These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 9 - Being trapped in the toilet already

Volume 1, Chapter 9: Being trapped in the toilet already

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I stepped into class as the bell rang, while clearing my mind and eyes with voidness, and acted as if I didn’t see Ji Lian Bing as I went back to my seat and sat down.

Afterwards, I began thinking about Jiang Xue Qing’s status color changes that happened just earlier.

Jiang Xue Qing’s title and name were originally like the rest of them, white colored; but just earlier, it suddenly changed to greenish. Up till now, the only person whom I saw had the same green status was only Xiao Zhen-laoshi. And Jiang Xue Qing’s status turning to greenish, it definitely must be because she, in a certain way became similar to like Xiao Zhen-laoshi already, and the main cause of that happening would be me.

Continuing this deducement, if I was to say Xiao Zhen-laoshi and other white colored status people had any difference at all, it would be……….the relationship with me was slightly closer, I guess.

What does this color signify exactly? Don’t tell me that it’s like the ‘favorable impression’ system from video games, where green signifies……….a ‘friendly’ character?

Then that means, because I lent her some cushions, she thus thought of me as a good person?

But if my deduction was to be correct……….wouldn’t it be that this favorable impression rise too easily already………

If I was to have a little more friends, I would easily know whether my deduction was to be correct or not, but a pity that those who had a good relationship with me was only my teacher, what a sorrowful reality this was…………

But then, this also meant that Jiang Xue Qing thought of me as a friend already……… first friend……….hehehe……….

Nonono! Don’t think about the impossible! Jiang Xue Qing didn’t even personally admit to it, and just basing on a mysterious color change, how could I be so sure on her way of thinking towards me! Always thinking about the impossible was your most fatal shortcoming, An Jun Cheng!

By the way, didn’t I already decided not to believe in these nonsensical statuses! Why must I still continue to ponder over the color of these statuses then?

Enough about it, enough about it, what’s most important right now wasn’t these kinds of nonsensical stuff, but instead with regards to Ji Lian Bing………….

I’ll need to think of a good location to hide during the next breaktime.

This time, she should be tailing behind my back when I was escaping, and if I went to the pavilion area, it might be possible that I’ll be discovered there.

So I’ll need to hide in a place where she had no way of entering………..a place where females couldn’t go in!

The male toilet!

After I’ve decided onto my next hiding location, I became slightly more assured.

Tying my shoelaces properly, waiting all the way till the moment of the bell ringing, it was the same as the previous period ending earlier, I just walked directly out of the classroom, and dashed towards the washroom thereafter.

Afterwards, I went into the last cubicle, took off my pants and sat onto the toilet bowl, as both of my hands propped up my chin while I quietly waited for the bell to ring once more.

Like this, continuously being ignored and hiding away from her, even if it’s Ji Lian Bing, she also would develop a dislike towards me, right?

Before I could completely understand on what kind of motives she had, it’s better if I was to be in less contact with her as a smart precaution………..

Knock knock.

The toilet cubicle’s door were being knocked twice.

Huh, there were so many people going to the toilet? But me like this occupying the cubicle and not using it to shit also seemed a little immoral, right………..anyway, as long as I stay inside the male toilets, Ji Lian Bing shouldn’t be able to go in, so it’s best that I just give away the cubicle for use then.

“My apologies, I’ll come out immediately…………”

I was just thinking of pulling my pants up and speaking to that comrade outside, when my pants were just only halfway upped with the door opening then, and that person who opened the door was the person who most shouldn’t be in this kind of place at all.

“Ai~ya~? You’re too anxious already huh? Seeing me then wanting to take off your pants, it really made me both delighted and shy at the same time…………”

Ji Lian Bing unveiled an expression of shyness, as she used a hand to cover both eyes, but her left eye still was staring at my lower half between the spaces of her index finger and her middle finger, what’s more was that her face didn’t have any signs of becoming even a slight reddish at all.

I didn’t even see any trace of shyness, not even a single little bit from your face at all, okay!

No wait, the main point wasn’t at that, the main point was that you this → girl, why would you be in here at all!

I hastily hoisted up my half raised pants, while fastening my belt on my pants, and roaring at her: “This is the males toilet ey!”

“I didn’t want to do these kind of things too, but who asked Jun Cheng to always ignore me, hmm?”

Although I am indeed ignoring you, but you also don’t need to directly chase me into the male toilet, right!

Alright………..I’m really scared of you already, it’s better that I just straightforwardly reject you off, completely making you lose interest into me.

Well then, let’s first change locations…………and so, I suggested to her: “How about we go outside and talk about this?”

“No, won’t it be alright if we just talk over here? I’m fine with it since there’s no one around too.”

Those people were being frightened off by you, oi!

The mountainously tall flower Ji Lian Bing actually barged into the male washroom, after a few minutes these rumors would spread every-the hell-where, alright! Just take it as it’s for your own reputation, so right now it’s best that we change locations, okay?

“I’m not fine with it, please immediately go out, I still want to continue on my business too, you know.”

“En hem……….It’s alright Jun Cheng, you can just go ahead, since it doesn’t affect our talking too, right?”

Ji Lian Bing not only had any intentions of wanting to change locations, but she even walked into the cubicle, casually closing the door up and locking it as well.

This person………… absolutely………….unreasonable!

“Please don’t call out my name directly, you and me shouldn’t be that acquainted with each other, right? Ji Lian Bing-tongxue.”

“Ara~ you actually remembered my name, I’m so happyy~”

Towards my icy cold tone, she didn’t express out any sort of stiffness or unhappiness, but still was chuckling as she retorted a few words back at me, what exceptional game of chess she’ve been playing all along.

“And so, what’s your motive exactly about? Why did you suddenly want to pester me.”

I straightforwardly threw out that question, hoping to end the conversation a little quicker, allowing me to be earlier leaving this place too.


Ji Lian Bing gave off a couple of gentle laughs, as the corner of her eyes curled, while laughing rather lustfully.

“It’s because I love you~, Jun Cheng.”

It’s fake.

I’m very definitely sure that this was absolutely fake, she undoubtedly was ‘not’ because of her loving me that prompted her to pester on to me.

“How could it be possible for you to love me?”

“You’re not me too, how could you know that I don’t love you?”


Don’t use that kind of ‘Since you’re not a fish, so how would you know what a fish enjoys’ beating about the bush way of saying!

“Actually, Jun Cheng’s heart is quite happy, right? Or should I say, being confessed to by such a bishoujo like me, there wouldn’t be anyone not delighted by it, right?”

She bent over her waist as she placed her face close towards me, her face was extremely near mine, I could feel her breathing. Her left hand was placed behind her back, while her right stretched out her index finger as she poked onto my chest, afterwhich she then ambiguously drew circles on my chest.

This person…………… was an extremely seductive female, nngh.

No wonder there would be so many people that had fallen, worshipping under the lascivious her; as expected, Ji Lian Bing had that level of charm onto her.

“No, it’s the opposite, not only did I not find it happy, but I also find it rather bothersome as well…………can you please let me go?”

But, I had no intentions onto having any relationship with her at all.

Dangerous, this person is very dangerous.

It’s not just because of that ominous title, but after I’ve truly had contact with her, I sensed the dangerous aura on Ji Lian Bing. This person definitely wasn’t an easy one to deal with. Even if she’s not a homicidal maniac, she would also be that kind of horrid woman who would deceive pure-hearted young males around and about until they’ve completely lost themselves.

“Let go of…………you?”

Ji Lian Bing suddenly unveiled a subtle expression, seemingly thinking of something.

“Is there a problem with it?”

“No……….nothing. I’m just thinking, why would Jun Cheng want to avoid me? I merely wanted to be friends with you, and didn’t the both of us not have any friends as well?”

“I dare not, for if I’m to be overly in contact with you, there would be unnecessary troubles occurring. Those boys who’re secretly admiring you will probably wreck mass vengeance onto me because of envy. Plus, we also originally aren’t in the same league at all, so just continue your that super stardom way of life, while I carry on to be a quiet humble commoner; why must there be any acquainting developments at all?”

I’ve said it so harshly already, you’ve ought to give up by now, right?

Just when I thought that, something happened that made me unable to react at all……….Her! Ji Lian Bing’s status also changed to greenish color!


What the hell?

“………..Huhuhuhu, interesting. You, are, expectedly, very interesting indeed, An Jun Cheng.”

Goosebumps suddenly erupted from my entire body!

The smile on her face vanished, she also didn’t use a tone that’s purposefully matureful, she’d placed down her disguise!

I didn’t know whether this was considered to be killing aura, but I could indeed feel an aura of cold shiverings, which made my spine very chilled!

Just only being stared at by her, I had the misconception of going to be murdered already!


But this sort of feeling only lasted for a few seconds, afterwhich Ji Lian Bing immediately regained back to her usual self, smiling while looking at me, and stroking my face as well.

That hand was quite heartwarming, so heartwarming until it made me feel that what had happened was merely an illusion.

“In any case, I won’t take back what I’ve said, so I’ll be waiting for your response, okay? Jun Cheng……….-tongxue.”

Leaving these words behind, Ji Lian Bing left afterwards.

And I exhaustedly just leaned back onto the toilet bowl cover, not being able to recover back from earlier, all the way until the bell rang.

This time it proved, that she, Ji Lian Bing, was indefinitely a dangerous person.

If I don’t agree to her, it’s possible that I’ll be exterminated………but if I agreed to it, won’t it be just extending my death slightly longer only?

Aaaaaaaa, I really had enough already, why must I encounter onto this kind of hellish situation!

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