act of urinating be even so troublesome………..

But this still hadn’t ended yet!

Just when I was about to splurt out the liquid from within, my back suddenly got ferociously plastered with a cushion of softness. Xin Ran placed her head onto my shoulders, as her naked upper body was tightly hugging onto my back.

“Oioioi! What are you doing!”

If it’s like this I’ll really have a reaction!

“Don’t move, it’s almost spraying out already. Since it’s so dark you probably couldn’t aim properly, right. I’ll help you to point it.”

It won’t be not aimed properly at all! Men are creatures that could even urine out with their eyes closed, okay!


An icy cold small hand grabbed onto my invaluable treasure, and my face immediately became twisted; my body had a reaction already!

Wraaghhhhhhh, what the hell!!

“……….It became hard.”

Shut up!!

“Need me to help you rub it out?”

I already told you to shut up!! Uuu! I can’t endure it anymore!


3 minutes later……….I was sitting on the chair with a look of voiding regrets within my life, as my entirety had turned into a greyish-white state. Ahh………..I felt that I had lost something precious, and that should be the so-called morality, I guess………..Ahh, I felt something becoming lower, perhaps that should be the so-called lower limits, I guess………..

Although I didn’t peed onto my pants, I had my living object being pointed by meimei to pee instead, plus in the midst I still had a psychological reaction and whatnot………..

…………My pride onto being an elder brother wasn’t even established, and yet it was already being crushed to bits!

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