These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 4.3 - A [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)] situation

Volume 1, Chapter 4.3: A [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)] situation

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[Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)] situation:

Gege didn’t come back……….

Why didn’t he still come back……….

I remember that 9 pm is the end of the night self-revisions, right?

Walking from the school to home will at most take about half an hour, if with quick footsteps it’ll then only take about 20 minutes to reach home.

And according to gege’s habit, he would have gone to that vending machine at the park nearby to purchase a can of hot coffee, drinking while slowly strolling home, but even if it’s like that, at the very worst it’ll take 40 plus minutes at max.

Maybe it’s some teacher who retained gege back, but the latest timing for the school is up till 10 pm plus, as the duty teacher would have locked all of the classroom doors by then, so the teachers would be able to leave the school before 10 pm……….

And right now it’s 11 plus already, yet gege still haven’t returned home.

I really want to give gege a call and ask gege where he is, I really want to dash outside and look for gege, I really want to immediately rush towards gege’s side and hug him…………..

But I must endure, I must continue to endureee.

What if gege only spun around another place just for a little while, or perhaps went to an internet cafe for the entire night instead, then calling him would then expose the fact that I’m worried about him.

No matter what, I absolutely can’t let gege know that I love gege.

I’ve hidden about this fact for so many years already, and I can’t just expose this over such a minor thing……..yep, I must think of the big picture. If it was ever being exposed, Ke Ling, she………..would definitely tell gege everything of what I’ve done before.

We’ve already promised with each other, gege will be hers during the day, while at night, gege belongs to me.

If Ke Ling tells whatever I’ve done to gege……….if its like that, the resolute gege will completely stay away from me………..I can’t let that kind of thing happen.

But it’s too strange that he still didn’t even come back at this timing……..

Just at this moment, Ke Ling’s room door opened a crack, as Ke Ling popped out half of her head to look at me in the corridor as she said.

“Gege haven’t returned yet?”


“Damn it, which slut was it that had seduced away gege………..”

Ke Ling bit her thumb fingernails, as her eyebrows frowned, and unveiled out dangerous eye expressions.

Only in front of me, Ke Ling would put down her disguise, and reveal her original appearance. Perhaps mummy knew about Ke Ling’s true personality, but for daddy, gege, and others as well, they didn’t know about Ke Ling’s true image.

I don’t think that it’s a bad thing at all.

Ke Ling acted that look of being well-behaved because she wants to let gege fall in love with her, and gege also indeed liked this kind of well-behaved and cute meimei as well.

I can’t if it’s me instead………..originally I’m that kind of person with a simple expression and aloof personality……….if I could be like Ke Ling and become slightly more cuter, will gege not be so respectful towards me then?

But this sort of personality of mine is just like gege’s………..felt slightly happy out of a sudden, nn.

“……….Uuu, damn it, then I’m counting on you, Xin Ran-jie! You must wait up for gege, okay!”

“Mm, go ahead and sleep first then, it’s fine if I just wait over here.”

The door closed, but Ke Ling probably wouldn’t fall asleep still. Pretending that she had fallen asleep was only for the sake of leaving a well-behaved impression towards gege.

As time slowly drifted by………..just when it’s about to be 1.30, I heard the sounds of door opening.

It’s gege, he’ve returned!

He finally returned………..huu, calm down, An Xin Ran, you mustn’t gege notice that you’ve been waiting for him.

Slightly seeing gege’s figure in the darkness, I issued out a question at him.

“Who is it?”

“Ah, it’s me………you haven’t sleep yet huh, Xin Ran.”

Gege seemed to want to return to his room straightaway, he must not have expected that I’ll be waiting for him here, huh. Gege then turned around and returned to the 2nd floor corridor, and switched on the corridor lights, as I stood just in front of him.


Gege jumped in fright as he retreated back a step, while I took a step forward and pursued: “How come you came back so late?”


Gege’s eye gaze floated to the top………so he had done something guilty?

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, nothing at all………it seemed to be only a bug………um, why haven’t you slept yet at such a late timing?”

Just by hearing it I knew it’s a lie, but why gege would be that panicky? It can’t be that it’s exactly as what Ke Ling said, he’s been seduced off by some slut?

My mood turned sour, and my tone became even more aloof.

“I just woke up to merely have a drink of water. Don’t change the subject, why did you come back so late?”

“It’s, that………..I accidentally slept at the park……….”‘

This time it seemed to be real, as whenever gege lied he would definitely rub his nose, but this time he touched the side of his head instead, which means that he really stayed at the park all along.

My mood slightly became a little better; I want to pounce into gege’s arms.

But that must wait until gege had fallen asleep first.

Gege is that kind who would sleep like a log, usually he won’t be awakened as long as my movements were slightly gentle.

But right now it’s 1 plus already, and who knows that he might not fall asleep any more………..if that’s the case, then I can’t do it already………, absolutely no, I want to hug him……….

I must think of a way to let gege fall asleep………..

I feigned a look of uncaring expression as I walked downstairs while asking: “I’m going to boil some water, you want anything to drink?”

“Oh, then just help me make a cup of coffee then, I’ve even forgotten to buy some coffee today to drink……….huh?”

He’d even forgotten to buy coffee, looks like it wasn’t just a plain issue of sleeping at the park……….what exactly happened………but even if I was to ask gege, gege probably wouldn’t tell me about it.

My mood turned sour once again.

“Umm! No need to trouble you onto that! I’ll do it myself!”

“Don’t misunderstand, it’s just in passing only.”

Walking downstairs, I absentmindedly took out a cup and made some coffee. If I want gege to fall asleep, I’ll need to use daddy’s sleeping pills already. After dissolving the sleeping pills into the coffee, I returned to gege’s room, and placed the coffee onto the table.

“I’ve placed it on the table already.”

“Mm, ahh, thanks for the trouble………..”

Usually I won’t help gege do anything at all, but actively helping to make coffee for him this time, he’ll definitely be extremely grateful and immediately drink it down, because he’s just like that, a gentle-hearted gege,

And so, I’ll need to wait for half an hour, waiting till the sleeping pills take effect.

Half an hour later, I secretly went into gege’s room.

The pills had already displayed it’s effects, as gege was peacefully sleeping on his bed soundly.

I walked towards gege’s bedside, and looked at gege’s sleeping face.


I finally couldn’t resist calling out.


Right now, gege is only owned by me, he’s mine, only belonging to me……….gege………..

I crawled onto gege’s bed, and hugged gege’s left arm; I’ve already done it similarly countless times already………..every day of 365 days in a year, not missing even a single day at all.


Gege’s scent rushed into my nostrils, I really want to keep on hugging gege just like that………..

Leaving my mark onto gege’s face………..


Gege’s breathing became slightly hardened, just then, I regained back my senses, my left palm had accidentally pressured onto his chest.

Although gege had already drank the coffee with sleeping pills effects, but if my movements were too rowdy, it’s still quite possible that he may be awakened.

Just like that, lying and hugging gege all the way until 5 o’clock; it’s roughly time for me to leave already.

Wonderful periods always are extremely short.

Before leaving gege’s bedding, I can’t resist giving gege’s forehead a kiss.

Xin Ran really love you, gege……….

It’s true, really lovee you………

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