This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: An Invitation from the Lings

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Lin Miaoyi left right after Lu Xuan scanned the QR code and added each other as friends. Lu Xuan did not stop her either. After all, both of them only agreed to attend this blind date under the pressure of their families. None of them thought much of it.

Although both thought that the other party was exceptional and had some admiration for each other, it was not something like love.

At the same time, on the other side, Dai Yingying was reporting to Luo Kun on the phone about how Lin Miaoyi had chased her away.

On the other side of the line, Luo Kun was solemn. “Who would have thought! Not that was Lu Xuan unharmed, but the man I sent died mysteriously, just like that!”

“Could Lu Xuan be behind his death? He seemed to know a lot about us. I think he must be somehow related to that matter!” Dai Yingying answered.

“Hmph! I will not let him off, no matter if he is involved in this or not. However, now is not the time to be reckless. The man I sent yesterday died, and his death alerted relevant authorities. Ths time is not ripe for us to reveal ourselves. Once I master this sacred skill, killing Lu Xuan will be the first thing I do!”

Luo Kun snarled, gritting her teeth on the other side of the phone.

“Continue to spy on Miaoyi, and see if you could repair the relationship. If you can’t, you know the consequences. I don’t need useless people on my side!”

“Yes!” Dai Yingying shuddered at the thought of the terrifying consequences.

Flowers bloomed on two separate branches, to each their glory. Lu Xuan left Nature’s Abode and just made it to the Xing Chen Bay Residence.

However, just as he was nearing the entrance of the Xing Chen Bay Residence, he saw a Ferrari right in front of the gates. God knows for how long it had been there for.

The door of the Ferrari opened, and a lady stepped out of the car with her long, shapely legs. Dressed in bright tones, she was trendy and eye-catching.

The outfit hugged her curves snugly, showcasing her remarkably gorgeous figure.

“It’s you?” Lu Xuan eyed the woman in front of him. It was Ling Fei, the woman he saved from before.

As compared to her slightly battered appearance before, the current Ling Fei was more charming than ever, a real head-turner. The security guards could not tear their eyes away from her at all.

At the same time, they all murmured in their hearts, for they recognized Lu Xuan as the homeowner who slapped a beautiful girl from before.

Just who were they? That lady from before also drove here in a luxury car. While she could hardly compare to this beauty in front of them, she could already be the woman of many men’s dreams.

It’s a pity that they did not manage to take a video of that. Otherwise, it would surely go viral on Tik Tok.

“Mr. Lu, we meet again!” Ling Fei strutted confidently with her long legs and arrived in front of Lu Xuan.

“You sure arrived fast!”

Lu Xuan replied. He wasn’t surprised that Ling Fei managed to find him. With the influence of the Lings, so long as she remembered his looks, finding a man was not that tall of a task.

“We are greatly indebted to you, Mr. Lu. We have not thanked you properly for saving our lives!”

A slight smile graced Ling Fei’s lips, and it was breathtaking.

If one could put Lin Miaoyin and Ling Fei on a spectrum, they would each be on the opposite end. Lin Miaoyi wore white and was otherworldy like a fairy. She had the grace of a cultivator.

Ling Fei, on the other hand, was a city beauty from head to toe. While she was not a cultivator, she did come from a family of extreme riches, and so her presence and decorum were perfect.

“Thank me for saving your lives? I think not. I’ve clearly stated that so long as you did not betray me to the police, that would have been enough thanks!”

Lu Xuan made a half-smile, slightly teasing.

“All right. We can’t hide anything from you, Mr. Lu!”

A somewhat bitter smile appeared on Ling Fei’s face.

“This matter is related to my younger brother, Ling Yu. You saved my younger brother by coming to save us from the kidnappers. Is there any chance that you would know of a way to completely heal my younger brother’s heart disease? If you do, the entire Ling family will be eternally grateful!”

Ling Fei remembered the amazement of the doctors when her younger brother finally reached the hospital.

Gathering the best doctors of the country—no, the world—was easy enough for the Lings with that kind of money and power they had. However, with current medical technology, there was not much that they could do to alleviate her brother’s congenital heart disease. All they could do was for Ling Yu to rest and recuperate, praying for the best.

Even with the tremendous amount of money they poured for Ling Yu’s treatment, all they could do was to prevent his condition from worsening.

The entire Ling family did whatever they could to save him. After all, he was Ling Huang’s only son—the future successor of the Ling Group.

However, on the day they sent him to the hospital, the many experts who checked him were shocked to find that Ling Yu’s condition had not worsened. On the contrary, it was a bit better than before.

The Lings were thrilled. After eliminating all options, they discovered that the only possibility that could have turned Ling Yu’s heart disease for the better was that he had once undergone treatment by Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan materialized Spiritual Qi into a needle and used it to relieve Ling Yu’s condition. Lu Xuan’s astonishing yet bizarre treatment method left a deep impression in Ling Fei.

The mere thought of it sent the Lings into a frenzy. They forgot all about Lu Xuan’s request to keep his doings a secret and used all their influence to access all CCTVs of the city. And so, they quickly found Lu Xuan.

Of course, it was also due to Lu Xuan not going any extra lengths to hide his traces.

“I do have a way to heal him completely!”

Lu Xuan paused, then answered.

His affirmation overjoyed Ling Fei. She immediately replied, “So long as you’re willing to treat my brother, Sir, everything is up for negotiation! We will do our best to fulfill all of your demands!”

Lu Xuan answered, “Let’s talk after I take a look at him!”

“Of course. This way, Sir!” Ling Fei quickly invited Lu Xuan into her Ferrari, then stepped on the accelerator. Within seconds, they were gone.

The security guards who were left behind could not understand what was going on.

They had seen and heard of men picking up girls in their sports cars.

However, this was the first time they saw a beauty pick up guys in their sports car.

Not forgetting Dai Yingying, who came up to his door the day before, the security guards had managed to piece together an exciting drama.

For a man to be a gigolo to this extent was… He was the man of men!

The examplar of all men!

Of course, Lu Xuan was unaware that he had become the exemplar of all men or that he had become the main character of a tense and exhilarating love drama between two women.

Otherwise, even with his composure and cultivation, he would have vomited blood at the security guards’ outrageous imagination.

The Ferrari left the city and quickly stopped in front of a mansion along the border of the suburbs.

The views surrounding the villa were clean and bright, leaning against a mountain while surrounded by water. Streams flowed under small bridges, while artificial mountains and ancient trees littered the mansion. It was furnished in a very traditional Chinese way.

Even in the suburbs, a mountain villa like this would cost a fortune.

Naturally, servants came up to open their doors when the Ferrari stopped.

Lu Xuan scanned the surroundings casually after he alighted, not surprised at all. As an existence far superior to all living beings in his past life, he had seen all kinds of mansions.

“Not bad. You must have hired someone for some pointers!” Lu Xuan said.

He could feel that the Spiritual Qi in this mansion was vividly denser than other places. Although it could not compare to that Spirit Gathering Formation that he laid down offhandedly in his home, it looked like it was fit under the instructions of a proper Fengshui Master.

The residents of the mansion would benefit, living to ripe old ages of a hundred years or more, free from illnesses and pains.

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