These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 9.3 - The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s interest

Volume 1, Chapter 9.3: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s interest

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[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s interest:


There’re too many uninteresting people in this world already.

It’s too much to the point that I want to kill all of them off………..

Be it this person or that person, all of them were superficial type of people.

How could these people so shamelessly live in this world? If they were to all die won’t they be more useful then? At least they won’t cause troubles to other people, and won’t induce burdens onto this world anymore, right?

Also……….dead people were always way better than living people, huhuhu……….

But, there were still some people, who would always ignorantly come look for trouble……….

Getting off the bus, I’ve walked just a few steps into the school entrance gates when a male with just passable looks was tailing right behind me. I knew what he wanted to do, because I’ve met numerous similar situations before already.

“Ji Lian Bing-tongxue! Um! I love you! Please go out with me!”

Like this person whom I don’t even know his name at all, why did he confess to me his love? Even though we’ve never met, not even speaking to each other before, he still came to confess to me, just only because my looks were fitting to his taste? Only obeying his instincts just like a wild animal to look for a beautiful female, what’s the difference between him and an animal then?

It’s not that I’m disgusted by this act of looking at outer looks when going after other people, but in my opinion, outer appearance weren’t the main basis for a ‘love’ construction, it’s at most merely one of a ‘like’ must-have requirement only.

“Sorry……….you’re not my favorite type……….”

After I’ve said these euphemismly, this person was like as if his heart had died out, with his head disappointedly hanging downwards.

A similar scenario would happen every single week.

So uninteresting………..but, this person’s ‘skin’ didn’t look too bad, if he died, I might even consider to use it as a floor mat. But it’s level was absolutely not enough to be able to be in my collection.

Those who were fitting to be my collection were only those people who carried a special scent onto them.

I’m able to smell out the ‘scent’ onto every person.

It wasn’t those kind of scents like what the word specifies, but it’s a kind of an even more special scent.

Let me try to explain it in detail. Although I don’t really know how to describe it clearly, this kind of scent would be able to let me distinguish whether that person was strange among the normal people, also known as ‘abnormal’, or to put it…………whether they were ‘interesting’ or not.

And these kind of abnormal people, you would be hard-pressed to locate even a few in your daily life, while the rest of those mediocre species couldn’t make me attain even a single bit of interest towards them.

But just last semester, this kind of situation had a heaven-shakingly huge dramatic change.

I got into a special class; this class was very interesting.

Every single person in class, emanated out extraordinary scents. That’s right, this class possessed an ‘everyone is an abnormality’ these kinds of ‘abnormal’ situation, and even the homeroom teacher, Xiao Zhen, was also an unexceptional abnormality too.

Only this Second year Class 2 was special.

Although I don’t know why this sort of situation would happen, but, hng hng……….this sort of situation was just what I’m looking for!

There’s still a half of my high school life left, and this would be my lifetime’s most precious memory………….I had that kind of premonition.

According to the outcome of my half year’s observation plus requesting of my maids to conduct investigations, basically I’ve checked clearly on roughly the most portion of these people’s abnormality are……….but I also temporarily still hadn’t got involved into the midst of these abnormalities, for since there were some abnormalities that even I found to be a little dangerous, hence I must prudently decide onto them.

Walking into the class, some people greeted me, and I also politely saluted them in response. Another thing about this class which made me feel comfortable was, a most portion of the people wasn’t overly attentive onto me, and was able to normally get along with me. Not like the previous class, where as long as I entered the classroom, the entire class would fall into a blanket of silence.

Maybe, I in their eyes weren’t even considered to be anything special at all………..huhuhu………….

Walking to my own seat and sitting down onto it, the neighboring person lifted her head towards me and greeted.

“Good morning, Lian Bing.”

“Good day to you, Lan Hua-tongxue.”

I was sitting on the left-most side of the very last row, while sitting right beside me was this girl called Lan Hua.

She was one of those few that I’ve not managed to investigate out any abnormalities. But I could indeed smell the scent on her body; she undoubtedly belonged to a member of this class, those whom carried abnormalities with them.

Plus, she was one of the very few girls who could strike up a conversation with me. The rest of the similar genders openly detested me, maybe it’s because they were envious of me, but it’s also possible………..that they could also sense the abnormality on me too, hmm? Huhuhu…………

But Lan Hua didn’t outcast me at all, and of course maybe this was because her level of looks was of a higher standard, hence when she was facing me she wouldn’t had any inferior feelings at all, or maybe it’s because……….she may possibly want this seat of mine.

I’ve recently discovered about this too, that Lan Hua seemed to be extremely interested in that person sitting in front of me.

“What’s the matter? Always looking towards the classroom entrance, are you waiting for someone?”

“Ahh? It’s nothing…….”

Although she denied it on the surface, Lan Hua still had her eyes darting about towards the classroom entrance, and I am definitely affirmative that the person she was waiting for was that person sitting right in front of me.

The person’s name who was sitting right in front of me was called An Jun Cheng, he’s a very obscure person.

In this class, he’s the only one whom I can’t smell out any scent at all.

The rest of the people in this class, they all had their own personality, specialty, and they were even abnormal.

But not An Jun Cheng.

He’s just a normal person, perhaps his personality’s a little strange, but not strange to the point where it’s abnormal.

Plus, he’s different from me, when he was in the first year, he’s already in the same class with these group of ‘abnormalities’.

It’s really difficult to believe on how he had managed to do it, actually being able to peacefully mix together with this group of people for a year without having anything happening to him at all, plus he didn’t even discover any slightest trace of abnormality at all?

Was it because he was too lucky already, or perhaps too dense instead?

This sort of ‘devoid of personality’ person mixed into this sort of classroom, it instead became a type of ‘personality’.

In this saturated group of bizarre people, his existence was very prominent; it’s completely unfitting in here.

Just like a little sheep who was mixed into a group of wolves, which was why he had landed into a circumstance where he was alone by himself.

But, my interest into him didn’t only last till there.

I really don’t understand it at all, why would Lan Hua be so interested into that person with just that level of standard…………should I say that she didn’t had any eyes for goods at all?

But then, An Cheng Jun today was actually even later than me into reaching class, that’s a little strange. He should be that type of person who’s very disciplined, yet he was actually almost about to be late today?

All the way till the bell had almost rang, he then finally appeared at the classroom’s entrance.

“He came already~, Lan Hua-tongxue.”

“What? Ahh!”

After seeing him, Lan Hua’s expression immediately brightened up, so this was the expression of a girl falling in love? It’s so easily understandable, huh.

“Lian Bing, you’ve mistakened! I wasn’t waiting for him at all!”

“Huhu, I understand~”

I intriguingly stared towards the classroom entrance, and wanted to see when he walked past, what expression of Lan Hua’s face would change into………..

But An Cheng Jun instead just dumbly stood at the door entrance, carrying a dumbfounded expression as he surveyed towards the rest, just like as if he had seen a ghost.

All the way until Xiao Zhen-laoshi was being blocked by him, and after shouting a few times at him later, he then regained back his senses as he nervously walked into the classroom, just like a little sheep who was always mixed in the group of wolves, and had finally discovered that the surroundings weren’t it’s same species, but were big bad wolves that could swallow him alive or peel his living flesh off, with an extreme manner of frightfulness.

Hm? He also knew that the rest of the people in this class were abnormalities too? Even if it was me, I’ve spent nearly a semester’s time before barely managing to investigate clearly onto this, but he actually knew about these sort of things within a night’s time? Or was it because he encountered into the midst of some form of abnormality?

Just when I was in the depths of confusion, he walked over, and when he approached to about 3 or 4 meters away from me………..I smelt it.

His scent had occurred a change to it.

All along, An Jun Cheng was a normal person, an ordinary human which didn’t had anything to do with abnormalities at all, but today, it’s like he had a 180° huge drastic change onto him.

It’s a bit like the green apple which had turned into a red apple, or like the little sheep which had turned into a huge sheep.

In summary, it was like a ‘matured’ sort of feeling.

What’s going on exactly?

What did the yesterday’s him experience, that he would have such level of changes within a single night?



A sound that heard to be rather filthy turned my attention back towards the front of my eyes, and I glanced my head up to look at the An Jun Cheng who had walked to in front of me.

I very coincidentally had eye contact with him.

Within his eye expression, I saw confusion, shock, uncertainty, and…………fear.

That’s right, it’s fear…………he actually was afraid of me?


I unveiled a smile, it wasn’t that kind of pretentious expression, but that sort of smile which very naturally appeared onto my face.

After seeing my smile, he froze for a few seconds, afterwhich he hastily sat back onto his own seat, even pulling his chair forward a little, as if wanting to distance himself away from me……….

Also, after seeing that sort of natural smile appearing onto my face, he actually only blanked out for only a few seconds?

I’m going to retract my evaluation about Lan Hua’s eyes earlier. How was this not having a taste for goods at all? It’s simply way too foresightful already, wasn’t it?


I felt that things were finally about to be interesting.

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