These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 9.6 - The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s probing

Volume 1, Chapter 9.6: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s probing

TL: flarewk

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]’s probing:

As expected, I could smell it……….

Although it wasn’t very rich, and was way lacking compared to the others, but An Jun Cheng definitely had a foot stepped into the realms of being abnormal already.

It really made me curious, I’ll just let my maids secretly investigate what happened yesterday night on An Jun Cheng’s side later then.

While during lesson, he was also in a blanked out state, while fixedly staring at Xiao Zhen-laoshi nonstop. It can’t be that he’s a lolicon? But I didn’t notice him having any interest towards Xiao Zhen-laoshi in the past too………..

What was he exactly looking at?

I’m really more and more interested in him already.

Lan Hua was also intently staring at him, so she’ve long noticed An Jun Cheng’s abnormality already, huh? Or was it just merely a plain issue of girl’s love affection?

But for him to keep on staring at Xiao Zhen-laoshi like that, won’t he be afraid of being called out for answering questions?

I’ve just thought of this point when he was being called up.

Huhu, just as I’ve expected, he had a look of not being prepared at all; he wasn’t even listening to the class, right?

Mm~ should I help him out~

Selling a favor towards him right now doesn’t seem too bad too, huhuhu………..

“Answer is C~”

And so I told him the answer.

But even after obtaining help, he didn’t turn around to softly thank me, and after sitting down his head was kept lowered always, like a turtle hiding in it’s shell.

It’s not cute at all.

After I helped him out, he didn’t even say a single word of thanks at all? How could a “Thank you, Lian Bing-tongxue, you’ve really helped me out there” such simple words not be said at all.

Although a little angry, I’m even more interested onto him now.

But why was it that he would want to be so avoidant of me, to the extent of…………..being frightened of me? I must extract the reason out from him.

After lesson, he still remained onto his seat, glancing around his surrounding classmates, with his facial expressions being extremely bizarre.

And so, I conversed with him: “Umm, An Jun Cheng-tongxue?”

His shoulders trembled for a moment, and after pausing for 2 seconds later he then turned around to reply me.

“Mm……….is anything the matter?”

Oh~ he actually calmed his heart down already, huh? Or was it just an act only?

“Just now when you looked at me, you made a ‘Pu’ sound, right. Was there anything on my face?”

“Ah, it’s not that. I wasn’t looking at you when I made that ‘Pu’ sound, and it have absolutely nothing to do with you.”

………..Wasn’t looking at ‘me’ when he choked out that ‘Pu’ sound? Plus it doesn’t have anything to do with me at all?

A very interesting response, huh.

He actually ignored ‘me’, to look at ‘something else’?

I still am rather confident towards my own looks.

Males were basically creatures that use their lower half of their body to think, and every time when I walk past them, they would use lecherous gazes to look at me. I’m able to read out their inner thoughts from these sort of eyes, for example wanting to push me down, wanting to bring me to a hotel, wanting me to pose in all sorts of different positions and playing around with my body and so on……….

Filthy to the max.

Although these sort of gazes made me very displeased, I also can’t do anything to them just because of being merely stared at. The only good thing was that they didn’t do anything else more outrageous other than looking, and of course, before they would do anything outrageous, they would had been killed off by me already.

But his gaze towards me didn’t even have the slightest trace of lust comprised into it.

It can’t be that his sexual orientation had a problem, right?

It’s really not the slightest bit cute at all.

Although being stared at made me very displeased, but also being looked at with this disinterested sort of gaze equally made me displeased.

But right now, I must hide this feelings of displeasure well, for I must still face him with a smiling face.

“So it’s not because there’s something dirty on my face that caused you to make that ‘Pu’ sound~ it’s such a relief to know. Thank you, An-tongxue.”

“But I didn’t even helped out anything in the first place?”

Huee…………obvious intentions of rejecting me, huh.

Even facing me with this sort of attitude, so he doesn’t want to have any relations with me at all?

“It’s not the case at all~, it’s all due to you that I knew that my make up today didn’t have any problem at all~. If it’s other people instead, they won’t even tell me about this. Because, those who dared to talk to me like that is you alone, fufufu………..”

“That’s because you also don’t have any friends, right.”


I’ll kill you, alright?

What’s with this person? I didn’t even know previously that he actually was so infuriating when he spoke………..

Didn’t he know what’s the meaning of reading the atmosphere? Being so irresponsible on his talking, it’s already a miracle that he wasn’t already murdered to shut up his mouth.

Nn………..calm down.

Don’t let him sway the rhythm about, I must firmly grasp ahold of the initiative instead.

Mm………..then that means, he’s that kind of plainspoken person then.

A beating around the bush way of speaking to him shouldn’t have any effect onto him at all, and since the conversation coincidentally developed to this point, I might as well just throw out a direct ball then.

“Yeah………I indeed don’t have any friends at all……….then, can An-tongxue be my friend instead?”


Maybe he didn’t expect me to say out these sort of words, for An Jun Cheng had entirely blanked out, afterwhich an expression of confusion emerged onto his face, seemingly not understanding why I would say out these words.

That’s true indeed.

If it’s a normal person, being talkblocked by such infuriating words quite a few times, that person would set their mind onto never to speak to him ever again.

This time, I’ve placed down my pride to be acquainted with you already, you must be appreciative of it, alright? An Jun Cheng………

In order to let him understand that he didn’t heard it wrong, I once again repeated it purposefully.

“Can you please be my friend?”

His mouth opened even wider a little, but he still didn’t reply at all.

And so I repeated it for the third time.

“I want to be friends with you, can I?”

But there’s still no response at all.

At this moment, I’ve noticed that Lan Hua who was sitting just beside had always been staring towards here, of course, if it’s a normal person they shouldn’t had noticed it at all, because Lan Hua was rather talented in that field of secretly peeking and listening, and if I wasn’t very sensitive towards glances at all, I too wouldn’t notice that she was looking towards my side.

Speaking of which, I still also don’t know what’s Lan Hua abnormality too, huh……….I might as well just…………

“Can you please be my boyfriend.”

When I repeated it for the fourth time, I secretly added an extra word in my speech, which changed the entire meaning of the sentence.

Because of the previous two repeatings, it gave An Jun Cheng a recurrent mindset, which made him develop a falsified feeling of me repeating the same words once more.

“Enough! You don’t need to repeat it so many times, I’ll just be, already……………………………………Mm?”


Look at his foolish demeanor~

So cute.

Very purposefully clasping my hands, I used a voice that the surrounding people would be able to hear while delightedly saying: “That’s great, so from now on, you’ll be my boyfriend then. Can I directly call you ‘Jun Cheng’ ?”

The surroundings immediately went silent.

Lan Hua ferociously wrenched her head around, and went hell-bent onto staring at me.

Ai~ya~ what thick killing aura this is, it’s so scary~

Am I considered to be betraying my friend like this? No matter what, Lan Hua was one of the few girls who could strike up a conversation with me…………well, forget it, since I’ve already done it, there’s no point regretting this then.

Plus, won’t it seem even more interesting this way? Huhuhu~

At this moment, the bell rang, and it broke the series of events that was about to happen, but the strange atmosphere still didn’t scatter away.

Well then, at the next breaktime, there’ll be a very interesting development happening, right?

I’m so eager for it.

I placed a hand onto the desk, supporting my face, and kept staring~ at the back of his head.

Ahh, he’s scratching his head already, he’s scratching his head already.

Looks like he’s extremely troubled, huhuhu~

While interestingly looking at the vexed expression of An Jun Cheng, I was able to smell out the scent of ‘agitation’ emanating from him too. This sort of way, letting the other party’s mood having a huge wave of fluctuation due to me, it really made me extremely cheerful.

A point worth mentioning was about Lan Hua beside me. Originally, she was always looking towards An Jun Cheng, but now it changed to her fixedly staring onto me. Plus, her eye expressions were filled with puzzlement, betrayal resentments, plus traces of killing aura too……….oh~ so this was called being in a dark and sinister state, mm?

Ai ya ya, Lan Hua wouldn’t be slashing away at me with a knife under a fit of anger, right?

If it’s like that, it’s possible for her to be retaliate-killed instead.

Just like that, the feeling of being stared at, while ignoring that person to go stare at another person, it’s really such an intriguing feeling indeed.

After a moment, An Jun Cheng finally calmed down, afterwhich he remained unmoving as he sat onto his seat.

Ohh…………so he’d actually sorted out his feelings so quickly already, huh? This sort of mental endurance was slightly higher than what I’ve estimated it to be.

Then that means he had thought of how to face my confession already, right?

So which would it be? Would it be like those superficial men, delightfully accepting it? Or would it be a solemn rejection? Or might it be an act of pretentious accepting, but afterwards planning something else instead?

With my mood full of anticipation, I kept waiting all the way till the bell rang.

And at that very moment when the bell rang, he stood up, and dash-walked swiftly out of the classroom.

I didn’t expect that it would be that sort of development, and I blanked out for a moment before standing up and shouting: “Jun Cheng!”

But he had already left the classroom………….

Facing me…………he actually chose ‘escape’ !


lolicon = a person who likes cute young girls

turtle hiding in it’s shell = it meant, cowardly look

already murdered to shut up his mouth = The original saying was to prevent secrets divulgence, but this context it’s on another contextual meaning

Nn (sfx) = Originally the sfx words was another ‘Hu’, but in order not to confuse it with her laughing sfx hypy (huhuhu), I replaced it with a word that sounded more appropriate.

dark and sinister state = usually a jealous girl would emanate this sort of darkish (usually black) aura around her, like in animes/manga. A prominent thing to note is that the pupils would completely darken.


-laoshi = a suffix that meant ‘teacher’

-tongxue = a suffix that meant ‘student’

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