This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The HuaJin Master

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With Lu Xuan’s current state of mind, he could not care less about how luxurious or affluent the mansion was. Instead, he was more interested in how the layout of the estate effected gathering Spirit Qi.

“You have good eyes, Mr. Lu!”

Ling Fei nodded.

“We had hired one of the top three Fengshui Masters of the nation—Master Jin—to advise us on the layout!”

“It’s decent!” Lu Xuan did not comment further. At earth’s current state with no real cultivation legacies to inherit, one could call him one of the world’s greatest Fengshui virtuoso, a true master of his craft. However, in the eyes of Li Xuan, it was still subpar to the Spirit Gathering Formation he had.

For him to create a spiritual formation just by rearranging some furniture, one could easily deduce that Lu Xuan’s aptitude and expertise in spiritual formation were beyond astonishing. If word about his formation laying abilities got out, he would put countless Fengshui Masters to shame.

“Mr. Lu, you seem to be quite familiar with the ways of Fengshui?” Ling Fei’s eyes lit up as she asked.

“I do know a thing or two about it!”

Lu Xuan nodded.

Ling Fei observed how Lu Xuan seemed confident and collected as he answered her. Despite his denial, Ling Fei was convinced that he was not as simple as he looked.

Master Jin, whom they hired, was one of the nation’s most esteemed Masters in the field of Fengshui. The layout conceived under the guidance of by such as Master could only be seen as decent by Lu Xuan.

Either that the man was an arrogant and ignorant fool blind to his limitations, or he genuinely had the abilities to back up his confidence.

No matter how she saw it, Lu Xuan did not look like the former. Therefore, it was most likely that he was the latter—a truly confident man.

“Mr. Lu, would you mind sparing us some advice?” Ling Fei suggested.

Lu Xuan did a quick scan of the area and said, “The person who advised you on the layout did know his craft. Ha managed to gather Spirit Qi in the area. As the residents of this estate bask in Sprit Qi, which nurtures their body, they are often free of illnesses and pains. Not just that, but their health will also improve over time. Not bad!”

Ling Fei’s eyes brightened at once. As she thought, Lu Xuan was indeed well versed in Fengshui. Ever since she moved into the mansion, she had never fallen ill, not even a cold. Also, she could feel her physical condition improve as time goes by.

It was exactly as Lu Xuan has said.

The root reason behind why the Lings built such a mansion was to help alleviate her brother Ling Yu’s illness. Ling Yu suffered from congenital heart disease, a heart defect he had since birth. They had tried many different treatments for Ling Yu in the hope that they could cure him, but so far, it was impossible to heal him completely.

Later on, under the guidance of a Master, they spent a considerable fortune building this mansion. Ever since they moved into this estate, her brother’s condition finally stopped worsening, and his health took a turn for the better. While they were unable to cure him of the heart disease, it was a lot better than being in constant fear all day long.

They chatted as they walked, and very quickly arrived at the inner house’s living room. The furnishing was graciously minimalist, and subtly matched the ways of Fengshui.

One casual glance was all it look Lu Xuan to tell that every piece of furniture in this room was installed under guidance.

A man in his late forties to early fifties was waiting in the living room. The middle-aged man looked a little similar to Ling Fei, but he was much more masculine.

Unlike most middle-aged men, he did not look oily, nor did he have a big belly. On the contrary, he was somewhat staunch and fortitudinous, almost like a soldier.

Behind the middle-aged man stood a man looked to be 27 or 28. He was a young man toned and lean, and he wore a stoic expression on his face. His stance was tall and rigid, but one could tell that he was physically strong and immensely proud.

“Mr. Lu, you finally arrived! I should have welcomed you better!”

The middle-aged man quickly came up to him, smiling excitedly.

He was none other than the ex-wealthiest tycoon of Fu City—Ling Huang.

He had not belittled Lu Xuan at all despite Lu Xuan being considerably young.

Lu Xuan shook his head. “Those little details and formalities do not bother me. I am only here today to heal illnesses and save lives!”

“That can wait. Mr. Lu saved my son and daughter, and I am immensely grateful. Here’s a little token from me!”

Ling Huang offered a check to Lu Xuan as he spoke.

“One million. Mr. Ling is indeed generous!” Lu Xuan skimmed the cheque and seemed to chuckle.

Right after, he returned the cheque to Ling Huang, saying, “I don’t want it!”

The smile on Ling Huang’s face froze for a second, but he quickly recovered. “How rude of me. Of course, this amount is not quite enough!”

Lu Xuan shook his head. “I do lack money, but a gentleman should always make money the right way. When I decided to save them, I didn’t do it for the money!

“I have proper ways to earn my keep if I want to. Therefore, you should keep the check. I might have a deal for you later on, though!” Lu Xuan explained.

Ling Huang kept the check. Just that now that he looked at Lu Xuan, he treated him with a few more ounces of respect.

A million dollars is not a small sum. Ling Huang had seen many warriors, but Lu Xuan was the first one he met that remained unmoved when presented with a million-dollar check.

While Ling Huang was not a warrior, he knew quite a bit about them. A warrior’s cultivation was so expensive that it was akin to burning money.

Therefore, Lu Xuan’s refusal differentiated him from the rest.

“Right, Mr. Lu, let me introduce you to Lin Sheng. He is the bodyguard I hired to safeguard my safety. I remember that Mr. Lu’s also a master in martial arts? You young men could exchange your experiences!” Ling Huang began to introduce the young man standing behind him.

The young man had been standing behind Ling Huang all this while. He seemed uninterested in what was going on, like an old monk in meditation. He only snapped out of his state of petrification when Ling Huang mentioned his name.

“A HuaJin Master?” Lu Xuan took a glance. The young man could be considered strong for his age, as he was already a level four master in HuaJin; the peak of HuaJin, even. He was only half a step to level five, where he would be then a Baodan Grandmaster.

However, his breakthrough must be recent. He could not yet properly suppress his pressure, and anyone could see that he was gleaming and prideful.

He should be an expert who managed to achieve a breakthrough thanks to the Spirit Qi reawakening brought about by the recent changes in heaven and earth. One could easily find such an expert during and after the reawakening of spiritual energies.

While the ordinary folks might not feel much difference aside from improving health and a decrease in sickness, the warriors could directly sense the impact of such a change. After the reawakening of heaven and earth, it was as if someone had released the shackles that used to bound their physical bodies.

If one had needed a lifetime to break into HuaJin in the past, it was visibly easier now for a warrior to reach the same stage.

Lin Sheng turned to look at Lu Xuan, and there seemed to be an inconcealable brilliance shining from his irises. Suddenly, he unleashed a domineering pressure. If Li Sheng was like a gleaming knife moments ago, he was now like an exploding volcano.

“I heard that you killed Poison Scorpion?” Lin Sheng abruptly spoke, apparently having heard something from Ling Huang.

Lu Xuan nodded. “That’s right. I killed him!”

Ling Sheng replied coldly, “Poison Scorpion had a unique encounter in his earlier years, and my Master had made him his disciple, which would make him my Senior. However, he was evil and ruthless, having done countless devilish deeds and even sold himself to overseas factions. I had planned to kill him with my own hands to cleanse my sect’s name now that I have achieved mastership in my cultivation, but he had already died in your hands!”

“So? Are you avenging him?” Lu Xuan said mildly.

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